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  1. Honey Boo Boo Sratch/sniff Cards

    I find the family repulsive, but I soooooo badly want to meet them. Why? I want to find out if they are deliberately ignorant or just sadly unaware of the fact that the only reason people watch their show is to basically make fun of them. Viewers don't think the girl is cute, or the mother is funny, or the family dynamic is something to model after. People watch this show so they can A) feel better because compared to that hot mess, they are looking pretty **** good; and so they have fodder for insults and again, can watch a trainwreck in motion. My friends got on my case a lot when they found out I'm a diehard Dance Moms fan. I told them it could be worse - I could be a fan of Honey Boo Boo. Haven't heard a peep about it since.
  2. Punished For Getting Water?

    The logic is actually fairly easy to understand, as explained to me by a friend that worked at FF joints. People would ask for fountain water and get the regular cups, then sneak the soda or juice products from the machine. Hence, they essentially got a drink for free. Enough people did it to where it became noticeable. Hence, small see-through plastic cups were introduced for eat-in orders. At drive-thru, it's not an issue because the employee is filling the drink. There you go.
  3. Homeschooling _Vs_ Public Schooling

    I don't have an issue with home schooling when it's done for the right reason: available public schools are inadequate/overcrowded/too far away/have horrible records/can't afford private tuitions/etc. Also, I'm skeptical that the average parent of average intelligence really can structure and deliver an effective home schooling program, even with accepted curriculums from the state. For the friends I have who were home schooled properly, they always had private tutors involved, at least once a week. What I view as a problem is parents who use home schooling as an opportunity to further control every aspect of their children's lives, and I have met a few parents who I believe have done this. They are so intimidated by the fact their child could be exposed to people or ideas not within their beliefs, that they'd rather keep their child under lock and key. I think the public school system provides a much needed safety net for children - teachers and school staff can and do identify cases of neglect, abuse, bad home situations, etc. from students they see on a daily basis.
  4. At What Point Is It Cruel To Keep An Animal Alive?

    The problem is that the caretakers or those responsible for the animal's welfare need to be willing to listen. And sadly, some people are so anti-death/euthanasia that they will do whatever they can to keep an animal alive, even if it's suffering and the quality of life is null. Just because an animal is alive doesn't mean it's healthy, recovering, or living a full quality of life.
  5. What If You Found Out That A Close Friend/family Member ..

    I've cut obnoxious and beligerent Christians out of my life, so I wouldn't care if they were Pagan, witches, spiritualists, wiccan, whatever. Now if that practice required them to break the law for rituals or what have you, then yes.
  6. Please Feed The Dolphins Tourist Attraction?

    I don't like SeaWorld attractions and the like for this reason. Also why I refuse to patronize any circuses or wild animal shows. Society has painted the dolphin species in a romanticized and unrealistic point of view. They are extremely intelligent creatures that are WILD ANIMALS. Watch any good documentary on dolphins and their natural behaviors can be considered brutal, which is fine because they are WILD. I hate when people see a dolphin and think "OMG, OMG, IT'S FLIPPER! YEHANDKDHGKND***#." I was on a family vacation in Cozumel and my family decided they wanted to us kids (sister and I in our 20's, brother in late teens) to swim with the dolphins. I didn't want to, but my mother wanted pictures Never again. The experience went well, but I was constantly on guard/nervous and couldn't enjoy it because I'd seen a documentary where a dolphin attacked a visitor somewhere else in Mexico. I guess my whole ramble is, again, wild animals are wild animals. I certainly wouldn'y handfeed a tiger raised in captivity, so why the heck would I with a dolphin or whale? Hopefully people understand what I'm saying.
  7. I was taking a moment at work to surf through YahooNews when I saw this story: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/mom-wants-dead-sons-loans-forgiven-110019277--abc-news-savings-and-investment.html and thought it was an interesting topic to contemplate. On one hand, I feel horrible that this woman lost her son and is now raising her grandson alone on a tight income. On the other, I wonder how many people might try to evade repaying their loans due to their "tragic circumstances." Opinions, please.
  8. Anyone Have Any Legal Experience?

    Unless your aunt has POA and your grandmother is deemed legally incompetent, what your grandmother says still goes. If you don't mind probably causing a rift/family feud, tell your grandmother and let her call the police. Technically, the cousin and her kids are illegal squatters.
  9. Mountain Out Of Molehill?

    And if that had happened, it's very likely a downhill slide would have started. Other students would want to wear an item that is not permitted via the stated dresscode, and the complaints would all start with "Well, you let THOSE KIDS wear the bandanas, so why can't we wear these shirts that let out ***** hang out?" I'm sure this boy started out with the intent of honoring his mother, but when he decided to test the limit and wear the bandana, the conflict changed to him and his friends wanting to make a statement. They could wear pink 1,000 different ways that would not have violated the dresscode. IMO, you should have told your daughter that it's important in life to think for yourself, but you need to weigh just what it is you are fighting for. In this case, your daughter was not fighting for something that is a violation of civil liberties, personal freedoms, or a gross injustice. It's a frickin' bandana.
  10. Anyone Going To Quarter Horse Congress

    Yep, going with good friends. We'll be the ones watching the jumpers, drinking wine and eating crackers with spread.
  11. Smoking...

    Funny enough, when the smoking ban passed in Toledo (where I'm from), people fussed over this saying the city's economy would collapse. Lo and behold, this hasn't happened. My family would check out places that had a reputation for great food but heavy smoking, and considering how much a family of 5 can plunk down on a bill, it was a fair trade off. I live in Columbus. I'm in downtown Columbus frequently at bars, clubs, shops, and restuarants. People smoke on the sidewalk, in outdoor patios of bars, and drive around in view of cops and don't get fined.
  12. Anti-Abortion Protesters

    I ran a half marathon in May, and the anti-abortion truck decided to make an appearance by driving alongside the runners on the course. TOTALLY innapropriate, for crying out loud. There was a woman who was 6mo pregnant running in front of me. I flicked the driver off with both hands.
  13. The "gurls"

    Got mine taken care when I was 18 (thank you parents!). I went from a 36DD to a 34D in demi cup bras and a 34C in push ups. Big difference in my mobility in sports and riding, and the clothes I can wear. No longer does a lacey cami turn me into Whorella.
  14. Buddy Sour-Are We On The Right Track?

    It sounds like there is improvement with the methods you are using, and they'd be what I would suggest initially. I'd continue and if you stop seeing progress, check back for some additional ideas. Is he resistant to leaving his buddy specifically or is it the general pasture/barn area?
  15. ?First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it?s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," Akin said. Regarding his opinion on whether to allow for an abortion in such instances, Akin added: ?But let?s assume that maybe that didn?t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.? I have a feeling the 'doctors' he talked to/got his information from bought their medical school diploma from the interwebz. What a putz.