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  1. Oh Nostalgia

    [[No worries, I was surprised to see you even came back to post! I've been terribly busy too!]] Grabbing the rope attached to the small rowboat, Roman swam it towards the shore where Colette was waiting. He wouldn't have minded just leaving it, but it would only be more of a bother having to get back in the water later. He pulled the boat up onto the bank, the majority of it out of the water so it couldn't get swept back in. The warm sun on his bare chest felt wonderful and he turned to catch the sight of Colette waiting for him up higher on the bank. He smiled at the sight, completely content with the moment. He was completely infatuated with this girl. She meant so much to him already, after only a few days of her being in his life. Roman grabbed his shirt out of the boat and headed up toward Colette, holding a smile on his lips that just wouldn't leave. He heard her question as he walked to her, only considering his answer for a brief moment. He waited to answer, seating himself in the soft grass next to her, leaning back on his palms so the sun could dry him off. "Blue," he replied, looking down at her with a smile. "Yours?"
  2. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman laughed lightly at her wiggling, his head bobbing just above the surface. Their nearly entangled bodies were difficult to keep afloat but Roman enjoyed every second of holding her in his grasp. He smiled with satisfaction at her once she was facing him, proud of his successful attempt at startling her. She obviously seemed somewhat bothered by it, but he could tell it wasn't anything serious by the way she half smiled as she spoke her accusing words. He drifted a few inches away at her push, his hands releasing her from his grip. "Mean?" he exclaimed, as if baffled by the thought, a smirk still tracing his lips. The way she looked at him, their gaze held so strongly, his desire for her in the moment increased infinitely, watching her warm brown eyes. "I'm just so mean, aren't I?" he joked, softly, like the moment had suddenly been dialed down, everything seemed more acute to his senses, her motions, the river, their connected gaze.
  3. Oh Nostalgia

    [[No problem! I don't move in until the 22nd, so I'm not very busy yet. Haha.]] Roman smirked as he watched her stand, hands on her hips, enjoying the sight of her. Her words make him laugh, enjoying her humor. He tread easily, watching as she removed her socks and shoes before taking the plunge. The cute yelp the escaped her lips made his smile widen. He was glad she knew how to swim because not a lot of girls he knew could. Now he knew they could spend their free time around the river or ocean without any worries. As she saw closer to him, his heart beat faster, just the mere proximity of their bodies exciting him. The smile of her lips looked deceiving, he could tell it wasn't a normal smile, but her hands on his shoulders erased any pondering thoughts. He wanted to grab her and pull her into him, kiss her with a fierce passion, but he knew it wouldn't be easy staying afloat while achieving that. So he listened to her teasing words, smiling back with anticipation. Her lips were so close to his, he could feel her breath on his face, but suddenly he was under water, sinking for a fleeting moment before he pushed back up above the surface. He was slightly disheveled, water had gone up his nose and stung, but mostly he just laughed, catching on to her sneak trick. "I see how it is," he quipped, smirking back at her, watching her triumphant expression as she tread a few feet from him. He pushed himself back under, going five feet deep and holding his breath, swimming with a the stealth he could muster. He opened his eyes, seeing her bare feet treading through the somewhat murky water, swimming towards them. After a few second of pausing, hoping to build some sort of suspense, he reached out, grabbing her feet as if he were some sort of lake monster, hoping her scare her. He let go after a second, moving around to her backside, waiting again for a few seconds before swimming up and grabbing her small waist with his hands, finally popping up above the surface, holding her tightly in his grasp. "Got you!" he hollered at he surfaced, hoping for a startled response.
  4. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman liked the way she reacted to his words, imagining what she was thinking a smile lit up her face. He could sit all day just looking at her, the two of them together in the silence, being totally enamored with each other. He watched as she leaned back, following her gaze upwards to the spotless blue sky. Everything about that day seemed perfect, the weather, the river, Colette ? Roman couldn't have asked for more. At least not until she spoke again, flicking the water at him with her questioning words. He grinned at her, thrilled with her adventuresome antics, not even considering swimming before she mentioned it. "What about it?" he teased, placing his paddle down on the canoe floor, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. He stood carefully, but without any break of eye contact, watching her before glancing down at his shirt, unbuttoning the top two buttons, then grabbing the collar on the back and pulling it up and over his head. The taut and toned muscles of his upper body revealed, he dropped the shirt, winked at Colette and then dove gracefully off the canoe and into the cool river. He knew the dive would unsettle the boat, but he'd done it before and knew Colette wouldn't quite tip in at the jostle he caused. Roman swam under the water, going ten feet out before surfacing, his head popping up, shaking his head, the water flying off of his hair. He grinned at her, treading water as he spoke. "What are you waiting for?" once again teasing Colette.
  5. Oh Nostalgia

