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  1. Explanation Please?

    I will definitely get those photos for you. I definitely do not see completely eye to eye with this trimmer...she tends to be more invasive than I like...but at the time she is the only trimmer I have an option of using, and she does not make my horse sore. Callie has actually been moving much better since starting to use her. I just am not so sure about this whole deal. I will go ahead and add that the trimming schedule has been very irregular, especially for Callie. My former trimmer told me she couldn't travel the distance to trim Callie anymore, and it was about 8 weeks before I could have this trimmer out. Then it was 5 weeks, then 7 by trimmer's scheduling error, then 5, and now we are finally on a 4 week schedule again. So hopefully some consistency will help trim down on the cracking. She is on grass and receives minimal amounts of an oat/pellet mix (I believe the ratio is 3 bags oats to 1 pellet, but that could be wrong). But she really only gets enough to put her supplement in. She is a pretty easy keeper.
  2. Explanation Please?

    Hey everyone. My horse was trimmed Tuesday, but I was not able to be present. Prior to the trim my horse had been cracking fairly badly, including a vertical crack in the toe that extended approx. an inch up the front of her wall, maybe a little less. My friend who held the horses for this trim called me after Callie had been done telling me the trimmer had opened up the section where her toe crack was and to put Kopertox on it. My barn owner sent me a picture of this today (I will not be able to go out until Friday), after she had put the Kopertox on. It looks fairly severe to me, but I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to hooves. I know the trimmer is trying to open it up so anything building up in there can come out and so Callie won't get an fungus, but is this the right way to go about it? I will try to get solar shots and more angles on Friday when I go out. Also, my barn owner is concerned this will cause the hoof to crack more (she is not experienced in barefoot...very traditional)...opinions? Thanks everyone! Just trying to do what is best for my horse!
  3. Ok first of all...YES this is a Parelli ad. YES I know most of you don't do or agree with Parelli. End of story. Please don't turn this into a massive Parelli debate or anything. I am purely looking for comments and suggestions on the actual ad itself...NOT the program. Thanks :) [Edited by Admin. I'm sorry but we do not allow advertising here on the BB. Posting an ad would fall into that.]
  4. What Is My Horse Doing?

    Ok, this drives everyone at my barn nuts because we cannot figure out what my horse is doing! Periodically, and only in the trot, she will stick her nose up in the air and trot this way. She does it mostly on the ground, and occasionally under saddle (but not with the intention to hit me or mess with me in any way). She has done this since before I got her. A chiropractor and massage therapist found nothing in the front half of her body. She was checked by a vet when I bought her and he didn't find anything. It isn't tossing, she just sticks her nose up for about 10 seconds then goes about life as normal. She is coming off a hip injury, but we don't believe it has anything to do with this.
  5. Maintaining A Bevel

    Ok I can get that for you today. :)
  6. Maintaining A Bevel

    Hey everyone. My trimmer has asked me to maintain the bevel on my horse's feet once a week to keep down cracking. She showed me how to do it, but this will be my first time doing any part of the trim on my horse, so I'm nervous! Could someone give me a "dummy's guide" to creating a bevel? Thanks!
  7. Joint Supplements?

    My chiropractor came out to do a follow-up on my horse, and she thinks she has early stages of arthritis in her hips. Her best guess is that it is from an old kick/injury of some sort when she was younger that messed up her pelvis. My horse is only 8. Anyways, she recommended I get her on a joint supp. asap, and I have no idea where to start! A former boarder at the barn I'm at recommended Fluid Action by Finish Line, and it looks good, but I am a real newbie in this area of horse health so thought I would look for some help. Thanks! :)
  8. Renegade Hoof Boots?

    Hey everyone. I just came across this boot and am very very interested in it! I am currently using a pair of my trimmer's Old Mac G2s to help build up my horse's internal structures but will return them in the next trim or two after Callie is working better without them. However, most of the terrain in which she lives or works is soft and there are very few rocks. I am wanting to do hunter-paces and maybe even an endurance ride with her later this year and in the future, and am thinking she would do better in boots simply because there isn't anything in her home to condition her feet to tougher terrain. Does anyone out there have Renegades? I love the fun colors, but want to make sure they work first and foremost! I don't think my trimmer carries them though, and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to fit them myself!
  9. Boarders...Question for you

    First of all, no I would probably not get mad at my BO for giving me advice. It's a very common thing for us to do with each other around the barn. As long as they aren't forcing me to try their suggestions, then I am totally fine with hearing their thoughts. I think it should be up to you to pick and choose what advice you try and don't try...so if she is forcing you to try things then yes I would be mad, but otherwise, I accept advice openly as she knows far more than me when it comes to riding. Also, sometimes someone on the outside looking in may see something you miss being in the situation, so it helps sometimes to listen to what they have to say. Second, NO to the rescue horse. I bought a Paint mare after riding for years that was never ridden and it was a huge challenge to overcome and we still face issues undersaddle all the time. We see far too many "green on greens" around out barn and they very rarely work. For example we have a very inexperienced rider at our barn with a spooky gelding, and the way she moves around him sets him off and makes him so nervous, but our BO who is training him has no problems with him spooking. So, I would suggest an older horse with a LOT of experience. Then one day when they have more experience they can rescue one.
  10. Introduce Your Horses....

    Name: Callie Breed: Paint Age: 7 What is their "job": To be a willing partner...ride English, no specialization Anything else: I practice parelli with her. We are playing in Level 2 at the moment and will be starting Level 3 soon on the ground. She is a Left Brained Extrovert Pictures (no more than 2-3 per horse please):
  11. deviantART

  12. deviantART

  13. Quick Question

    I bought a new air pad for Callie, however she is having some very serious issues adjusting to it. We have a hunch she may not like the texture of the pad against her skin (it's a very different material than what she is used to). We want to try to put something thin under the pad so it will feel more normal, but she will still get the benefits of the pad. Any ideas what to use?
  14. Are you prepared for your farrier/trimmer???

    The majority of the time I am not able to be there in person when my trimmer comes, so my barn owner has her put away in a stall early before my trimmer even arrives. When I am able to be there, I have my horse out probably at least an hour before the trimmer gets there, and have her groomed, feet picked out and clean, and she is also played with to encourage better behavior. Buddy: Callie is done every 5 weeks plus or minus a few days depending on when my trimmer is able to make the trip to the barn [ 12-16-2007, 07:00 PM: Message edited by: Dhec4Christ ]
  15. Calling all Boarders!

    How often do you get to go out and see your horse(s) 2-3 times a week unless it's summer then everyday Do you drive there? I will when I get my license Do your parents drive you? at the moment How long do you stay for? In the week probably an hour or two...weekends usually all day