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  1. Thanks, I ended up taking some rubber mats and she stood fine! She slept right through the trains and everything! I was amazed! Shy_Ky I'll head up to the Lincoln barrel bash, I think Sat & Sun idk about Friday yet.... Carthage I prob. won't go on the 18-19 but I might go on the 31-2(the barrel bash) If you end up going up to lincoln pm me! ttyl!
  2. I've never been to carthage, but i've heard it is nice...i've been to lincoln twice.. I can't decied, more than likly I'll go... Thanks, I think I'm going to take some extra stall mats and lay them down!
  3. Good luck to you too! Yup! how'd you guess lol? Are you going up to the Barrel bash at lincoln in Oct?
  4. Wow i haven't posted on here for ever! but anyways.... I have a rodeo tomorrow. And the way I understand it they are going to close down a road and we are all going to park in the parking lot and on the road.... Well my prob. is it's an indoor pen and their is no grass or dirt around it to tie our horses up. Even to saddle them up I'd like to be standing on something not just the road. I was thinking about throwing in some stall mats or some straw? Any ideas??? If we draw up in slack the horses will be standing locked in the trailer with a hay bag, not going to risk someone coming by and untieing them!
  5. I've Finally Lost

    Aww hope today is better!!!
  6. Pictures Of My New Tack!

    Beautiful!!!! i love rodeo drive!
  7. Balance?

    Riding bare back,in a saddle try closing your eyes(at a walk and in an arena!), take your feet out....
  8. For everyone who wanted to go to Eminence, MO trail ride =)

    i'd llike to go, but i have too many rodeos to go to 4th of july wkend....
  9. A few pics from tonight

    Pretty horses!!!
  10. what do you think of them huh?

    cute colts!
  11. Round skirt barrel saddle?

    round, i love ed wright pad's [ 04-03-2008, 09:43 PM: Message edited by: Vegas By Storm ]
  12. Rodeo & Helmets - teen doesnt want to wear anymore

    I'm 15, I had to wear a helmet when I was 4-9 when barrel racing & was 11- 12 when I was riding 2 YO's after I proved that i could ride 2 YO's, young cutters, and finshed cutters, it was my choice if i wanted to wear it or not. I decied not to. I think the people that wear them are very smart! but IMO it's up to the person.