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  1. Oh Nostalgia

    Her petite hand, soft as velvet on his made his adoration of her rise, just another small thing on a list of many that compelled him to pursue her. As it fell away, his smile flickered away, like a candle caught in a passing wind, but as he watched her hold tightly on the blue vase he had bought her, a passionate smile resumed it place, reveling in the fact that she seemed so attached to the gift. Roman already felt like there was no way he could fancy her any more than he already did, but her innocent curiosity cancelled that thought. His eyes had been fixed on her completely since she had come out of the car, finding it impossible to look at anything else. The wide look in her eye as she took in the scenery, somewhat like a child at their first candy store, had him completely fixated. It was a moment before he realized she was waiting for him to answer her question and it left him in the snap of a moment when someone catches you watching them ? embarrassed. He just shrugged it off, giving a huff of a laugh, rubbing his neck in the way that people caught in a sticky situation did before responding. "Spare one minute, by then you'll know," he replied, smirking. One hand found it's way to the small of her back, the other gesturing forward to the woods directly in front of them. "This way," he beckoned, a bit showman like. He led her gently through the woods, keeping an eye on the brush at her feet, making sure he wasn't leading her directly into a difficult path. It took just over a minute for the trees to start to scatter, parting ways to the expansive, lush meadow, gleaming in the late afternoon light. There were wildflowers of almost any color imaginable, pink, purple, orange, red, any color nature could offer. It almost looked unreal, the way the green grass glittered in the sunlight, the flowers swaying in the breeze. The meadow was almost perfectly round, no more than two hundred feet in diameter. It was quaint, beautiful and breathtaking. Even Roman found himself a bit in awe of it. "For your picking pleasure, Miss Colette," Roman nearly cooed, his voice soft and light, after he let the sight settle between them. His eyes bounced to hers quickly, wanting to see every reaction that crossed her face.
  2. Oh Nostalgia

    As Colette took his arm, the brush of her skin against his sent a shiver through him, the best of feelings. A permanent smile sat on his lips as he led her carefully across the street through the crosswalk, heading in the direction of the truck. The mill was a bit too far to walk, it would take too long. The potential this night had was fantastically exciting, his mind reeling with broad ideas of what could happen. Everything he saw run through his head was the best scenarios, he wasn't one to worry about what could go wrong. Colette was one in a million to him and he wanted everything to be perfect. Her quick question made him glance over at her with a mischievous smirk as the neared the truck. "It wouldn't be special if it wasn't a surprise," he quipped, leading her over to the passenger door and opening it for her. Roman helped her up into the old thing, knowing it probably was the worst thing she had ever set foot in, but he hoped it wouldn't set her opinion on him back ? she had to of known he wasn't no rich folk like herself. Gently shutting the door once she was settled, he went round the front, patting the dirty pale blue hood as he skirted around it. Hopping in, he fired it up, the roar of the engine filling his ear momentarily before he got in gear and headed out of town, opposite the direction of his house. The mill was just two miles up the road, off to the east side by the river. He passed the five minutes with small talk and before they knew it he was pulling down a gravel road, the long winding driveway that led to the mill. Yet, instead of pulling all the way in to the mill, he parked on the side of the road, a quarter mile away from the building. If you walked straight out in the woods from the road, it was a shortcut to the river bank, shorter than winding down the drive. He killed the engine, hoped out quickly and back over to her door, opening it and holding his hand out her help her down. "Don't forget your vase now," he reminded, the gift crucial to their walk through the woods. There was no way to see it yet through the dense aspens, but there was a meadow a mere hundred feet inside the woods, flourished with the prettiest wildflowers in all of Seabrook. It was a local secret, only known to those who dared venture to the mill and that was very few.
  3. Oh Nostalgia