    Once Colette made it into the boat, he held it with one hand, making sure it didn't drift away, and pulled off his shoes and socks. He tossed them into the canoe, then quickly rolled up his pants almost to his knees. He then carefully pushed the boat out off the shallow and into the river, the water wading up to his mid-calf. At that point, he gently climbed in, making sure that it was balanced the whole time so there was no chance of Colette tipping in. Settled in, he handed her a paddle and took one himself, instructing her on how to maneuver the boat. It took a while to finally get going straight, but once they had the hang of it together, it was extremely pleasant. The hum of the water and waterfowl all around them put him at ease, feeling alive in his element. It was romantic too, the quietness of the river and beauty of the nature around them made his heart soar, in love with the moment he had here with Colette. Roman watched the way she paddle, her gentle movements and concentration. He liked being able to watch her without her seeing him. Her question soon pulled him from his state of daydreaming and he had to repeat the question in his head before he spoke. "Sometimes," he responded, thinking back to when he did, "but every once in a while they go crazy over the food and swarm the boat, then you're lucky to get away," he said with a smirk, remembering times when the birds got mad at the lack of food he had brought them. He watched as she turned, glad to see her beautiful face again, watching how she leaned over and ran her fingers in the water, something simple, yet for some reason endearing.
  6. Oh Nostalgia

    [[sorry, I was out of town for a few days!]] Roman smiled at her comment, knowing there were probably a lot of things she hadn't done that he would consider normal for himself. He was excited at the prospect of showing her new things. He followed her as she led him down the stairs, then caught her request and led the way without hesitation. Roman knew it would be a fun adventure, something to bond them together more. He conversed easily with her as they walked, listening to her day and then telling her about his. Her interest in his farming was amusing, he didn't think it was in any way captivating, but she hadn't grown up around it, so she probably didn't know anything about it. He answered every single one of her questions, never growing bored of their conversation. When they reached the river, he stopped them, taking in the view. He knew it by heart, but he still was always taken back by it's beauty. The waterfowl, rushing water, grassy beach, it was all amazing to him how harmonious and peaceful it was. Her question made him laugh, his eyes twinkling as he did so, looking over at her concerned face. She was so adorable in this state. "Well," he started, dropping her hand and moving over to where the canoe was hidden, flipped upside down under the brush of the shrubbery, "you're going to get in first, then me, and then we'll paddle down the river. It's not very difficult, you'll catch on just fine." As he spoke he pulled the canoe out, flipping it right side up and throwing two paddles in. He moved it down into the water, parallel to the shore, just inches in the water. "Climb in," he prompted, holding a hand out for her to balance with while he held the canoe still. He smiled at her encouragingly, hoping she trusted him, "slow and gentle," he added, not wanting her to make it tip and have her fall in.
  7. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman didn't mind her being late, something small like that didn't matter to him. All he cared about was that they got to spend time together. The touch of her hand made his body pulse again, like he was just again coming to life. He followed her out onto the porch, the sun warm on his skin as they stood close. He could smell her perfume and admired the way the sun reflected in her soft blonde hair. He listened to her question, smiling as he thought for a short moment. "Anything you want to do," he commented, knowing it was an answer that didn't really answer anything since she probably wanted him to chose. "We could go canoe down the lake, go to the beach, spend time in town," he suggested, spinning off different ideas to see if any piqued her interest. He didn't mind any of them, he could do anything with Colette and it would be the best time he'd ever had. His green eyes watched her face, wanting so badly to kiss her again, but he resisted, still not wanting to show too much affection at her house.
  8. Oh Nostalgia

