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  1. Color Question

    Your question is a bit confusing. You ask about Dilute, but describe Dun markings. Dorsal stripe and shoulder markings are not from the Dilute gene. True dorsal stripe would be the Dun gene, is present year-round, and the stripe continues into the tail. Duns usually also have "Zebra" striping on legs. Counter shading mimics Dun markings, but the "stripe" is not as clean edged as in a true Dun and usually fades or completely disappears during different times of the year. Counter shading could be from the Sooty/Smutty modifier, especially if there is dark shading on the shoulders, also. The shoulder markings are not as defined as a true Dun shoulder barring. Again, whether from Dun or Sooty, those marking are not from the Dilute gene. My pinto Bay mare has counter shading, more noticeable in the winter, and the shoulder marking (one shoulder only, the other is masked by her white markings). She also gets much darker in winter because her winter coat has a lot more black hairs in it than her summer coat does. Haven't had her tested, but signs point to Sooty. She is definitely NOT a Dilute, or she would be Buckskin like her Warmblood grandsire was. I sometimes wish he'd passed that on to her dam like he did the pinto markings, and that her dam had passed it on to her, also, but I do like her color anyway.
  2. Flying With A Large Laptop?

    I've flown multiple times with my 17" Mac laptop and never had any problems getting through security. I have a wheeled computer bag that my laptop fits into nicely. There is a separate sleeve for the laptop that I can pull out when I get to the x-ray machines at security. I just lay the laptop in a tray and send it through the machine. The bag is taller than it is wide (the laptop goes in vertically instead of horizontally), so the bag is not too wide to easily roll down those narrow airline aisles. An important thing to consider with a large-screened laptop.Have never had to have the carry on bag weighed. As long as it is within the size (dimension) requirements of the airline, weight is not an issue. It's large enough to use as my carryon/overnight bag and I try to leave enough room to stuff my purse inside if the airline counts a purse as a carry on and won't allow two. Or if I have two carry ons and can't have a purse as a third. This is similar to my bag: My husband has one similar to this: One thing I don't think anyone mentioned is to have your laptop powered up and in "sleep" mode until after you get through security. Saves a lot of time just in case they want you to prove it is a working laptop if there is a security alert in place (which seems to be at all times these days). Someone mentioned footwear. Definitely wear something easy to remove and put back on. Lacing up shoes after going through security makes it hard to keep an eye on your luggage. You'll have to remove socks, also, if the security people are being very anal. I've seen them require people to remove flip-flops from bare feet. LOL I usually try to wear layered clothing so I can adjust how much I have on depending on the temperature of the plane. Some flights I've felt like I was going to freeze (and there were not enough of those thin airline blankets for every passenger) and others were so warm I wished I'd worn less than I did. Sometimes the same flight can fluctuate from too hot to too cold and back to too hot. Try to be among the early loaders and grab up a pillow and blanket first thing while they are still available. If you don't mind being on "emergency" duty, request the escape door row of seating. More leg room there. You just have to be willing to help others exit the plane in an emergency before you can exit. Chances of that happening are pretty slim and worth the extra leg room.
  3. Well I Did It...

    She's lovely! Congratulations.
  4. Splash White Genetic Testing!

    Very interesting! Thanks for posting the info. Having Paint/pinto horses, I find the genetics of the color patterns fascinating. I need to go back to the genetic websites and read up on Splash again. I've read that Tobiano, being dominant, can mask Overo and that a lot of Tobiano horses more than likely carry one or more of the Overo patterns. I've not had my mare tested, but from what I can guess by looking at her markings, Porcelain is most likely HZ for Tobiano (ermine spots, cat tracks, etc.) and has Sabino (very wide blaze, white under the chin, small random areas of roaning). Both her Paint sire and her Warmblood dam were Tobiano and there are several Overo horses in her pedigree on her Paint sire's side. She also shows evidence of "Sooty/Smutty" although her white markings hide most of that--she has the dark bands on her shoulders, a very noticeable counter shading on her top line, and develops black hairs in her winter coat making her much darker in winter than in the summer. My gelding seems to have a lot less going on with his coloring than my mare does. I think he probably has Sabino hiding under his Tobiano, if the white blaze is an indication of Sabino. He also has white on his chin, which I've read is not a Tobiano trait, but attributed to Sabino (I think). I think it would be wonderful if AQHA and APHA merged back together again. It seems silly to me that they separated them in the first place, just because of too much white? Just create a separate division within the breed. Simple. LOL
  5. My Dream Horse!