    "I wouldn't want to have it any otha way," Roman replied to her first comment. It was true too. He didn't just want to come on strong so he could prove his fondness to her, but it was truly just how he felt. His green eyes watched as she examined the present, almost getting nervous when the thought that she might not like it crossed his mind. Yet she seemed as delighted as ever and he decided he was probably doing things right so far. With Colette, he didn't want to pull out all his charms and try to woo her like he was trying to play her, but pull out all the right ones, the ones that would prove himself dedicated to getting her for the keeping, the long run. This was one gal he wasn't going to let just slide on by. "Well nothin's trouble when it's done for you," he insisted, giving a smile that made his eyes sparkle as they stared back into hers, "but I got us somethin' special planned." He paused, the things he had planned running through his head real fast. "So let's get this evening started," he added, holding out his arm for her to take in the most gentlemen of ways. He didn't want to be too forward, but he wanted to show off his manners.
  4. Oh Nostalgia

    "Goodnight," Roman bid Henry as farewell, waving him off as he watched him turn down the driveway. He didn't linger long at Henry's, making his feet carry him quickly down the road another five minutes to his own house where a single light lit up the farmhouse. His mother always left a light on in his room before she went to bed if Roman was still out. The simple gesture left a smile on his face, thankful to have such a sweet and thoughtful ma. Once inside he quickly readied for bed, tired after a long day in the sun and the fun evening. His mind was restless, though, as he contemplated the planning of his date with Colette. Usually he just took the lads out to dinner or a movie, but this time he wanted to make a bigger statement. His thoughts ran together until he slowly drifted off to sleep. The next morning came fast and he readied for work in a practiced pattern. He was off to the lumberyard in the warm morning heat, knowing it was going to be a long hot day. The simple labors of the job kept Roman busy, sweating through the hot afternoon. It passed by fast per usual, and it wasn't long before he was making his way home, soaked and sticky. He freshened up and changed into one of his nicer outfits, grey slacks and a white button down, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His ma was in the kitchen, helping pack some food into their family picnic basket. Roman had just pulled the stuff out, but she had been sweet enough to figure it out and help him get everything ready. Realizing the time, Roman thanked his ma with a kiss on the cheek as he gathered everything up and hurried out to the pickup. Roman still had a half hour before he planned to meet up with Colette, but he wanted to have everything set up, ready for their date. He drove out to the old mill, laying out an old tablecloth on the grassy bank next to the river, setting the basket on it and quickly setting up two plates, silverware, glasses and napkins. It was about as good as he was going to get it, knowing nothing was probably as nice as she was used to, but hoped the gesture would be enough. Leaving it, he took the five minute drive back to town, parking across the street at the dime store. He was still ten minutes early, but they were part of his plan. Heading in, he went to the glassware section, searching out exactly what he was looking for. It took him longer than he had hoped to find one, but once he found it, he paid swiftly and quickly. He knew he was a minute or two late, but he hoped Colette wouldn't mind. Walking across the street, an empty blue vase in hand, Roman spotted Colette waiting right where he had been expecting her. "You look quite beautiful tonight Miss Rawlings," Roman greeted with a large, genuine smile, reaching her just as he spoke. She was sight, her perfect curls and plump pink lips ? he couldn't keep his eyes off her. "This is for you... I know there ain't nothing in it yet, but there will be soon," he added, holding the empty vase out to her. He knew it might look a bit silly now, but hopefully once his plan was executed it would put a smile on her face.
  5. Oh Nostalgia

