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  1. Relationship Problems

    Hi everyone, sorry I'm just replying now, I'm stuck at Jury Duty , I want to thank everyone for their replys and advice, I really appreciate it. I do know I have to end it, and despite his threat I'm still going to, I'm thinking about letting his mom know about what he said so she cam keep an eye on him and help get the help he needs
  2. Relationship Problems

    I'm sorry this is so long and thank you to any one who reads this. I met my bf last Sept, by Oct 31st we offically became a couple, for the first half of our relationship I was happy with him, he was a great boyfriend, now he changed, he's very immature, in the begging of our relationship he was looking for a better job, he works part time for min wage, now he just spends his day on YouTube, he's very clingy and smothering. Here are some problems that have come up, I am a affectionate person but I'm not into PDA, I don't mind holding hands putting arms around each other, hugging and little pecks on the cheeck or lips, but that's it, he is the opposite of that to the point he doesn't mind making out in public, I've told him a 100 times I am not comfortable with that, one day he went to the store and stayed at the house, when he came back and told me about this couple that was hanging all over each other and making out and he felt envious of them, that stung, like I said I'm affectionate, but I'm not into PDA, he never seems to respect that, one time I wad talking to one of my friends and we were in the middle of a serious conversation and he did know this, in the middle of this conversation he steps in front of my friend and tries to make out with me, I immediately pulled back and got annoyed with him, he's tried to several times, he gets all pouty when I want to spend a day with my friends and not him, and I do spend a lot of time with him. He got upset instead of supportive when I got a full time job because it would take more time away from him. A whole week will go by and I won't even miss him, I don't want him to hug me or kiss me anymore, I know its time to break up, but here the major problem, I talked to him about all out problems, he promised to work on it, its been two weeks later and I don't even want to try and work things out, I just want out, a couple of days ago I was getting ready to tell him I wanted to break up, but before I could he said to me "I'm glad you gave me another chance because I would have to contemplate suicide if you left me" Now I feel forced to stay in this relationship, I do believe him when he says he will hurt himself if I leave
  3. I'm Upset At My Work

    Thanks for the suggestions guys I will do those
  4. I'm Upset At My Work

    I agree Heidi, that's what wanted to do when he said that
  5. I'm Upset At My Work

    I really need to vent and I apologize if this is long, cookies for anyone who reads this :) I work at dog and cat boarding and day care center, yesterday we brought up some safety concerns we have for the afternoon/evening shift and the overnight shift. The building used to be a private residence, the front of the building faces towards what should be the backyard, at night time it's very dark and theirs a lot of acerage and tree's, it get's so dark out there that when I'm standing next to my car I cannot see the other side of it. Their no motion lights set up anything, we are very close to train tracks and we get a lot of bums in the area. The backyard part does face out to the street and their is more lighting out that way because of other businesses. The shifts at my work are 6:30am-2:30pm, 2:30pm-10:30pm and the overnight which is from 10:30pm-6:30am. There are more employees on the am shift and part of the afternoon shift due to the owner and manager being there and the office people, but from 6pm and on there are only 2 people and that's if there are more then 20 dogs, if it's under 20 dogs then she (the owner) will have 1 person. My second day on the job I was by myself from 6pm and on. Last week I was on the afternoon/evening shift, at 10pm I was out dumping the mop bucket out in one of the back yards (that's the time we are suppose to change the mop water since the overnight shift will be coming on at 10:30) there is gravel along our drive way and I was in the back yard that had the driveway beside it, I thought I heard someone walking up the drive way, I stopped what I was doing to listen, didn't hear anything and shrugged it off that I was hearing things and went back to my work, a minute later I thought I heard the walking again but same thing when I stopped to listen it stopped but now I was getting the feeling that I was being watched. Because how dark our work is and when ever I did tried to see if was hearing something and I didn't I let it go as my imagination getting to me, I had to come back out with the second mop bucket and one of the dogs needed to go out so I took him out with me, this was about 5 min later, before I could even let him off the leash he looked over to a area at the backyard fence and started barking and lunging on the leash and I heard someone running away and this time I know I heard right, so I took me and the dog back inside and locked the doors and waited for the overnight shift to show up before I went back out their to get the mop bucket and finish filling it. A co woker had one night when she was by herself have a car with four guys pull up into are parking lot at 9pm and idle there for a minute or two and then leave, and yes she was alone on that shift. Bum's have been seen walking threw our parking lot and heading towards to wooded acreage, and if they wanted too they could see very clearly inside and we wouldn't be able to see them, our doors are glass doors and we have to keep the lights on in the lobby at all times so from a distance if someone wanted to observe us and not be noticed by us they would be able to and it wouldn't take someone long to figure out that their is only one or two people and 95% of the time the two people are women. So yesterday me and co worker S were on the afternoon/evening shift together, it was 6pm the owner and the office people already left but our manager was still there but was going to be leaving soon, now the the manager T has the owner ear and she does anything he advises. We told T about our concerns, we even told him about incidents that have happened here at night time, how all of us feel very uncomfortable at night at our work. We asked about getting motion security lights in, a better lit parking lot, security system that we could hit a panic button if somoene is breaking in, I also metioned too that a security system could be set to chime in each room to let us know if someone walks in. I'm serious when he looked at us said "What is someone gonna do, steal a dog." He so missed our point, he then went on to say we will be fine here at night, all cash is removed from the premises at 6pm, we did point that someone breaking in would not know this after all this is a buisness, and again he just looked at us said again "what are they gonna take then, a dog?" S had said to him there a lot of bums around here, we don't feel safe and what if their is ever an attack on one or both of us, you only put 2 people on at night time, we don't have motion lights as deterent, we don't have a security system and most of the time its us women (by the way we have 5 guys that work their that never work the evening shift or overnight shift)he looked at us for a second and I thought ok great, he heard our concerns and now he will take care of it, nope, he just shrugged and said that's not going to happen to us and left I'm just upset that he disreguarded our safety as nothing imporatant, when I suggested that we talk to owner S said it wouldn't do any good there, they have talked to the owner before and she has the same attitude as T, she thought T might be a good idea to talk to since the owner listen to him, the owner and our manager are never here past 6pm so they don't have a clue what it is like here at night time. Ok vent over, chocolate chip cookies for who ever read this. I'm currently turning in ton's of applications to ambulance company's so hopefully I'll be out of this place soon, it is the most unproffesional disoraganized place I have ever worked for.
  6. Wrongful Termination?

