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  1. Even if his story is completely true he didn't have the backbone to stand up to her prior to all this. That makes him a push over. What happens the next time someone won't take no for an answer? I don't actually believe most of his story, to tell you the truth, but then again i don't know HIM either so it might more sense if i did. What i do know is that I wouldn't want a guy who couldn't tell a woman no BEFORE she took over his house AND bed.
  2. What's Up With The Debate Board?

    I could try. *grin*
  3. What's Up With The Debate Board?

    I'm thinking at this point keeping quiet is probably the best and safest course of action.
  4. What's Up With The Debate Board?

    OK, I know this is a fairly serious thread and one i have nothing i want to add to... but I have to say this made me laugh right out loud.
  5. I wouldn't say that (mostly because the idea scares me, haha!!), I think it is more that Christmas songs are about the only ones i know all the lyrics to, lol. I say this because the last week of school last year while the kid and I were waiting for the bus I kept singing "walking in a winter wonderland" to her, much to her chagrin. That was end of may, first week of june. lol
  6. LOL! I woke up the other morning singing "God rest ye merry gentlemen". *shakes head*
  7. Remember This Lil Guy?

    OK, he was a cute puppy but my goodness is he ever growing up into a handsome dog!!
  8. I just want you to know that my husband is NOT going to be happy with you at ALL. *starts to dance around the living room singing loudly enough to annoy every one in the house*
  9. Giant Black And White P.i.g. Yep He Can Be A Pig

    OOoooooo pretty. I bet you will enjoy him once you finish whipping him in to shape.
  10. I Got A Package From A Bb Today!

    Oh man, this really makes me want to put my tank back up.... darn it you guys!!! I don't have the time or room for a fish tank right now!!!!
  11. Parents openly on a CF board?? Wow! Any chance you could PM me a link? Not this exact situation, but one where I knew it would likely end the relationship I chose to BE HONEST. I was right. It DID end the relationship, at least as far as a romantic relationship was concerned. But because I was HONEST about things we were able to remain friends anyway. So i can't speak for anyone else but I can say that yeah, I would be just as quick to say this if it were my own relationship at risk. Not only that, but what do you think will be worse, his reaction to her being honest or his reaction when he finds out she lied? Because trust me, that lie is a much more sure way to destroy the relationship than her honesty. Sooner or later the truth will out and in this case there is no way most people could ever forgive a betrayal of this magnitude.
  12. Unfortunately this is much easier said than done. You can't just tell the doctor you want your tubes tied and have it done, even if you are willing to pay cash for it yourself. The majority of doctors will either refuse to do it until you already have children are or over a certain age, or they will give you months if not years of run around before they will do it.
  13. Is this happening at a CF forum? Because as much as I loved and supported and felt supported BY my CF friends, when it comes to not having children most of them could and would justify ANYTHING, no matter how duplicitous it might be. It's part of the reason I started to distance myself from them, even before i had my daughter. On topic: I'm flabbergasted. I am sorry but deception is NEVER appropriate in a relationship. NEVER. I am VERY "black and white" on this. If you can't be honest with each other than your whole relationship is a lie, IMO. There are things my husband and i don't share, but we don't LIE. But those are small things, things from our past, or just things we are not ready to talk about yet because we haven't figured out for ourselves what we think/feel. And we are honest in that we are free to say "I just don't want to talk about that right now." We don't LIE. We may not talk about it but we don't HIDE it, we talk about it when we are READY and we give each other the right to think on things privately for a while when needed. AND if it is big and effects both of us, it is talked about BEFORE action is taken that effects both of us, no matter how scary that discussion may be. Like it or not that is his child as well. It may not be his CHOICE but he does have a right to KNOW. If this is something that could destroy their relationship how strong is their relationship in the first place? Why in the world would you be willing to sacrifice your own integrity to keep a relationship? I think he has a right to decide if he wants to be in a relationship with someone who feels strongly enough about remaining child free to choose to have an abortion. And she has a right to decide if she wants to be in a relationship with someone who might actually want kids. But if he wants kids and is going to leave if he finds out she wants to have an abortion they are not right for each other anyway and lying to hide it is just going to prolong the misery until they finally fall apart over it.
  14. "I'm sorry but my insurance doesn't cover liability if someone other than me is riding him, so I can't risk my insurance by letting someone else ride him." Since the liability thing is on my home owners and he is kept here at my house it is true, though I am not entirely sure on the details. All I know was that when I was kind of venting to my insurance agent (a horse person) she suggested I tell them that so now I do. When they pester me I just refuse to budge.