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  1. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    Completely agree Smilie! :)
  2. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    Haha I am about to graduate with my bachelor's in Agri-business, with my associates in Equine Business Management. I understood the lingo! :) I love that people that are writing that their main source of feed is forage-based (hay/grass). I'm so happy to see that people understand the fact that FORAGE is the thing to focus on when feeding, not so much feed! (Although quality feed does go a long way!!) I almost feel sometimes like I'm selling an unknown product.. not many people know about it!
  3. Help! My Horse Doesn't Want To Go Home!

    Oh! I almost forgot the most important thing I wanted to write!! With a barn-sore horse, many people use the exercise of pushing the horses "comfort" zone with the horse further and further away from the barn. Maybe reverse that exercise and walk ten feet from the barn, turn around come back. Walk fifteen feet from the barn, turn around come back. And slowly extend how far away you get until the point where he knows is when you turn around to come home on the trail. That might help too. :)
  4. Help! My Horse Doesn't Want To Go Home!

    I worked with a little paint horse an old boss of mine owned, and he would do the exact same thing, except he would do it every time HE thought the ride was over. When he was done, he was done! Didn't matter if we were in the arena or on the trail. Here's the series of things I tried with him over some odd like three months: Checked ALL of his tack for any pinches, checked along his back for sore spots.. nothing. Would fly spray him before we rode, thought maybe he's getting irritated by flies. Backing! I figured, any hoof movement is what I want. So I would trying and get ANY motion out of him and then stop asking and allow him to sit for a minute. Some days this worked fantastic for a little while, other days it only took a second and he would end up rearing and getting very frustrated. Spurs! Only annoyed and frustrated him. Same with crop. People getting behind him with a lunge whip. (only further frustrated him and only attempted this once) I also tried carrying a plastic bag in my pocket and would rustle it. (again only attempted this during one session) I DO NOT recommend this unless you are comfortable enough with the chance that you might spook the horse and he might bolt. With my little "Angel", he would perk his ears right up and scoot a couple steps and then went right back into being annoyed and frustrated.. no matter how much good praise/release we gave him. With none of this working, I thought to myself that I wanted to see his movements. Maybe he had a hitch that I wasn't feeling when I rode. I had a friend of mine hop on him and wouldn't you know he was LITERALLY an angel with her. She was a small-framed girl and maybe weighed 90lbs? I'm not large myself, maybe 120lbs? She got him to walk, trot, canter, back in the arena. I thought to myself.. there's no way. We decided to go on a trail ride. He had one small ounce of frustration and gave her a quick rear, but that was it. The rest of the ride he perked his ears up and enjoyed the work. So I said, well maybe it's me! So I had tried two other people riding him, and he was a devil with them just as he was a devil with me. I don't even know how to explain it! I ended up letting her ride him all of the time, as good work was better than bad work. My boss eventually sold him and the lady who purchased him came back and said he was doing the same thing with her. Not sure what she did with him after that call. I also had a friend who trail rode ALL of the time. Her paint had a tick when we rode. If horses got IN FRONT of him during the trail ride (and I am even talking about just a NOSE ahead of him), he would do the same thing your's is doing. We would all have to repack behind her, and THEN her horse would move. Maybe try that as well? Good luck to you and hopefully some of my (interesting) experiments help!
  5. Tail Rubbing. What Am I Missing?

    I have a horse who has an allergy to flies. He gets itchy itchy itchy EVERYWHERE and will rub his hair off particularly on his chest/neck/butt. You could try adding some garlic to his feed, or buying a product like "Bug Check" which is a feed supplement. Fly spray might be your best friend! Ultrashield has products that advertise the fact that they can last more than one day.. or so many hours (or particularly discourage gnats!). I'd definitely try and purchase a fly spray that packs a punch! Or maybe consider trying a fly blanket? Last year I wasn't sure what was wrong with my guy when he got itchy through the fly season. We had just purchased him a month before and we just didn't know what to pin-point his symptoms to.. other than an allergy. We ended up bathing him in kalm coat a couple times a week, mtg'in him every day or every other day, and fly spraying the crap out of him. He made it through last year with no open sores! But as soon as the fly season ended, he stopped being itchy and I knew he was allergic then. This year I bought a more potent fly spray and Bug check and the difference is like day and night! Good luck!!
  6. Help Pick A Name For Colt

    Chantilly's Mighty Tuff Man Chantilly's Tuff Sun Chantilly's Tuff Brother One Tuff Man One Tuff Brother :)
  7. What Is A Good Coat/hoof/general Health Supplement?

    Flax is always my answer for coat health! Biotin and methionine are two VERY important ingredients for hoof health, but check your feed tag! A lot of products already have this in there. If it doesn't, a supplement that has these two items will suffice. General health: check your feed tag for quality ingredients such as beet pulp, soy beans, alfalfa, essential amino acids for growth and muscle maintenance, omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin and support of normal tissue function, optimum levels of vitamin E, C, and selenium reduce damage from aging and exercise (and boost immunity). Stay away from products with a lot of corn, feeds with high sugar and starches. And ALWAYS feed quality hay! One way you can tell if you have a quality feed product is to read the very first three ingredients on the list. If it states quality products (example: beet pulp, soybean hulls, wheat middlings) then it is a quality product. If it states unquality products (example: corn, oats, corn distillers) then it isn't. It's always better to feed your horse quality products to begin with than to pump it with all the nutrients it's missing from it's feed! Just a thought. :)
  8. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    Wow, thanks to everyone who has replied! I figured Purina (or Nutrena) would be a front-runner in the answers. haha! I haven't heard of ADM or Poulin.. how do you guys like it? We sell the Tribute feed line, which comes from Kalmbach (manufactured in Upper Sandusky, OH). Has anyone ever heard of this feed?
  9. Need Suggestions/advice

    I work at a feed store and we recommend a feed that has safe calories in the form of fat to reduce potential tie-ups and low nonstructural carbohydrates (which is starch + sugar content). We carry the Tribute line which has several bags of feed geared towards this issue. You can check it out at There is a questionnaire to fill out that will assist you in choosing the best product for your fur-baby. :) It's always important to be proactive about ANY health related issue rather than just "let it slide".
  10. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    Hello!! Haven't been on this site in a long time, and am recently in a new chapter in my life. I am about to finish my bachelor's degree and currently work full time at a feed store. I am struck with curiosity to which brands of feed are the most popular. I sell a brand that I feel should be doing a lot better than it does. Maybe it's just my area though! So my question is: What brand of feed do you use? Thanks!
  11. Can Someone Make Me A Banner Please?

    Honestly didn't feel like cutting a bunch of pictures out, but noticed that no one had made you anything.. so that's what I came up with. lol! It's okay if you hate it.
  12. Photoshop Request

    I lightened them up a little bit and messed with the levels to make them stand out. :]
  13. Some Art For You =]

    looks awesome! :]
  14. Bored.. Any Requests?

    Your very welcome. :] Sorry about that whole thing with my photoshop. :/