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  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You Today and Everyday!! xxoo

  2. Does Your Horse...?

    My horse always nickers and goes to her gate when she sees me coming. When we were at our old barn, she would be able to see my car when I pulled up across the ranch, and she would whinny SO loud, as if to let me know "don't waste time, get over here NOW." She loves attention...a lot.
  3. Pvc Vs. Wood Jumps

    Like people said, wood is generally better, and a lot can go wrong with pvc. Here's a story of one of my only experiences with pvc: I was riding a gelding over some pvc poles on the ground as cavaletti. Gelding managed to step on one of the PVC poles, and what do you think happened? Both sides of the pole came up and smacked him hard in the side, right behind my legs. The sound was actually pretty fantastic, too. I swear that horse shot forward like we had just been ejected from a horse-and-human cannon. It was actually really funny once he stopped bucking, bolting, snorting, and spinning around to try and figure out what happened. And on the plus side, I don't think that gelding ever came close to stepping on a pole again. Weirdly, the pole didn't crack. ETA: I think those were very cheap and flimsy, though, as I've seen some other pvc that were sturdy enough that they probably wouldn't do what that pole did. Still, I just stay away if at all possible.
  4. Acceptable Potential Buyer Requests?

    I agree that things could have been worded a lot better and the mom probably would have gotten on my nerves, too. However, as someone who knows what it's like to have an embarassingly protective mom who knows nothing about horses with you when you're horse shopping, I think you should give them a chance if they want it. You see, when I went horse shopping it was my mom's one chance to try to find a safe horse for me. She knows she can't tell me what to do in the saddle or actually working with the horse once I have it, so she wanted to do her best to make sure I got a good horse. The thing is, she's not a horse person - she doesn't KNOW how to find a good horse. So she would ask really embarassing questions like "Has she ever bucked?" Well, of course alot of horses have bucked at one point in their life - but she'd seen a horse bucking with me before and it scared her so she figured she'd ask. I take excellent care of my horse, am constantly trying to learn more, and I had years of experience with many types of horses when I was horse shopping, and it would have been a big pity if someone had written me off because of my non-horsey and slightly annoying mother. She's just being a mother, because that's what she does. What I do is take excellent care of my horse, and I hope that any seller would put that priority first. Also, when we were horse shopping trainer told us the same thing - go see horses you're interested in, and when you find one you think is 'the one', I'll come back with you. She just didn't have time to tag along with us to see horses that were advertised as "fantastic children's jumpers" because one time a kid had ridden hem and another time they had jumped the pasture fence. So I wouldn't hold that against them either - trainers can be flighty with appointments, too.
  5. Are White People Lazy?

    I, too, think that it is totally out of line for him to have said that. It's wrong to generalize like that. I worked at a barn that had the same scenario with their live-in barn help, though. They went through three white workers in a year - they took breaks whenever they wanted, smoked although they were not allowed, didn't get around to things very fast, had to be asked to fix things...then they hired a hispanic worker and he was amazing. He did things he didn't even have to, like yardwork around their house and cleaning the barn bathroom. If a fence broke, nobody had to ask him to fix it, he was already on it. The horses' waters never ran low. The ranch was impeccable. But would it have been right for them to look at this one person and say that the reason he was a good worker was because hispanic people are hard working and white people are lazy? No. (they actually said that anyway, though, lol) I think what Merry said may be right - people are just looking at a skewed version of things and trying to draw conclusions. You get lazy people in any race, and the same for hard-working people.
  6. Thanks for reading my "Bay Mare" blog. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her, either! I've got to believe that there's something special about a horse that found us instead of the other way around...

  7. Would Very Much Appreciate Opinions...

    Only you know what's best for your horse. I found out the hard way that my horse does not do well stalled with minimal turnout. She turned into a completely different horse - she was nervous and fidgety and completely unhappy. However, there were many other horses at that barn who were completely and totally happy and content. Heck, maybe mine would have ended up getting over it if she was there longer. It's completely up to you and what you think is best.
  8. How Far Is Your Barn?

    My barn is about 15 minutes away right now, and will be 20-30 once we both move back up to school. I choose barns now with my horse as pretty much the main consideration. The barn I was at last semester was amazing - it had great facilities, and it was big and pretty and busy. However, it just didn't work out - the atmosphere was just so intense, and I couldn't get out enough, that it made my horse really nervous and cranky. So this semester I'm heading to a smaller, more laid back place with less on the facilities side but one that I know she'll be comfortable at. Just because of gas, right now I wouldn't go to a barn that was more than 30 minutes away. If I didn't have to worry about that, I would say it's worth it to have a 40 minute drive to a really good barn. I would define a really good barn as being one where you can feel your riding improving, where you feel comfortable being there and with the way they treat their horses, and of course, you would feel like it was worth the time spent driving there. It's a plus if it has nice facilities and it's a plus if you already have a lot of friends there, in my opinion.
  9. Anyone Else Had This Issue?

