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  1. Amazing New Vet Product!

    HOpe to never need it but comforting to know it is out there....
  2. Lazy Horse!

    Can you lope circles on him and spiral down into smaller and smaller circles until you are loping a barrel sized turn on him? When you lope will he hold the lope for you readily or does he want to break back down to the trot? Does he hold his back leads in circles at the lope? Long strides are nice but they also need to learn to shorten them for the actual turn so you aren't asking him to run a 3 foot circle with an 18 foot long stride so can you collect him up at the walk, trot and lope and get him to lift his ribs thus bringing his rear legs up and reaching under him? As far as getting him to lift his feet and pay attention you might try some ground poles, walk trot and lope over them to get him to think about where his feet are and listening to you when you ask him to collect up over them. Just some early type things that will help get his attention, give him something to do, etc.
  3. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Pretty excited about the results on my end too!!! Threatened to kiss the vet when he said there was no sign of any stones and when I got to go around and look at the scope the difference in the lining of her bladder was beautiful to see.
  4. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Couple updates...we went to our first race in almost 2 years back in May, I rode like a moron but she tried hard and she cooled out well. Urinated about 15 minutes after our run and no blood in the urine. The vets weren't entirely sure whether the blood had been from stones in the bladder bouncing around or from the kidneys. She had not bleed at all since the surgery but then again I hadn't actually "run" her either. She answered a few questions for us :-) Then last Friday, June 12th we took her back to UC Davis to have the bladder scoped to check on any new formations of stones, hoping if there were any the vet could pluck them out before they got large. Her scope showed no new stones, bladder lining looked so much better than it did last November and again urine coming from both kidneys. Vet said to do another scope in 6 months and if that scope comes back clean we can push them out to yearly. We still have her on the grass hay diet, timothy pellets and Renew Gold along with her kidney herbs and Apple Cider Vinegar.
  5. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    That would be interesting to pursue...I know I didn't have a whole lot to go on when she was diagnosed. She will always have the kidney issues, its just a matter of trying to maintain their function to a level that keeps her healthy enough for normal body functions hence the plan to have her kidneys and bladder ultrasounded every 6 months for the first few years and then depending on what that shows us we may go to once a year.
  6. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    CC is continuing to do well, getting fit enough that I'm thinking we will be able to start entering up again in March. I've been taking my time with her and getting her fit after the year she had, just really blessed to be able to even think about the possibility of running her again.
  7. Skin Grafts And Horses

    A friend of mine had grafts done on her gelding who fell thru a storm grate. I believe they did the grafts about 6 months into healing because the vets were not happy with the lack of tissue that the horse was developing or not developing as the case was. It wasn't a total success but he at least doesn't break the area open anymore just by moving around which was happening before the grafts.
  8. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    I usually think worm or cleaning between teats if I see them scratch their tail, though I deworm basically every other shoeing but I do have one mare that during certain times of the year under certain conditions has to be dewormed more often and growing up showing halter and showmanship classes I tend to clean teats every time I run my hands over them and already knowing her history I figured the tail rubbing was an indication that something was taking place with her as it isn't her usual behavior. I do wonder if I missed earlier signs with her as I tend to ride her first which means then I'm on to saddling and getting another horse ridden and probably missed earlier signs of her passing blood. It has completely changed my approach to what I do after riding now also, I know take them down to roll and then tie them up in a place I can watch and observe them while I saddle the next horse and then I turn them out in a pen that is close to my worked up area so I can observe them while I ride also.
  9. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Yes there was some fist pumping going on the other day at my house, LOL!!!
  10. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Well we finally dried out enough around here that I got my first ride on her since the stone was removed She was awesome!!! Worked really nice and I hung out with her for about 10-15 minutes after I unsaddled her to watch her and try to check any urination. She finally did and it was a nice full flow with no blood in it which the vets had wondered how much of the blood earlier was from the kidney stones and how much might be the bladder stone. I think we all decided after seeing the size of the bladder stone in real time that it was in fact the bladder stone but it was sure nice to have some proof.
  11. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    I was too busy having my nose pressed to the ultrasound machine asking "Do you see it do you see it??? HOw bout now???" The vet student that was assigned to CC while she was under their care tossed away her already finished Grand Round presentation that they have to give for a final grade and redid her entire presentation on CC and the stones. Had a little over a week to get it done. Thank goodness for a teaching hospital or we could not have afforded to do this for my little mare. At the vet that first diagnosed CC's bladder stone an abdominal type surgery would be 7K with a minimum of 4 weeks aftercare added to that...he figured 10K on the low side and 5-7K for the Lithotripsy surgery she did have. At UC Davis because it is a teaching hospital you basically pay for the tools and meds for the most part. Her surgery, the ultrasounds, blood work and meds that she went home on plus 5 days of stall rent cost us $2200. My vet that diagnosed her, when I called him to tell him that UCD could do it at a price that I could work out was super excited for me and he and the vet that worked on her at UCD shared information back and forth before and after. Just really blessed by the people that were put in our path on this journey.
  12. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Yes, horses kidneys are too deep and the liver or pancreas is in the way on the left...having a brain fart and can't remember which organ it is now on that side which is the side that CC had the stones on as far as kidney. The two kidneys are different shaped because of the other organs and space for them.. I tried to pay attention and really learn from the vets and the students but after 3- 6 hour sessions my brain kind of faded, LOL!!!
  13. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Yes, that is the stone that they had to remove...she passed the two smaller ones that were viewable in her ultrasounds in May, or they dissolved. I'm thinking she passed them around the middle of September as she hadn't passed any blood in almost 4.5 months and one day she did as well as took to scratching her rear end on the fence for a few days. I looked her pen over and never found them but she also spends about 8-10 hours at that time of the year turned out in an acre and a half pasture. I think they said it measured 6.4 cm which is roughly what? I think about 2.5 inches?
  14. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Thanks so much for posting those for me!!! She is doing really well, her body is figuring out that she doesn't have to urinate constantly like it used to and that it doesn't hurt like it used to when she did. She is no longer posturing constantly and when she does urinate it is a full stream and she isn't grunting in pain like she was the last few weeks before we got her in for the surgery.
  15. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Thanks Serah...I'll do that right now...the vet I normally use for the bigger issues who found the bladder stone initially thinks that horses that on and off are colicky acting with no other symptoms, just belly achey but have decent gut noise and their gums are nice and pink he said he thinks there is a good chance they may have kidney stones and without an ultrasound they are about impossible to diagnose. We wouldn't have known about CC's either except for the fact the vet in Davis had dealt with bladder stones before and believes most bladder stones start as kidney stones and then drop thru the uretor into the bladder. CC's stone was very large.