    Looks like a very pregnant mare to me. Stunning markings.
  6. Rip Kitty Cube!

    Oh, my! Now I know not to order one of those! Maybe they are meant for little bitty kitties, not adult cats? Obviously NOT designed by anyone who has ever OWNED one! Heidi, I know all about the shredded toilet paper. We've got a young Tortie who loves to destroy rolls. We have free-standing holders and have had to raise them out of her reach by setting the stand on an overturned wastebasket or put the wastebasket just underneath the roll to block her easy access. May need to raise the one higher now that she's older, but so far she seems to be leaving all of them alone. Can't say that for the roll of paper towels that was in the corner of the bathtub. Mocha shredded that, cardboard roll and all, completely covering the bottom of the tub. LOL We adopted Mocha and Taffy, a white Calico, at the same time from the same place. They are 9 months old now. Taffy's favorite activity is to steal small pebbles from my indoor plant pots and bat them around the house like a hockey puck. Have to watch where we're walking in our bare feet. LOL Cats... never a dull moment.
  7. Buckskin Coloring

    As Bryna posted, without knowing what color your mare was before she greyed, it would be hard to make any recommendations on what you should choose as a stud to try for a buckskin. Even knowing her color might not guarantee you'd get a buckskin foal. All depends on what other genes she carries that may not show up visibly but she could pass on to her offspring. Whatever color she is/was, if you breed her to a Chestnut/Sorrel that will reduce your chance of a buckskin by at least half because they don't carry the black gene. Black horse + Agouti modifier = Bay Bay + Creme = Buckskin
  8. What Do You Think Bella Is? Update

    Her build doesn't say "QH" to me... not with those slender hindquarters. Maybe there's a bit of Thoroughbred in her, which would account for that trimmer build. I'd say her breed is... STUNNING! What a lovely shade of buckskin she is!
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you. Sorry for not responding yesterday. Didn't make it over here.
  10. Christmas Day Ride

    Next time, come down here to ride. I'll take pics!
  11. Freaky 2-Headed Mule

    I think I saw his cousin the 2-headed llama in the Dr. Doolittle movie! LOL
  12. Circle Y Serial #

    Maybe the 7 refers to the tree/gullet width?
  13. Can You Guess What This Is?

    I was almost right in my first guess. Thought the first photo was a round bale (of hay) with snow on it. So I got the round bale, right. LOL
  14. Equine Sarcoid Tumors?

    Our gelding had a patch of "something" on the side of his neck when we bought him. He had a bit of mane missing just above it, so we though he had just rubbed the skin and mane off on a fence or something. The mane grew back but the patchy spot didn't go away. After moving to CO, it got bigger and we determined it was a Sarcoid of some kind. Had heard about the toothpaste treatment and figured we'd give it a try. Wouldn't hurt him and if it worked it would save us a big vet bill. Applied the toothpaste (fluoride paste, not the gel kind). He proceeded to go out and roll in the dirt. LOL We just left it alone, as we were afraid if we scrubbed the dirt and paste off to reapply the paste, it might make the sarcoid "angry" and we knew we didn't want to do that. Figured as long as the dirt was on his neck, the toothpaste was still there, so just waited to see if the paste came off. Well, a few weeks later, the sarcoid was gone! After ONE treatment. From what I understand, the fluoride in the paste causes the horse's natural immune system to go into high gear to reject the fluoride and fighting the sarcoid is a lucky side effect.
  15. Vanity Plates..

    Hard to come up with ideas for "vanity" plates for someone we don't know. They are a personal choice, not something strangers can choose. Your friend should take her time to make sure she likes what she comes up with before paying the extra fee for them.