    Haha, oops! School horses, schoolhouses...what's the difference really?
  10. Parent Candid Moments...

    After my first horse show being a bit of a distaster (horse decided he was a rodeo bronc, but I was younger and thought it was fun, lol), my mom is now VERY nervous of horse shows in general. Once the horse I was going to ride in a class later that day was watching another horse rear up and try to bolt from his handler in the barn aisle, and my mom told my trainer that she thought he was "getting ideas" and had a "wild look in his eye" and wondered if I should be able to ride him. My trainer had to try soooo hard to keep a straight face and explained very kindly to my mom that she was sure he wasn't that impressionable, but that we would be schooling very thoroughly beforehand just to make sure.
  11. Anyone Else Had This Issue?

    I actually have had that problem. It was very painful and I can sympathize with you. For me, it was because I turned my toes out more than I should have while riding, which made the stirrup leathers rub against my leg harder, if that explains it. I rode a lot of horses a day too, including several lazy schoolhouses, so without realizing it when riding them I would turn my toe outward in order to unleash the full power of my calves on them. But in any case, I'm not saying that you have that problem, just something to check for. I later rode in one saddle with very stiff stirrup leathers that scratched me up there again even though I wasn't turning my toes out, so it could very likely be that, too. Also, if I go a few days without shaving it's usually a lot more uncomfortable. So I'm not sure if that helps, but just in case it does. =]
  12. Why Is It ...

    [Not Worthy] I agree with you, Andi. It is a selfish and greedy decision to breed a horse you know is not HYPP N/N. As another note, it's not just stallion owners. There are plenty of people who will breed their HYPP H/H or N/H mares. I think that responsible owners of stallions who ARE HYPP N/N should take the initiative to make sure none of the mares can pass it on, either, instead of taking the stud fee, shrugging, and hoping for the best.
  13. Make You Use It?

    I wear makeup, but nobody ever believes me when I tell them that! Lol. I have an oily face so I rub on a very light-feeling powder to keep the shine down (which only works for a few hours before the oil overtakes it) and put on mascara. In the winter I'll put on blush (most people's cheeks get pink in the winter b/c of cold but mine get paler because theyre usually tan and when the sun goes away they fade...yeah its weird). But I guess that's minimal makeup...I make a mess out of eyeshadow so I don't even try, and if I need some I get a friend to do it! I don't think makeup changes my face or the way I look that much, I just feel like I'm...idk, straightening it out when I put it on, if that makes sense! Ha, oh I'm OCD. And usually every day. If I'm doing nothing but going to the barn, I'll forget it, but I usually go out somewhere that requires makeup just about every day. =]
  14. "birth Control Is Not A Medical Condition. It Is A Choice."

    Yep, another ditto to goldentoes. I, too, take birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy and let me tell you, my life would be a world of pain every month without it. I was in high school when the pain would get so bad that for a day or two all I would be able to do is lie curled up in a ball on the floor. I think that is a slightly worse problem than the "medical problem" solved by Viagra.
  15. Riding In Large Groups

    Heehee, poor Arabs get such a rap! Trust me, I've ridden a few horses with this problem, only one of whom was half-Arab, and she got over it the most quickly. It's like others said, it takes practice. Of course, I understand if you don't want to suffer through an hour long trail ride with your horse losing his mind. What I suggest to make it easier on both of you, if you aren't trailering anywhere and you can do this, is the next time you go out with about 10 people or so, see if it would be okay with them to do a little loop where they "drop you off at home" early. Ride him a little before you guys leave so that he is already thinking about you and working with you, and not feeling "fresh". Go out on the trail with the others and try to get him focusing. Have them do a short loop or, if you don't have a loop, just go a little ways and then turn around and come back. Then have them go off and do the longer trail ride while you guys stay at home and get back to arena work. Soon he will figure out that when he's acting up he has to turn around and go home to do lots of work all by himself, but when he gets out on trail with a bunch of his buddies he gets to stroll around with his friends and have a nice old time. Of course, I am by no means a horse trainer, I'm just speaking up because I've experienced this problem a few times before and this has worked for me. But there are some excellent people over on the training board, if you haven't already posted there, who would probably be more than happy to help you and will probably have better advice. Good luck and hang in there, it will get better! =]