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  1. Who's Breeding This Year?

    Thanks Stars... They can be found here: Need to get new ones of Rockey this year, I think the last set was as a 3yr old, he's filled out since then. And is your paint horse out showing wp? he certainly moves well! Can't get to the link on the picture?
  2. I want to go sooooo baaaaadddddd!
  3. Who's Breeding This Year?

    The Stone Cutter: Will be bred to Silver: And to Amber:
  4. Your Honest Opinion

    This breeding is a sire crossed on one of his own daughters, and has been used very successfully in the past.. I've never done this cross, but I've seen others done like this, and while I've never liked a colt used as a sire with this kind of pedigree, I've had and seen several mares like this and I think it can make a mare a better broodmare. The bottom line is you need to continue to breed her like she is. Out crossing her on a halter type, for example just makes a mediocre foal. Look for a stud that is successful in the same event, but not closely bred, but stamps his foals with the qualities she needs improved and you can get a really quality foal that is much better. All that said, you need to first evaluate her very carefully... how well is each part built and how well do they all fit together? Is she broodmare quality for the type of event she excells at (and is bred for?) This picture doesn't show her legs, and when line breeding you *must* be ruthless in how those legs are put together, and what you end up crossing them on. I'd need to see side (with head at least level) front and back to tell you more. But particularly since she is Leo bred, her line breeding doesn't bother me at all.. I'd evaluate her on her own merits.
  5. Inbred Or Linebred? Cast Your Vote...

    Thanks guys. Alaskan Draft...Thank you for the percentages, I need a class to really understand what all they mean.. on occasion I try to read up on it, and then I get lost. The filly is not champagne, no testing needed.. she doesn't have pink skin or sky blue eyes she should have at birth to at least 3 months if she had champagne. But I am fairly certain she is dun and roan... and I probably should test her for homozygous black, and cream.. don't think she is, but she could be a cream carrier, they can be dark, and her daddy carries it. I'm waiting for April, and then I think she will be bred back the same way. Filly is just awesome, and fun to mess with. Wish I could keep them all.
  6. Inbred Or Linebred? Cast Your Vote...

    Thanks everyone, I do see one nay vote, and I wish they would have commented on what they thought was wrong. This is the first foal from this cross, and first foal for this mare, so while I have a few things I would change, over all this foal really exceeded my expectations. But.. I want to err on the side of caution... and get other opinions. I agree there could always be some crazy gene in the works that shows up under saddle. I've already been working with her a bit, and there is nothing out of the ordinary in her temperament or personality, if anything, she is a bit too fearless, I had problems getting her to stay with mom when traveling between the barn and the pasture, but she seems to have figured that out. I should add that I have done as much genetic testing on the sire and the dam as I can, for all the current things available, and that at least is all negative/negative.
  7. Inbred Or Linebred? Cast Your Vote...

    Looking for candid opinions on this filly. She is not a whoops, and I have done some homework. But I'm looking to take off any rose-colored glasses I may be wearing. Pedigree here:2011 Dun Roan Filly Pedigree Pictures taken yesterday, at 2 weeks: Personally, I would like to do this cross again for next year, but I'd like lots of feedback either way.. all opinions are welcome and considered.
  8. Leather Braiding?

    not hard, just take some time and practice. I got lucky and found an old book that had pictures of how to do like a 12 strand braid, and the principle is the same, just around a core of some thing. I'd go search some books on braiding or making your own tack at or the like, bet you find something.. just will take a bit of time on your part to learn.
  9. Ab Pharos Beauty Anglo-arab Mare

    can't wait to see how it works out! never know where you can find a barrel prosect!
  10. Benefits To Showing Horses

    There is nothing stamped on any paper anywhere that says you HAVE to show, or that it HAS to be a breed show. There is absolutely nothing wrong with just going out brushing and trail riding your horse. Tons of people do just that and are very happy! How about just going out and being a helper for a while? gets you around and really would be a big help for someone and see if you really have the showing 'bug' first! I can't tell you how many times I've been saved, and SO appreciate the people who are there at the show but don't have a horse but still enjoy the people and watching. An extra spare pair of hands is a GREAT thing!
  11. Jubilee-7 Year Old Pmu Grade Mare

    Her legs are definitely in the "I wish all my horses were that strait" catagory.. If you see them as strait, then don't sweat it, it is a picture, and that is never as good as in person! I can see she is a happy horse, looks like a dream to ride.
  12. Ab Pharos Beauty Anglo-arab Mare

    kind eye on that mare. how did she get picked as a barrel prospect? What did you notice about her that made you think.. barrels?
  13. Jubilee-7 Year Old Pmu Grade Mare

    Her second pic is really good for judging her conformation, and you got excellent front and backs of her. I'm not great with 'angles' It looks like hip and shoulder match?, but may be a touch steep? and her back a tad long, and the neck a tad low... but she more than makes up for that in how correct her legs are from front and back.. very very nice set there, with a decent hoof to go with them. front might toe out just a tiny tiny fraction, but that is nit picking, specially if she travels strait. for the way she is bred, she came out much better than I expected, and has an atractive head for that type of breeding! Grey tobiano? I'm thinking she'll be all white soon..maybe by 10?
  14. 2 Month Old Aqha Colt

    Yes, she is here: Champagne Stone I'll try to get new pics, it finally stopped raining, and is now hotter than the hoolies here, so I can get some of her not in a mud bath. Those are yearling pictures.
  15. Miniature Horse Photo Contest For August

    What about a pony mule? or is that breaking the rules? [Question]