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  1. Reina Crossed The Bridge On New Years Eve

    I'm so sorry. Her final day brought tears to my eyes. You are a brave woman and I applaud you for doing right by your friend.
  2. Fencing Question

    I lost my first horse due to the electric smooth wire. A dog chased her and somehow got her back leg twisted in the wire, it completely degloved her back leg severing all tendons. It was horrific to see and to lose her,
  3. Pictures Of Us

    Thanks. It's a Canon Rebel T3. It's hard getting action shots because my back yard is really small. I zoom out as far as I can and hold the camera low with one hand taking pictures as I throw the toys hoping I got something.
  4. Pictures Of Us

    Thank you! She's such a spoiled brat.
  5. Roundworm Treatment?

    I say contact the shelter and ask what vet they use and call that clinic. Explain what your doing and they'll probably sell you the meds.
  6. My Dog Problems Continue...

    Unless you work on both you can't expect things to get better. Sorry Unless you spend the rest of their time together actually separated.
  7. My Dog Problems Continue...

    I'm sorry. It's never easy when this stuff happens. Prayers she comes home and recovers
  8. Pictures Of Us

    Stella's had something in her mouth from the day I brought her home and Zeus is pretty much the same.
  9. Pictures Of Us

    Just random pics of stuff. Yesterday I wanted to take the dogs hiking. We went Mckelligan Canyon which has a paved road going to the entrance of the actual trail. The trail head was packed with people so we decided to just walk the paved road which is about 2.5 miles and very hilly! We had about 40mph winds blowing straight at us from the front. We didn't make the whole 2.5 miles! Me and Zeus Hubby and Stella Me and the pups..it's hard to get good pics of them with me because they pay no attention to my husband. And here's the pic to compare This is our normal routine. Both to my left with Zeus on the outside. Just playing fetch at home.
  10. Ladies I Need Some Help..ball Pics Added

    Thank you. We had a good time.
  11. Ladies I Need Some Help..ball Pics Added

    Here's a few pics from the ball. I had a good time and I received the Molly Pitcher award, necklace and plaque! Yes a cellphone selfie before the ball! Not a great pic as I was slouching to get closer to my FRG leader!
  12. My Deployed Friend Needs Help.

    Thank you all. Supplies are limited over there but I've sent him all the suggestions for him to work with!
  13. My Deployed Friend Needs Help.

    Ok thank you for clarifying. I didn't see any of it so i was confused!
  14. My Deployed Friend Needs Help.

    I know that's what we do but I'm not spam. Just wanted to know what or why Greenhaven reported my thread. Don't want to break any rules :-)