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  1. First Trail Ride

    Still trying to figure all this photo posting out. This is Sunday a few months ago. She is out of the mare in my avatar. I had her AI'd to a stallion out of Michigan hoping for a something with her wonderful mind but with a bit more size to her. I think I got exactly that. ShyLee is 14.2 and Sunday is 14.3 at 2 1/2 so I think I'll get at least 15 hh. At lease the string test showed that. But the gelding above was 15hh at 3yo and grew 3" in his 5th year. So she might be a little bigger than the string test when all is said and done. But truly her size is fine right now so if I get another inch I'll be happy with that. She's such a good one that I feel blessed already.
  2. First Trail Ride

    Here is Sunday with my trainer guy on her first ride out.Very relaxed the whole way.
  3. First Trail Ride

    Oh well. Not sure how I got 3 to post. But it went at least.
  4. First Trail Ride

    Yes, Nick. He is RMH. Such a sweet doof. I have 2 others with much smarter minds. Bad - I see that link so will try it. Hmmm. Not sure that worked. Going to post it to see what it looks like.
  5. Trail Ride From September 3, 2013

    Wow! Really lovely there! Looks like a great ride!
  6. How Much Metamucil?

    I live in Fl, 20 miles from the beach. So...we have to treat for sand big time. A lot of people say Metamucil is not a good way to do it but we've used it for 20 years with success. Knocking on wood!!! Our regimen is Sun and Wed, one scoop which is about one ounce. We buy the generic orange sugar free. Good luck with it!
  7. Shark Week

    Love that commercial! Makes me laugh every time!
  8. Obama "care"

    i feel for ya. that's how i felt toward the end of dubya's administration when the economy TANKED on his watch. oh yes, and there was that insane war in iraq. Read more: The economy didnt tank until the dems got control of congress.
  9. Don't Forget About Your Boys!

    Yeah. My dogs think that stuff is gourmet treat! Nasty!!
  10. I wish I were close to you. Love drill team!!
  11. Don't Forget About Your Boys!

    NorCal- my guy does that too. Very accommodating! I check him after every ride and almost always pull out at least one bean. They vary in size but almost always there is one. Some of my friends are horrified and some, especially at our favorite campground, hoot an holler. I just say "NEXT!"
  12. Sooo Excited!

    I rode on a drill team for a few years and I loved it! We were not very good as we were fairly new and there were issues with the drill master. But...I still had a blast doing it. It is a little scary sometimes but just remember to have fun!
  13. Gunny At 3 Years Old

    He is stunning! Very nicely built!
  14. Midline Dermatitis...round Two

    Good luck!! Allergies are a pain to deal with! I am so relieved to finally find what seems to work for my filly. I was worried that I might have to try to sell her to someone in a different climate. I don't want her to go anywhere. She is the sweetest girl ever. She' a Rocky Mountain horse. I bred her mama to a stallion in Michigan and so far she is just what I had hoped to get out of this combination. But she inherited her mam's allergies.
  15. Midline Dermatitis...round Two

    Hydroxyzine requires a prescription so I get it thru my vet. It might be a little cheaper if I just got the scrip and ordered thru a catalog but not much after s&h. It is expensive but well worth it to see my baby healing up! The Smartpak bug off has garlic in it as well as some other stuff and I found that it had no effect on mine. We also use the fly preditors and it helps but not 100%. Something I heard about a couple years ago for gnats is vanilla! So I got a bottle of clear vanilla and would put a drop behind my ears and on my wrists like perfume...and it worked! Unfortunately when the gnat season was over, I tucked it away somewhere where it would be safe. Can't find it to save my life! So I need to buy some more. Try it!