    The hum of the cicadas gave Roman a deep sense of calm, the cool air leaving him without a care in the world. It was nights like these spent with Henry, walking down the familiar streets of Seabrook that made Roman realize he couldn't be happier any where else in the world. It was the simple life they led, the predictable days at work and families they had waiting at home that kept Roman satisfied. He honestly couldn't really ask for much more. The silence that hung between them as he waited for an answer from Henry left Roman musing about their easy lives and the small yet significant events of the day. They had both had luck finding a gal for themselves, one pretty lady for each of them to brighten their thoughts. It was these early stages of reeling the girl in that Roman enjoyed. The chase, the thrill, would get his heart pumping in a way different than any other. When he finally heard Henry's reply, a reciprocated grin crossed his own features, catching a glimpse of Henry's playful features. "Well that's the perfect kind," he added, knowing that Henry deserved a girl like that to match him.
  6. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman sat quietly at the bar alone, pushing himself from side to side with his foot on the rotating stool. Most of the time his eyes were wandering, people watching the other locals a the few tourists that were still there. He knew a lot of people and sometimes gave the occasional friendly nod, but he didn't speak with anyone. Every once in a while he glanced over at Henry, gauging how his encounter with the pretty tourist was going. She seemed much more reserved than Colette, a tougher pick. He could tell Henry wasn't going down without a gentle fight either. Henry wasn't with the girl very long, five minutes of so before coming back in his direction, but obviously not looking to hang around any longer. Seeing his cue, Roman stood and followed Hen out of the diner. He could tell it hadn't gone as well as he had planned. Sticking the toothpick back in his mouth, he fiddled with it as he listened to Henry's hopeful comment, a soft smirk crossing his features. A friendly had pat Henry on the back, not quite sympathetic, just encouraging. "I got faith in you," he retorted, noticing that this couldn't be just any other girl to Henry. He seemed stuck on her, a bit like Roman was on Colette. Quite the coincidence for one night. "She that special?" he asked, wanting to hear the confirmation from Hen's mouth, not just his own musings. He gave a sideways glance at Henry, his feet slightly scuffing the gravely road that led towards their houses just outside town.
  7. Oh Nostalgia

    Preoccupied by his own thoughts, Roman was idly pushing the nickels around on the counter with his toothpick that he had once again fished out of his pocket. A hum of excitement was running through his veins; the anticipation of his date with Colette tomorrow evening keeping a faint smile on his lips. He knew he probably looked foolish, the smile on his twenty-one year old face, reacting more like a thirteen year old girl asked out on her first date, but he didn't care. Hearing Henry's whistle, Roman turned on his stool, facing out and following his guiding nod to Henry's point of interest. His question at first out of place, Roman only seeing she was alone, but then seeing the preppy and stuffed up boy walking away, quickly making the connection. A nearly pensive looked crossed his face, as if he had to consider an answer. "Nah man, never," he quipped back, studying the girl. She was pretty, quite slight and beautiful. A smirk crossed his face once he realized you couldn't leave a girl like that alone if she was yours because of guys like Henry. Any lad in his right mind would gobble up an opportunity to talk to someone like her. "Well, ya gonna take your shot?" he asked suggestively, nudging Hen forward, deciding it was Henry's turn to make some moves.
  8. Oh Nostalgia

    "Yep, that's her," Roman replied quickly to Henry's question, obvious that something had clicked inside him, mentally, at the sound of her name. Roman waited in curious suspense for an explanation, but Henry was quick to tell. The gossip interested him, not leaving him one-hundred percent shocked, he could have guessed she came from a rich family by the way she dressed and presented herself, but that rich and a family life like that? It gave Roman mixed feelings, sorry about her father situation but impressed by her financial situation. Either way he didn't let himself think much of it, it was all speculation through observation and word of mouth, so he didn't want to put and prejudices on Colette before really getting to know her. Finishing his burger, he stuffed down the last of his fries just as the waiter came to take Henry's plate, thus taking Roman's empty one too. Giving the waiter a silent thank you nod, he fished out an extra nickel to cover the rest of the cost of his fries, concerning himself with how much tip he should leave, if any at all when he heard Henry's two cents about his date idea. He nodded, agreeing silently, deciding it was probably his best bet. Yet he knew the date could go one of two ways ? she would either love it or hate it. He had gathered from the earlier conversation that she might be one who enjoyed something decrepit and old, seeing the beauty in it's decay as Roman did. But he didn't really know her at all, so he was leaning his success on his perception skills.
  9. Oh Nostalgia

