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  1. Tattoos.

    I have one like the one you were gonna get, I got it about a year ago, and then a few months later I got one on my ankle :] ^my first one^ ^What it says^ ^and my second one^ The first took an hour, and barely hurt. The second one took 5 minutes, and it hurt horribly! lol. The second one is my vaulting number, so I'm getting a horse running above it soon, so people don't keep asking why I have P25 on my ankle.
  2. Update

    thats all :)
  3. Update

    Hey Everyone, I haven't updated in a while, I'm back to vaulting and competing now, which is awesome! I'm also getting alot of house-sitting jobs this summer, and one of them has a 17.2hh belgian that she wants me to ride!!! I also got my tattoo a week ago! Well here are the pics: ^my puppy^ ^her and the neighbor dog^ ^with my sister^ ^She likes the mud^ ^tattoo, its says "You can't truly dream until you find your passion^ and now horse pics: more in the next post
  4. What Is Your Horse Forte'?

    Well my top 3 would probably be Vaulting Hunters Dressage but i've done eventing, polocrosse, jumpers, carting, and a little bit of western pleasure. Oh and trail riding.
  5. It's A Dog's Life And.....

    Lolly lays down sometimes: but most of the time she's doing this:
  6. Draft And Draft Cross Lovers

    We have our vaulting horse, Hippo, a percheron/qh cross, and we also have Bonnie, a Belgian. Here's Hippo: haha. sorry i have so many of Hippo and Bonnie I don't have any of good ones of Bonnie. lol
  7. Update

    Thats awesome! I had only sort of figured my camera out before I took this photography class in college, because in high school I took photography for 3 years, but I didn't have a SLR then. I just went and got my lens and mine one is a 18-55, and the other is a 55-250. All I know are my uncles are way better. lol. He does mostly landscape photos, so he hasn't helped me with much, but we always says he will. I started my own business last year, and don't do much except for when friends ask. I actually just found out the other day that a old client of my trainers wants me to come out and photograph a fun show at her barn so that should be fun :) haha its fine. lol. its 11:50 here, and i'm not really tired, but i'm getting up at 6 to take my dog to get spayed so i should be in bed. haha.
  8. Update

    thanks guys! Ya Leandra is pretty short, 5 feet I believe. My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi, and i onl have the 2 basic lenses that came with the package. I used those for the first 7 pictures. My uncle has the canon rebel xsi and so he has alot of good lenses, so the rest of the pictures were taken on my camera, but with his lenses that he lets me borrow.
  9. Update

    thanks! I'll be doing more photos on sunday, so i'll try and post those :)
  10. Update

    bump :)
  11. Update

    thanks! haha. Hummer is pretty big, 17.2hh i believe. The girl posing with him is only 5 feet tall though so she makes him look big. A puggle is actually a pug/beagle cross. When my trainer told me about her i thought it was a pug/poodle cross too. We weren't planning on getting a puggle, my mom wanted a bichon, but her owner kept her in a kennel 22 hours a day, and she had never been off a leash to run around, so we couldn't let her stay there. :)
  12. Update

    ^my other sister^ ^my other sister with our puppy^ ^sisters^ Oh and none of these photos have been edited yet or anything, I don't have photoshop at home yet. all done :)
  13. Update

  14. Update

    I haven't been on here in forever so I thought i'd update. :) I've been working for my trainer and getting a lesson a week. I'm riding a 20 year old appendix currently, who we started using for the trot vaulters last fall, so we've been working on suppling him, as he is quite stiff. lol. I'm taking 20 credits at college so thats crazy, but they're pretty easy classes. I'm taking photography and the final project is 5 photos that all have something in common so i'm just doing portraits, so I thought i'd post some here. No riding photos of me yet, but i'll try to get some soon. :) Oh and I got a new puppy! She's a 10 month old puggle named Lolly. ^my sister and our new dog^ ^One of the girls that used to ride at the barn and her pony^ ^my friend posed for some photos for my project^ ^trainer riding the new horse that just came in, no critique as she just started him^ ^he's very awkward looking. lol^ ^my friend came out and posed with our vaulting horse, Hummer, and i took this pic on the way out^ more :)
  15. Update

    Thanks guys, +pintobeans- actually thats Hummer, he's our new one that has been in training for vaulting for probably 9 months, and was only broke for less than a year before that. He's a 7 year old 17.2hh hanovarian. haha. getting on wasn't too bad. I just gave her a leg up. He really didn't realize she was up there though, because the first thing he did was a half rear turn thing. lol. She just stayed on and he stopped right away. Hippo's been away for treatment since last summer, and my trainer told me today that they healed him apparently, so it'll be good to have our Hippo back, even if he can only do trot. I'll definitely get some pics of him, although he is missing his tail since he was living with goats, so he will be very unattractive. lol