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  1. New Black Country Saddle!

    hmmm... I might be saddle shopping soon :) I have a TB/App who has pretty big withers, a fairly broad back and HUGE barrel, and the awful dip just behind his withers. My Wintecs used to fit but dont' seem to be fitting anymore. My friends stubbens seem to fit well. Any idea if the BC will fit? How "custom" is it? And what kinda price range are we talking?! Thanks!
  2. Update On Fleckers!

    thanks guys :) Fleck is really good about taking his marquis :) However.. he won't touch two of his other supplements so I'm having to syringe those into him twice a day also, so he's starting to be a bit fussy about it. But he's really not so bad. He's doing pretty well. He got much worse neurologically (well..still not bad) on the 7th day of the marquis and then has been getting better. However, his back still hurts. The chiro came Monday and I rode Tuesday and he was very short strided so I got off after 15 minutes. Then I haven't been able to ride since, which is fine... So I rode today and he was much comfier. Still slightly uneven going right but not bad at all. Then I cantered...yeah, he said THAT HURTS!!! He was fussing with his head, bucking, humping his back up, and just overall uncomfortable, so... no more cantering for awhile. I have a recheck this Wed or next Monday and we'll probably do some acupuncture and go from there. I just hope he feels better soon. He's still his usual self otherwise though... still a butt!! hee hee. Not really.. he's just a goof :)
  3. Dressage Chit Chat #23

    ack, i'm so far behind again... MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS!! So... just a quick update.... Fleck is doing better... still sore in his lower back, even after the chiro, but that did help. He's much more willling to stretch out in the trot, but at the canter, he still hurts. So... we shall see. we are on week 3 now of the marquis and all seems to be going well with that. Got the Wii Fit for xmas.... so yay for yoga and pilates :) but no time to play yet. work was crazy and is finally a bit slow tonight. And the weather has sucked..rain, rain, and more rain. which is nice...since I can't really ride anyways :) anyways... hope everyone had a good christmas! Sounds like some shopping spree lightning!!! Fun!~!! and great poem tracy..t hanks for sharing! have a happy New year!
  4. Pictures Of Arielle

    YAY!! Wow... she is gorgeous!!! Look at that TROT!!! Nice Job :) Can't wait to see more pics as you two really develop your relationship :)
  5. Jag Pictures

    nothing to add but YAY!!! You guys look great!! much improvement :) You go girl!!! And I agree with the chiro.. mucho importante :)
  6. Possum Poisoning

    Opossums do have a forked ****** though!!! Sorry to the OP... sounds like a horrible situation.
  7. Dog Is Sick

    Vomiting and diarrhea can be due to just about anything!!! Something mild like an upset stomach to something more serious.... toxin, foreign body in the stomach, etc. I would definitely get him seen though... your vet may find nothing majorly wrong and then atleast you would know and can get him feeling better quicker. On another note... get rid of the rat poison!!! If it is his mission to kill all the rats, why do you need the poison? It's soooo deadly to dogs and very expensive to treat if you catch it early enough to treat. Also, some types cause brain swelling and there is no treatment for that. good luck! hope your dog is okay!
  8. Dressage Chit Chat #23

    thanks guys :) KTS: it wouldn't by chance be Bud Lightyear would it?! if so, i know him and he's ADORABLE!!!! pretty fancy too considering how young he is :)
  9. Dressage Chit Chat #23

  10. Dressage Chit Chat #23

    oh no KTS...atleast it's not too bad and should be an easy fix. glad to hear that frasier is behaving. Fleck sure isn't! ha!! he looks for every excuse to be spooky. good luck with finals! 3day: !!! glad to hear the lessons are going so well. I take it the bridle lameness has resolved??! hopefully so :) well....the arena is better :) We had it flattened and then we lined it with railroad ties... and then.. there was too much erosion before we got the RR ties in so our giant rock started to come through. So then we paid to have it removed...took them three days with a jackhammer and big old huge tractor with front end loader... but they finally got most of the rocks out and skimmed the top 8 inches or so off the big one. And then buried it back under. So.. now i have little rocks all over again....sigh.... but it's flat again (minus the slope for drainage) and no more rock poking through. so...as soon as we can afford it we'll get more sand. and then hopefully be done :) anyways.. good luck with finals! Maybe your instructor will curve and you'll pass! it'll be a christmas miracle :) anyways.... not much exciting going on. just anxiously awaiting the chiro's visit. fleck was definitely ouchy at the canter going right - twisted his tail and got real fussy. but his trot was nice. then i've been working since, so... but his herbs came today so we'll see if that helps :) i hope so since he's down to once daily bute now. last night of work YAY!!! last night was EXHAUSTING!!! so... tonight is quiet so far. so tomorrow i have to clean my house before my momma comes and go xmas shopping!!
  11. Possible T3d At Iea At The End Of May

    Heck yah!!! For those of you in the area that are capable of doing it... DO IT!!!!! I'm so pyched about doing one this fall :) I Can't wait!!!!
  12. Update On Fleckers!

    ha!! that's sorta funny :) nope... hadn't joined yet. and you're right..the worsening signs is from the inflammation from the dying parasites. like treating dogs and cats for heartworms. Which...makes me wonder if it's just mild, or if fleck really does have it. I did not test for the virus or selenium deficiency. But i do have him added on vit e (for the neuroprotection) and selenium (because it came with the vit e). anyways... i'll have to go check out the yahoo group :) thanks!
  13. Are Extreme Temperature Changes Bad For Horses?

    sudden weather changes often causes the vets to get more colic calls The main thing is to make sure they have appropriate protection from the elements. They don't need to be stalled, but they do need a place to get out of the wind. Rain and snow is okay if they can stay out of the wind. Do they have full winter coats? Mine are blanketed but I also clipped one and the other is geriatric. Lots of hay will help keep them warm - the digestion process keeps them cozy :) The other main thing!!!! is making sure they keep drinking!! The drop in temps causes alot of horses to not drink and that can cause colic. So... make sure they are drinking. you may have to bring warmed water to them. Mine get a warm mooshy grain meal or beet pulp or even just soaked hay cubes (in warm water) and sometimes I'll even add electrolytes to help encourage them to drink. The warm water is probably the best way though.
  14. 1st Proper Dressage Show (pics)

    I...WANT....HER....MANE!!!! and Forelock!!!!!! WOW!! that is to die for!!! She's gorgeous :) Looks very willing :) good job with her!!
  15. Pulled Back Muscle

    i think that the sit-ups can be accomplished by both the butt thing...where you run your hands from the hip points to the lower butt and the drop their butt and raise their back, and then just tickling their tummy so they raise their back, accomplish the same thing :) Fleck does those, side to side stretches and stifle stretches before every ride. good luck!!! oh... i might have missed it, but...did you check your saddle fit? If her fitness level has changed, that might have changed her enough to require an adjustment in tack. And... I have bought the homemedics handheld massager from walmart.. i think it was $30 and massage fleck with that. he seems to enjoy it. I think it if's a deep muscle pull though.. you really need a chiro/massager to get to the root of it.