    The nudge and Henry's words evoked a huff of a laugh, knowing Henry was half right. Roman managed to stretch something things in the event of a pick up, but it wasn't all lies. He was decent, but not maybe as fantastic as he let on. Taking another bite of his burger, he let the event settle between the two, giving Henry time to process the quick facts Roman had thrown at him and letting himself enjoy hearing it come from his own lips, hearing how he perceived the event. When Henry spoke again, Roman contemplated the first question and quickly realizing that he had never mentioned her name. Smiling, he replied speedily. "Oh, her name's Colette," he told Henry, smiling at the sound of her name coming from his lips. He hadn't really thought about it before, but it was an extremely unique name, sounding foreign and unfamiliar. Most people had pretty common names, like Ruth or Henry, something simple and classic. Roman himself had an interesting name, unusual for a country lad. "I dunno, I was thinking of taking her to the old watermill by the river," he mused, wondering how much she'd enjoy it. Roman was infatuated with the place, it was more than just old and rotting, it looked haunted. Something about it's mysterious allure Roman loved. It was in a beautiful setting, by the river and just on the edge of the blooming forest. He wanted to have some sort of picnic dinner on the grassy bank to the left of the mill. It was something he knew he'd like, but he didn't want to scare Colette with it's daunting appearance. At least it would be a unique location for a date like he had promised her.
  10. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman returned the chuckle at Henry's reply, understanding how that could have come across. Colette had been extremely slow in accepting and definitely kept him on his toes about it. Of course that tricky chase was what he liked the most, so pushing through all her questions and doubts was a challenge he enjoyed. As soon as the next waiter had appeared, Roman ordered himself a burger and fries, hungry even after the dinner his mother had cooked. Working as hard as he did at the lumberyard meant eating extra meals when he could, having the appetite of a fourteen year old growing boy, not a twenty-one year old man. One could say Roman was nearly a bottomless pit. When the sat in silence, waiting for the food, Roman mulled over the events that had just recently passed, replaying the good and bad parts, reminiscing on the positive, criticizing the negative. The meeting hadn't gone exactly as he had hoped, but in general it was the outcome that matter. He started drawing up date ideas, what they could eat, where to take her that would be impressive and different from anything she had, hopefully, done before. When the food did arrive, the time had seemed to fly, lost in his thoughts, but the diner was quick at turning out hot and fresh food. Digging in immediately, he didn't think twice about using much manners, booth elbows splayed on the table, the burger held up to his face in both hands, taking bites one after another. It wasn't until Henry piped up that Roman put it back down on the plate, moving on to a few fries as he mused over what to say. "Well I don't want to give away all my secrets..." Roman joked, smirking at Henry momentarily. "But, uh, well... I introduced myself, asked her out plain and simple but she asked me why she should say yes," he told him, telling the main facts rather than getting nitty-gritty with the details. "I told her, one, I'm a fantastic dancer," he said with a chuckle, "two, I could show her the best unknown places in town, girls love that y'know, and three, she'd have to find out the rest," he said, glancing between his fries and Henry. "And she asked what would happen if she said no, so I straight up told her how much I wanted her. And it was the truth. Y'know, there's something about her... I just, I dunno, I just couldn't let her go," he mused, but realized Henry might not be so interested in this. "But anyways, in the end she said yes so I'm seeing her tomorrow night," he finished with a big grin, proud and satisfied, taking another big bite of his burger.
  11. Oh Nostalgia

    A soft laugh escaped from his mouth as he heard her slick comment, the full twinkle back in his eyes. He particularly enjoyed her smart sense of humor, she was sharper than most other girls. As her hand slide from his, he let both hands find their places in his pocket, savoring the moment as he watched her walk through the door and into the darkness. A content, relieved sigh rose and dropped his shoulders, lingering a moment even after she was gone before turning back to head over to Henry. He saw the dirty nickel on the counter in front of his booth seat, making him smirk in proud triumph. This game wasn't really a matter of winning or losing, but just having fun with one another. Roman slapped his friend's back gently, in a sort of joking sympathy. "Better think twice next time ya wager on my pick up style," he teased, taking his seat, the other hand grabbing the nickel and tossing it up in the air once, catching it with ease. He looked over at Henry, knowing they would be betting on something ridiculous tomorrow. "This'll buy me that burger I've been waiting for," he added, just rubbing it in once more as the winner of the two always did. It was one way the boys bonded, always understanding each others sense of humor.
  12. Oh Nostalgia