    Lol, thanks Heidi, I do it all the time lol
  7. Wrongful Termination?

    I agree that it is messed up what happened to her exspeically with no proof
  8. Wrongful Termination?

    I work at dog kennel with these two woman, N and K, yesterday at work I found out that K was fired, what had happened was N and K were working the afternoon/evening shift a couple of days ago, it was just the two of them. N had $10 in her wallet that went missing and she blamed K on it. N did admit that she did not see K taking the money and their were no witnesses. She wasn't even sure when the money went missing, there is shift change from the morning people to the afternoon people and afternoon people to the overnight people but she still accused K of it and no one else, also N is notorius for being bad with money and this is even admitted by her, she tells us all the time that she mis places her money or uses it and forgets she used it. N went to the owner/manager of the business and told her K stole money from her, she even admitted to the owner she didn't see her do it and there where no witnesses to it but K was fired for stealing, and yes that was the only reason, K was one of the best workers there, always on time, never called in sick and she was great with the clients and the dogs. A lot us including me are upset for her, we have all worked with K several times, and nothing ever went missing, K was the kind of person who is increadly unselfish, she helped you any time you needed it, she is the sweetest person, I really believe she did not take that money, she swears up and down that she didn't take it either and not just me but the rest of the staff except for N believe her, we all tried to tell the owner this but she wouldn't listen. Was K wrongfully terminated or was the owner right to fire her without any proof.
  9. Yay, I'm Done And I'm Moving

    Thank you everyone :)
  10. Yay, I'm Done And I'm Moving

    Thank you Dondi and Belle, I'm so excited about how it's all coming together
  11. Yay, I'm Done And I'm Moving

    I'm so happy I am done with everything I need to do to become a EMT, I passed my class and got my course completion, I took my NREMT test (that licenses me as EMT) and got the physical I needed to prove I'm fit enough to be a EMT and to drive a ambulance, I took my DMV written test for the ambulance driver certificate and passed and just got my California State Certification , and now I finally get to start my job search, two companies are hiring and I'm sending my resume and documents in, hopefully I get hired soon. I'll finally have more time back, I'll get to be back on HC more since I don't have to study for my class anymore, I'll have to review here and there to keep remembering all my skills,I have to work 1 year as a EMT and then I'm going back to school to be a paramedic which I'm also looking forward too.Plus the BO and her family are moving to a new ranch, it's really nice, besides their home on the properety their is a modular home on the properth that they offered to me so I get to move out their :) very excited about that,I'll get to see my horses everyday now she wants me to be partner with the boarding buisness. Last year things were not good for me but now I feel so happy because I feel like my life is back on order
  12. Help! My Horse Is Losing All Of His Hair!

    My girls are really shedding too, yesterday I went out to my horses and I rode my pali mare Josie, I thought I got off all her hairs when I was done, I stopped at the store and a guy in line looks at me and says "you must have a golden lab" I look down and see a few golden hairs sticking to my black jacket, I said "nope, I have a palomino"
  13. Ok A Fun Debate (I Hope)

    Anything Chocolate, I love Ben & Jerrys Phish food and chocolate chip cookie dough, now I'm craving ice cream, think I'll go get me some, yummy :)
  14. How Many Of You Need To Stand On Something To Mount?

    I can mount on both mares from the ground if I have too, one is 15.1 and the other is 15.3 but for the sake of my horses back I use mounting blocks, if a horse is 16hh or taller I have no choice, I'm 5'2 and my legs won't reach that high
  15. I Think I Was Very Lucky Today

    Thanks Dondi the lady real sweet but she can be spacy about a lot things Teampenninglady123-yes she was sorry and felt really bad about it Nightdreamer-WOW, that sounds scary and I'm glad you were not seriously injured. Sorrel1-I agree, I would be doing the same thing hmm, maybe I should see if she wants to borrow my Clinton Anderson Fundementals DVD's