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  1. Nothing in this world makes me happier to see than kids with ponies!
  2. New Things

    Studying for my pharmacy tech license. FASCINATING stuff, and that makes it almost more for pleasure than for work. :) The little things, like researching flash card apps for my phone, watching drug commercials with renewed interest. And relearning algebra. :)
  3. Jingles For An Unusual Rescue

    Bravo, Epona... Glad she made a good recovery!
  4. Baby On A Food Strike :/

    I know this might sound silly.... but what is your gut instinct telling you? You do seem like a VERY sensible mom, and if you feel she's the "right size", I think you're on the right track. If you are having pangs about something not seeming quite right... go with your gut. If she's still nursing, I'd actually wonder about thrush. Just a thought. :) Good luck to you! What a darling baby!!!!!!
  5. Another "hi There" Post.

    Hey there, B'roo! LOVED those pictures and so glad to hear you are doing well!
  6. What Kind Of Illness...

    City, I don't know your situation well, but do you by any chance take any of the statin drugs (maybe for cholesterol issues?).
  7. About the color..... go through any of the popular websites for horses and look at all the perfectly nice dapple gray horses that are listed as a silver dapple. I was surprised to find that Craigs list isn't the only population that could brush up a bit on horse colors. And... beginner safe stallions..
  8. Am I Right To Be Upset!?

    BIG hug, smokum... It's so difficult to rehome an animal. It's a ton of work, and emotionally difficult as well. You did your very best, and I'm so sorry it ended like that.
  9. The Confession Thread

    I eat scrambled eggs with my fingers. For some reason, a fork simply does not work for me with scrambled eggs! (I only eat scrambled eggs when I'm alone).
  10. Ironbessflint?

    You still out there anywhere? Just realized that you had acquired our former pony, Henry. :) I was actually searching another pony and saw him pop up on your page. Let me know if you'd like some of his "baby" pictures.
  11. Cat Chirping. Why Do They Do It?

    I've seen cats do this and I've always associated it with hunting behavior. Biscuit will do it for the laser pointer (though she doesn't seem anxious... just eager!).
  12. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I'm a certified nurse assistant and I work for a good sized hospital in a kind of neat capacity. The hospital owns a facility that is completely dedicated to hospice. I work there, third shift, taking care of the dying (and their families). Greatest. Job. Ever.
  13. A Very Special Day :)

    Congratulations and welcome to the world, little one! What a darling, DARLING baby!!!!!!!
  14. " Breaking Bad '.....

    I started watching just a few weeks ago on Netflix, and ended up not missing any episodes. When I first heard of the series? The subject matter really didn't grab me. Then my kid recommended I try it, and I found the story line so interesting and compelling... well, I'm hooked too. My prediction is.... Well, I don't see how the series can end with Skylar and Walt both still alive, but I'm rooting for them. Same with Jesse... I'd REALLY like to see him survive!
  15. Purrayers For Young Kitt W/ Mouth Deformity

    Lucky little Baker-kitty, to have found a great landing spot.