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  1. Braces - what color?

    Why is this on the front page. Why did I post this.
  2. Think Good Thoughts/pray For Jake

    Aw, Maggie, I'm so glad he's feeling better! I'll pray that he continues to heal. Sorry I haven't e-mailed in forever! I'll try to send you one today.
  3. Prom Dress Shopping...GO!

  4. Pictures And A Small Update! :)

    Yes, I have things to tell you! haha
  5. Pictures And A Small Update! :)

    Maggie! I miss you. Jake and Bob look great. =] I'm glad you like the new place. Annd it's fantastic that you can ride more. I'm sure you enjoy that.
  6. Another Fashion Topic

    These are adorable. If you like red. These are pretty cute as well. Or these.
  7. Need A Haircut.

    Thanks, everyone! I do like the last one, but I definitely don't want to have to always straighten it. And I do want to be able to put it up in a ponytail. I think I'd be able to leave it natural with that cut, maybe with slightly less/different layers. I'll definitely ask the lady that cuts it what she thinks. And Maggie, I was really thinking about just trimming a few inches off and getting it relayered. But considering how fast my hair grows, it'd be back to the length it is now by August. Though it would be healthier...hmm. I don't know!
  8. Need A Haircut.

    Yes, I'm totally indecisive and need help making every decision in my life. I knoww. It's too long. I still love how it looks in the front, but it looks wayyy to long from the back. And I'm looking for something new and more fun. I'm aware that the layers are all weird right now. I kind of just randomly decide my hair is too thick and cut away at it with layering scissors or whatever they're called. So the bottoms are getting sparse. hahah. Here's what it looks like now; it's natural. Ignore my extremely happy faces...I'm tired. XD Front. Back. Approximate desired length. Maybe something along those lines. [ew at the weird reflection on my eye] Or that. Some other ideas: Except probably slightly less on the layers. Except slightly less bob-like. Maybe something similar. I guess I just need opinions and some guidance. Suggestions are great.
  9. If You Were A Disney Princess...

    I was thinking about Mulan, but I figured that'd be a bit stereotypical since our only similarity is our Asianness. I'm not even Chinese. Though I guess she does ride horses...
  10. If You Were A Disney Princess...

    According to Disney's Which Disney Princess Are You? quiz, I'm Belle.
  11. Proof That I Still Ride.

    Looks good! Of course I don't know a thing about jumping so my opinion doesn't really count. hahah ^Wow, that's dumb. I wanted : D without the space.
  12. Straighteners

    I didn't notice any damage when I used the Wet2Straight, but when I got my "new" straightener I noticed that it was a lot smoother and easier to use. I use my current one on damp hair and it's totally fine. I have zero split ends and I haven't cut my hair in over a year. Soo yeah. My hair is still healthy and grows normally and doesn't fall out.
  13. Straighteners

    I have a 1-1/4 inch Solia. LOVE it. I've had it for five or six years and it's still just as good as it was when I got it. I have pretty thick, long hair and it gets super straight and soft in 15-20 minutes (Compared to the 45-60 minutes it took me with a Remmington Wet-2-Straight which really pulled at my hair). Plus I can use it on damp hair and it's totally fine. No damage. Obviously it's on the pricier side, but when it lasts forever and takes less time to use, I think it's worth it. Though I'm sure there's cheaper stuff out there that works just as well. As far products, if you can find it SunSilk Hydra TLC works great as a leave in conditioner. I don't know if they still make it though or not as I never see it in stores. I like Garnier as well. They have a anti-humidity leave in conditioner that I like.
  14. Outfit Making Help!

    I love Gap. And they have a lot of premade outfits. Some of them are a little weird, but some are really cute. Banana Republic is good too, though pricier. Then there are always stores like AE, Abercrombie, PacSun. Though I think those are more teen than grown up. Depending on what you get. Actually, a lot of clothing websites have sections that give outfit ideas. Look for "Outfits/trends/looks we love", "Look Books", etc.
  15. Opinions?

    As Barb so nicely reminded me, I never posted which dress I officially chose. hahah I did go with the pink one. I figured with it being such a close decision I may as well save $60. I may post a picture or two later if I have any decent ones. Relying on other people to take pictures doesn't really work. hahah And I'm still waiting on some to be put up on facebook. I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped. I really appreciate you guys!