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  1. Breed Mystery

    i dont see any morgan type to him. however, i see ALOT of walker look to him. i would put money on the fact that he is atleast part walker.
  2. Color Of Head Stall?

    i would check ads for upper level quarter horses and see whats in. at one point it was taboo for black, then at one point i saw all horses wearing the light tan color whether sorrel or black. look at big quarter horse farm sites (i only say quarter horse because the others usually follow their lead) and of course bigger paint horse sites or recent for sale and see what they are wearing on their darker horses. but i do agree with above, it should match you saddle and from what i see lately most saddles for stock breeds are lighter in color
  3. Smoke's Ace 7 Yo Apha Stallion

    i agree with all above. look around and put the money into a qualified photographer who is experianced with taking pictures of horses. the pics do him no justice and like stated above, by looking at the photos my first thought was "why is he still a stallion" even though im sure he is much nicer quality in person. the photos are just unflattering for a horse shot let alone a stallion promotion.
  4. Morgan Tail Help

    i dont use tailbags. what we do is take and old sheet and rip strips out of it. take three strips and braid them into the 3 separate sections of the tail starting at the top of the braid. This way stays in alot better then a bag, doesnt stress the tail, covers the tail, and you dont freak when u lose one once a week (therefore being alot cheaper)
  5. New Rescue Gelding

    thank you. he does have a big head lol. however, he walks, trots, racks, and canters. so i dont know if the twh would fit. we are leaning more towards the saddlebred or national show horse. and who knows maybe he's a cross between who knows what. but he does have a very defined rack now that his bruise is getting better and also a very defined trot.
  6. Is This Horse Conformed For Saddleseat

    i have been living on that site lol. i also do have a saddleseat instructor but am new to saddleseat so i was just trying to get a general opinion. i have shown thoroughbreds and quarter horses for the past couple of years and obviously the conformation that they look for is different then what a saddleseat horse needs.
  7. 16 Y/o Tb Mare

    nice looking horse but the pic is kinda distorted to do a conformation crit. makes he look kinda long backed and short necked, but i think its the photo
  8. Split Reins Or Loop?

    accidents can happen with either. i ride with single loop reins. however, i have attached snaps to the part that attaches to the bit in case i get off on the trail, that way i can easily unattach one side to lead him. i also trailride with a halter and that way i can take the reins off, hook them to the halter, remove the bridle(for longer lunch stops) and tie him up safetly. i think it all depends on ur horse and u. my reins are also a thicker variety and not leather and i am comfortable with that. if i ride with split reins i tie them.
  9. New Rescue Gelding

    thank u. i didnt think walked either. we have a couple different types of walkers at our facility and he dont look like any of them lol. we have heard saddlebred, national show horse, and missiouri fox trotter. although the missiouri fox trotter is out as he dont fox trot.
  10. Incorrect Hoof Trimming In The Gaited Horse

    we are talking the "rack" he's saddlebredx
  11. Just For Fun

    arab? nice looking boy. pretty head. looks it bit long in the toes though, like hes due for his trimming. im dont know much about arab conformation so i wont go beyond that lol. looks like such a good boy, these are the ones that you hold onto forever
  12. ok we had our morgan gelding on here a while back, but he didnt work out so we had to find him a new home. we purchased this gelding and he was in rather bad shape when we got him so only got to ride him once at the walk and are now back to correcting some small issues. We were told he was a national show horse "type" no papers. He has alot of action and will walk, trot, rack, and canter in the field freely. We have no backround information and before i gave up completely on learning saddleseat and selling my saddle i was wondering if you guys thought he could be conformed for saddleseat. he is around 15.3hh and 16yr old. He does not park out in hand(i could be asking wrong) and i dont know if he does under saddle yet. i assume not if he dont do it in hand. please note in this photo his front right foot is turned in just due to the way he is standing
  13. Morgan People?

    some of these are very old lines. check the morgan horse associations site, they have pics of some sires and mares in there, you might be able to find a couple of them.
  14. Trey

    he looks to me(but im def not expert) to be a little long in the hoof area, that might be causing the tripping. i would definately get another opinion on that though lol he seems a little bit higher in the back then the front-how old is he? he head also appears a little course to me, but with the halter sitting so low on the nose i would be that is just an optical illusion.
  15. New Rescue Gelding

    yes you were the second person that noticed that right front foot. im going to bring it up with the farrier next session and speak with him about it. he did noticed some slight rotation in that foot. the vet looked at it when he came down and said as long as he wasnt showing signs of founder or lameness he wouldnt advise x-rays(we are a couple of hours away from the nearest vet clinic and being he has just gotten over being ill and gets really nervous in the trailer-we are working on that-we dont want to stress him unless necessary)