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  1. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Couple nights ago I made a yummy pasta bake. Not sure if I've shared the recipe before, but here it is. 1 box of your favorite pasta shape 8oz block/tub chive & onion cream cheese 1 can Italian diced tomatoes spinach (or some other green veggie, sometimes I use fresh asparagus) shredded mozerella cooked chicken Cook up the noodles, drain. Cube the cream cheese and stir it into the hot noodles until it's melted and evenly spread. Drain the can of tomatoes, throw it in. Add the green veggies and cooked chicken. Pour into a greased 9x13 pan, top with shredded cheese and bake it at 350 for half an hour or so. Last night I made spaghetti. Tonight we're having sandwiches. I got different cold cuts from the deli, and a few take'n'bake baguettes. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions for toppings. I might make a soup to go with. On the menu this week: marinated chicken & veggie kabobs (all on the grill!) and a beef roast with sweet potato wedges and lettuce salad. Mmm!
  2. The Movie, "hachi".

    I watched Hachi one night when DH and DS were out, so I stayed up all night watching sad things. Hachi is number 1 the saddest thing I've seen in a LONG time. I cried, I SOBBED. He loved his master so so much. My throat is getting lumpy thinking about it.
  3. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Hey guys! I'm feeling better day by day, but ugh -- I forgot how miserable pregnancy is! I'm 16 weeks today and the general pregnancy "yucky-ness" is easing off. I was on bedrest for a bit a couple weeks ago, I had pretty significant bleeding several times that was caused by a subchorionic hematoma, but it has since been reabsorbed and all is well. Just lots of joyful heartburn and headaches. I'm not far along enough to be diagnosed with preeclampsia but they're monitoring my symptoms -- headaches, high blood pressure, protein in urine, etc. I currently work full-time but my employer is pressuring me to take a leave until the fall. It's not a good feeling =/ Last night I made red bean and rice burgers and baked up some sweet potato fries. Tonight I'm going to make hot ham and cheese biscuits and I'll make skillet potatoes. I'll find some frozen veggie to prepare as a side.
  4. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    I've pretty much quit cooking. My poor family has been living off canned vegetables, buttered bread and I'm pretty sure they had chips for breakfast yesterday. Tonight I'm making a recipe I got from my MIL. Basically baked spaghetti, but it calls for half spag. sauce and half salsa. Cooking meat makes me sick, so we're going without tonight! Vegetarian style! I'll make a nice green salad for on the side. Tomorrow we're having sweet and sour chicken over rice and I'll find some frozen vegetable to boil up.
  5. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Last night I made chicken/brown rice/spinach/cheese quesadilla things. Tonight, baked spaghetti!! My favorite. I can't wait.
  6. What Are You Reading?

    I'm about finished with "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult. It's an okay read, stories within the story, some are told from the POV of a Jewish prisoner in the holocaust, those portions of the book are pretty moving. Next I'm going to read another "mommy p0rn" type of book before going back to something deeper.
  7. Hey, Guess What?

    Big congratulations! We're still pretty new at marriage, we'll have been married two years in April. I like seeing all these big anniversary milestones being reached.
  8. Old Dogs, Hard To Watch Them Start To Age.

    I got my first pet (my horse) about 10 years ago, and my dog is 4. I haven't gone through the heartbreak of losing an animal yet, but I can't imagine seeing the decline and small changes over time and then one day it hits you in face that your pet is reaching the end of their earthly life. Lots of love and hugs
  9. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Last night I made broccoli cheddar soup and baked a couple baguettes. I have a ton to do tonight after work, so DH is picking up DS from school and taking charge. I left them chicken strips and French fries to bake up and I set a can of peas with a pot on the stove -- hopefully he'll get the hint.
  10. Annual Black Friday Thread

    I'll be working, thankfully I don't work retail. The office will be deserted, lots of people took the day off. Maybe they'll send us home early, who knows!
  11. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Lasagna for us tonight
  12. How Do You Eat The Steak, When.....

    We went through a different source for our beef this year, so I don't know anything about the cow that's now in our freezer. Last year we had a handsome big guy named Hank. He was handraised, pet-able, nice big fluff patch right between his ears and he was very loved.... and you could taste it!
  13. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Well, tonight I'm experimenting. I have inspiration from pinterest. I got a bunch of ramen noodles, I'll throw away the seasoning packet. The recipe says to use hot Korean chili seasoning, but I have a pretty decent "asian" sauce recipe that I'll make. I'll toss the noodles in the sauce, add chicken and vegetables and top with green onions. Either it'll turn out to be a decent quick meal, or a cheap fail. Tomorrow we're having French toast and typical breakfast sides. I might get wild and try stuffed French toast. Officially 8 weeks pg today! I've been super queasy and no appetite the past few days. I picked up otc nausea relief meds yesterday, and I slept through the night and feel great today.
  14. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Last night I made the best chicken wraps ever. Mmmm. I wish I had taken the leftovers with me to work. I'm cheating tonight. Chicken patties, fruit salad and fries. DS is really enjoying wrestling... I thought practice was only one night a week, turns out it's 2. We've got one hour between the time we get home from work/school and have to be at practice, so I scramble. I'd love to set the crockpot for something more wholesome but I have a hard time finding recipes that can sit 10+ hours without getting dried out. I'm tempted to start cooking crockpot recipes overnight so I can monitor the time and then just reheating for supper.
  15. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Tator tot hotdish here tonight!