    After watching her disappear behind the front door, Roman sighed, smiling happily to himself, completely satisfied with the evening. Hands in his pockets, he turned, walked down the steps and slowly home. His thoughts consumed him, keeping him busy on the dark street. It was amazing how things had progressed through the night, from somber, to sad, painful, then quickly to passionate, thrilling love that kept his body at a constant high. It wasn't until he got home and lay in his bed that he felt his body unwind. He could feel an exhaustion fill his muscles and mind, aching. His eyes became heavy and soon he was out like a light, sleeping deep and hard through the night. His alarm clock rung loud and clear at five, jolting him to consciousness. He was tired, but he felt refreshed, renewed and well-rested. Something about last night's events managed to put and new drive in him, a new energy and vigor. He dressed in his sloppy work clothes, paint-stained white t-shirt and jeans with work boots. He ate a fast breakfast and headed out to the barn, the animals already awake and calling for breakfast. Since his pa wasn't out yet, he fed them all quickly, then went to work on fixing various things, a hole in the loft, a broken gate, and so on. They had a lot of land and the outer parts were pretty unkempt, needing constant attention. Once his pa was out, they handled it all well and were done by noon. Roman ate a hearty meal his mother prepared and then took a bath, getting clean and fresh for his later plans with Colette. He changed into a dark green short sleeved button-down, one that unintentionally matched his eyes, along with dark gray slacks. He checked the time, two o'clock, and combed his hair one last time, making sure it sat right, before telling his parents he was going out and heading out the door. The walk took about fifteen minutes usually, but he walked extra slow, not wanting to arrive too early. That crunched ten more minutes, so he arrived five minutes ahead of schedule. Knocking on the door, he was greeted by an older lady and he greeted her with a smile and hello, following her invitation to come in. He waited for Colette patiently, excited about all the time they had to spend together. He was aching to see her again for she had never left her mind all day. He stood in the foyer, taking in the grandness of the house. It was extremely expensive looking, everything of the finest quality and best taste. It didn't intimidate him as much this time, now that he felt so comfortable with Colette, Roman felt comfortable with her lifestyle a bit more. After a short time waiting, he caught sight of her coming down the stairs and his heart skipped. She looked stunning in her summer romper, the shorts exposing her long, soft legs and the colors complimenting her skin. He couldn't help but grin at the sight of her, feeling so lucky that she was his. "Hey," was all he said, like he couldn't find any other words at the sight of her, watching every step she took on her way down to him.
  9. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman let Colette's answer run around his head for a moment, making quick calculations. If he had to be at her house at 2:30, then he'd have to wake up and hour early, start his work early and be completely done by 2. He would have to make sure his father didn't have any extra chores beyond the usual planned because that would crunch his timeline. It was very doable, her time choice, so he smiled, agreeing with just one look. "Alright," he answered, nodding, all the previous passions of their kiss rising in his as he stared into her warm, vibrant eyes. After the briefest of moments, he bent his head down and he kissed her softly on one cheek. "Goodnight, Colette," he said, his voice low, enjoying the way her name sounded on his lips. He didn't want to show too much affection on her porch, in case anyone was watching, because he was still concerned about his impression on her household. His eyes were back on hers, his hand releasing her hand as a sign that it was truly time for them to part.
  10. Oh Nostalgia

    The distance between their two faces seemed too far and it urged him to kiss her again, but he knew they had to let up and get her home. He no longer dreaded leaving her because he knew where they stood, passionately infatuated with each other. He watched as she bit her lip, the gesture making his body ache, but he just smiled, a drunk off of their moment, and slowly let her back down to her feet. He didn't let go of her waist, not yet, still wanting to feel a physical connection between him. There was no reason for words, they could communicate just through their eyes, but they couldn't spend all night staring at each other on the side of a dark road. He didn't want anyone in her household to think ill of him, start him off with a bad rap. Roman's hands released her waist, one taking her hand in his and lacing their fingers together. He turned to face forward, starting their journey onwards again before another fit of kissing occurred. It didn't take long to reach her house, they had been close when they stopped and the walk down the long driveway went quickly. He led her up the steps and on the porch, stopping in front of the door, turning back to her. "What time should I come by and get you?" he asked, knowing no matter what time she set, he would be ready. Early, he would finish his work as the sun rose, or late, he would work slowly 'til the time came. His green eyes sought hers, gazing deep within them.
  11. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman was overjoyed with happiness as he felt her response, all he had been hoping for in that moment was her desire matching his. It was the most passionate kiss he could have imagined. Her hand in his hair, the other tugging at his shirt sent him skyrocketing, his head filled with the the buzz of satisfaction fogging his thoughts. He could stay like that forever, holding her, their warm bodies pressed together with a fieriness. When she pulled away, he felt high in the moment, his eyes barely catching focus of her face before she went back again, their lips pressed hard. Although the dark street was dangerous and it wasn't the most romantic spot for a first kiss, he knew it was better than anything they both could have dreamed. He had never felt such a passion for someone who equaled it so strongly. Colette was a vision he had never conjured, something he could have never wished for in a thousand years. He could feel all the longing, lust and desire being fulfilled in that moment, but knew they would never once ever tire of each other. She was his soul mate, he knew it, whether they both believed in that or not. Their was something so strong about their relationship, so unearthly and unreal that he sensed they were meant to be together. All his doubts about how this summer would end faded away, he didn't care if the summer put an expiration date on it, he would never let time hold them. After some amount of time, Roman gently pulled away, his green eyes finding hers just inches away, the most content smile on his face.
  12. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman was pondering different things she might say, knowing the question could come off rude, like he wanted to mock the lack of excitement in her life. It was true, teasing her was always in good fun, but he didn't want her hurt her, ever. A knowing smirk sat his lips, expecting something childish and simple to come from her lips, but her words made his breath catch, his heart skip a beat and that cocky grin to fade from his face. Not in a hundred years would he have expected that to come out of her mouth, it showed his ignorance in their budding relationship. It made him want to shout with joy, run through the dark street and twirl her around in circles in his arms. He didn't do any of the three, but instead stopped, grabbed her waist, picked her up like a feather and pressed her to him, his lips finding herself in the most endearing and romantic way possible. He had been planning on waiting for their first real kiss, follow all social rules about waiting a substantial amount of time for it, but he threw that out the window. Her words made him want her more than anything in the world. The feeling he got when their lips connected was beyond words. Pleasure ran through him, his heart nearly stopped beating and every inch of him tingled from the sensation.
  13. Oh Nostalgia

