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  1. Dog Health Help!

    Thanks for the replies. the scab under his front leg has gone down. But everywhere else Its getting worse and most of his skin has a pink tinge, he is itchy all over. I will give benadryl a try. Where would i get that? We have already switched his food back last week. And the vet said it would take a couple months to make a difference. If it was the food he has an allergic reaction to....really hope it was the food and not something else. I hate seeing him so itchy and miserable.
  2. Dog Health Help!

    Hey all been along time since ive been here. Have a question about my 1 and a half year old jack Russel. My dog has a rash or scab under his front "armpit" that he scratches to the point of making it worse. We stop him when we catch him scratching, but there are also a few other much smaller spots that he scratches, and over all seems to have itchy skin. He does not have fleas, he is on Frontline. I just took him to the vet on Monday, and he said it is most likely allergies. He asked if we had switched his food, and we had a few weeks ago to a supposedly all natural food with no corn. The vet said the corn thing was a myth, and that it probably was the food. So we are going to switch back to what we were feeding him before. The vet also said that dogs like this tend to get allergies to all sorts of things later on, and that we could talk about putting him on a medication when he develops more allergies. Right now he just gave me some steroids to help stop the itching, I really dont want to use them or put him on a medication. I would rather boost his own immune system. If their own system is up and running proper it is less likely for them to get more allergies or diseases. So my question, is there some kind of vitamin i can give him daily to help boost it? The vet said there was no such thing...but i dont really believe that. Thoughts? The scab under his leg seems to be getting smaller, but he is still itchy. Here is Tex from last fall.
  3. My Photography

    Thanks everyone. Its one of my hobbies, that im always trying to improve on. Couple of months ago I got a new lens. Super fun and a major plus :) Cant wait to use it this summer!
  4. My Photography

    Wow, it has been a very long time since I have been on here. Just thought I would share some of my photography :) Did this photoshoot fall before last. And this one last Sep. And just did this one a month or 2 ago for some friends and neighbors of ours, the Kretz's And these are just a few horse pictures of some of the mares from the Kretz's ranch. Wish I would have stayed out longer and gotten some better ones but it was cold that day -20F. Its really hard to take pictures with gloves...and if you take them off, your hand freezes. anyways enjoy!
  5. Saw This On Another Forum And Had To Share

  6. Moving Back To Home State. What Do I Need?

    Well our location is Artesia, which is between Carlsbad and Roswell. very hot dry flat and deserty, and full of creepy crawly things. Few weeks ago I found a wip tail scorpion in the house, thankfully its not poisonous...scared the heck out of me at first. Everyday we find 3-7 roach bugs in the house...give or take a few. and the house has been sprayed inside and outside twice, and the roaches come in and die on the floor, for weeks after each gross. its just a rental house and it is anything but air-tight, bug tight, or anything tight, we can see daylight around every door they hang so crooked. Thankfully we are in town, so not many snakes, otherwise im sure we would have them in the house. My husband is an oil hauler(night shift), and every night he kills anywhere from 5-10 black widows at the wells. Has come across a couple tarantulas, and lots of camel spiders, killed a few rattlers. We are both tired of it. Also want to get out of the oil patch. We are used to the Pacific Northwest, And miss the mountains, fresh air full of oxygen, forest, pine and fur trees, lakes and rivers in abundance, the color green.. Even the But yes I suppose your right, there are some nice-ish places in NM. We have been to Ruidoso a few times. its a cute town and its in hills with trees. But its still so much more drier then back home.
  7. Moving Back To Home State. What Do I Need?

    Sorry i dont have any help to offer. But when i first started reading your was really weird because...WA is where we(me and my husband) are from, and we moved to New Mexico last Jan, and next month we are moving back to WA! But thankfully we did not take my horses down here, so we dont have to deal with that. We are both chomping at the bit to get out of here. We miss the trees so much! And hate all the bugs and snakes here!
  8. Photography Gurus

    My 18-55 sigma lense is the suckiest thing ever.. Would not recommend it at all.
  9. Pictures

    Aww you have a cute family. By the way did the dawn soap bath work for getting rid of his fleas? I have tried this natural de-flea shampoo, on my pup twice, it helped for awhile but now they are back even worse. I hate using hard chemicals on animals. But im running out of idea's.. poor little guy is scratching so much. I had talked to my vet about it before and she recommended something but i forgot the name.
  10. Photography Gurus

    Im also a Canon girl, But i agree with CVM2002, and Green Haven. But yes glass quality is a must for good pictures. But $300 isnt going to get you far in the way of good lenses. Save for it, its worth it. Also i would love to see more pictures of your Jack Russel, I love the breed. I got my second jack russel puppy back in beginning of April, he is now 5 months old.. i love him to death. I would post pictures but im not going to steal your thread
  11. Help ! Are There Any Good Guys Out There ?

    Yep still really great honest reliable(but still fun) handsome hardworking guys out there. Im married to one, 3 years this month. He also rides and enjoys horses, and other animals. Lots of good advise on here. Be content and happy, and enjoy being single, and he will come along if its meant to be. Also make absolute certain when he does come along that he can and will be your best friend, and work together as a team. It makes all the difference. I'm married to my best friend, and when troubles arise, because they will in any relationship, it makes it 99% easier to work things out together. Remember communication is key. Also dont believe that line "opposites attract each other" That is true for magnets, and it might be true for the first few dates, but in the long run it spells disaster. Eventually those opposites will re-pail(sp?)(annoy the heck) each other. A little differences here and there are fine, and are actually healthy. But not truly opposite. You need common denominators in a relationship for it to work. As for guys that might be abusive... watch how they treat their mothers, if they are around. And watch how he treats animals when he thinks no one is watching.
  12. Funny Craigslist Post

    Apparently he has no clue as to the amount of damage said pony can do on a boat, if he/she becomes freaked. and yeah that 20 min alone thing that he expressly said he wanted.. creepy..
  13. Funny Craigslist Post

    Hubby and I were going through CL looking at boats, and came across this ad. We are like wth??
  14. Ranch Bronc Riding

    Great captures! Beautiful horses! What lens did you get?
  15. Dry Hands

    Vitamin E cream is also good.