    Her comment made his laugh because it was completely valid, it was just his association with free time and fun. It was a subject to personal opinion, but he knew most people he knew would agree with his association. He liked how Colette was sharp, witty and well-behaved at the same time. She managed to balance everything so well, without any visible trouble at all. He admired her for it, he didn't believe he could do everything she did and stay completely sane. Her second comment made him laugh again, this time a bit more jovial than before. Fishing was definitely hard to love, not something every enjoyed. He didn't know many girls who liked to sit and wait long hours like he did. "You'll never know 'til ya try it," he quipped, nudging her gently with his arm, making sure she didn't stumble in the darkness. The way she looked at him, her expression cloaked by the darkness made his longing for her increase. A silence fell between them for a moment, his eyes glancing from the road to her occasionally. After a moment, he asked, "What the most risky thing you've done?" He wanted to see what her definition of risk was, if she even had one. Her life seemed sheltered, too calm for any normal teenagers.
  14. Oh Nostalgia

    His eyes trained on Colette as she stepped off the log with all the grace he'd ever seen. He guessed her family and society had valued a graceful, well educated women, forcing her to be the epitome of the female sex. It was something Roman hadn't every really seen, someone as sophisticated as her. Other girls in town had manners and such, but that had never been their focus in their young life. He knew Colette and himself came from very different backgrounds and values, but he didn't want to let that separate them in any way. Her hand gently taking his again made him smile, aware of the fact that he would probably never get used to the feeling he got when they touched. As she began to speak, Roman listened quietly, taking in the plain answers she gave him. He understood they were all things to do, but nothing he would say were exciting or time well spent. In his opinion, he would say she didn't really know how to live life for herself. Almost everything she said was done to please others, to satisfy what they wanted from her, but never what she wanted from herself. He didn't want to pity her for it, she probably didn't even know any different, but it made a playful smirk cross his features. "You call that stuff fun?" he asked, trying to catch her eyes, but the lack of lighting made it a bit hard.
  15. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman ignored her polite words, conscious of her true feelings. The walk was enjoyable, their slow pace down the dimly lit street was comfortable and serene. He liked the hum of nature's nightlife, it reminded him of times when he and Henry camped out under the stars, engulfing themselves with what nature had to offer. He was always dumbfounded by how magnificent the world was and how ignorant some people were to it's beauty. he could spend hours just walking with Colette, taking in her, their surroundings, it was all so peaceful and relaxing. Pulled back to the moment when she let go of his hand, he immediately smiled at the sight of her on the log, admiring everything about the moment. His hands in his pockets, Roman noted the way she balanced herself, arms out, the sweetly concentrated look on her face, how graceful she was. It seemed that everything she didn't only intensified his adoration of her. Her question was light, easy conversation that Roman liked. "Well, Henry and I like to do stuff together," he started, looking at the dark road beneath him and then back up at her. "I like fishing and hiking, canoeing... Outdoor stuff like that. Camping out under the stars when I get the chance," he told her, reminiscing on all the times he had with and without Henry. After a moment of thought, he returned, "What about you?"