    As she took his hand, Roman felt the warmth of her small one, feeling a sort of comfort of her's in his. Holding a genuine smile on his face, he looked slightly down at her, now realizing she was much shorter than him. It didn't bother him, but rather inched his lips up more, enjoying her small and slight frame. He followed just behind her as she moved to the door, knowing that they were about to part way. In some ways it made him already a bit nostalgic, as if what they had was over and he could reminisce on their conversation that occurred moments ago. Another part of him felt a spark of excitement, looking forward to their next meeting and what it would entail. When she stopped by the door, he stopped just short, closer her than normal, but still far enough to seem friend. He watched her brown eyes, not being able to look at her enough, like he would forget what she looked like once she left. When she took his hand, he smiled again, returning the gentle squeeze. "What d'ya think of seven tomorrow? Meet out front of here," he asked, deciding he couldn't wait more than another day to see her again. "And ya better come hungry," he added, smirking, deciding that he would plan some romantic little dinner.
  13. Oh Nostalgia

    Even though Roman saw that his words made a grin cross her pretty little face, he didn't dare return it yet, not knowing whether it was a mocking or sincere one. She still had him on edge, he hadn't quite figured out how to read her in this moment so he waited, hoping he had said the right words. But before he would know, Ruth rudely interrupted. A sharp scowl quickly consumed his face, his green eyes unhappily staring at her. He could have guessed this would come, but honestly she had the worst timing, which probably gave her an unnecessary sense of satisfaction. He wouldn't let her have all the satisfaction though, so he stayed where he was, kneeling, waiting on Colette. As she beckoned Ruth ahead, his facial expression lightened, glad to see she at least wasn't swept away in Ruth's quick rush. Her words made a soft smile appear, her last words lingering in his ears. She had agreed. He felt a swell of happiness cross through him. Satisfied, he stood slowly, outstretching a hand to help her out of the booth and hoping to walk her out. "Well I promise we'll be going somewhere much quieter," Roman told her, the ideas already going through his head.
  14. Oh Nostalgia

    As soon as she looked away from him, back at her new-found friends, Roman knew he was about to lose her. Ruth had never been so fond of him, so anything she could say or do to keep Colette away from him he knew she would make happen. There was no particular reason for her dislike of him or him of her, but he believed she didn't approve of his forward and simply carefree ways. This knocked one point of off Roman's invisible tally. The smile faded from his face fast, a hint just nearly lingering as he heard her infamous question that struck him right in the heart. It's not like she had insulted him or outright refused him, but something about her lack of consideration of him hurt. His feelings were as real the shirt on his back, but he could tell hers were not so sure. He wasn't one to ever doubt himself, but this shot was one he treasured and the fact that he could have messed it up was making him second guess himself. But Roman couldn't let Colette see any of this and a mere second after she had spoken, a smile crossed back on his face, and he leaned his head down momentarily, rubbing his eyes before finding an answer she couldn't refuse. "Well, Colette," he started, looking straight at her, his face almost serious, strong and stern, less friendly, more like a father explaining to his child the punishment they were about to ensue,"no matter what you say, you'll be seeing me e'ery day 'cause one no today can't mean another no tomorrow." He was about to stop there but realized it wouldn't be enough, she might even take it the wrong way, so he continued, jumping to get his intentions straight and true. "And, quite frankly, you're the only girl I've ever really wanted, I mean, really wanted," he dared, his green eyes piercing hers, hoping the sincerity and guts to even say that would be enough for her to believe him.
  15. Oh Nostalgia

    Although Roman had said he didn't believe flattery would get him much, he knew every girl liked a fine compliment. But surely if she was a smart girl it wouldn't buy him a date. His eyes stayed locked on hers, seeing her move just the slightest bit closer, making his smile edge up a degree. Her slick words amused him, just adding to one more thing that made him want her even more. He could tell Colette had a sharp mind and a equally sharp tongue to match. Her sweet demeanor and flawless smile had him nearly falling head over heels. His hand still remained steady on his heart, too engaged in the moment to make any new flattering gesture. Her question made his smile turn to a humored grin, liking how she kept him on his toes even in this first meeting. As he gathered his thoughts quickly, Roman switched knees, pulling him that much closer to her in the move. As his eyes turned back up to her, his face held the unavoidably sparkling smile that matched her own. Although he was a country boy, his teeth were straight and clean, the result of his good grooming habits. "Well, for starts, miss, I'm a fantastic dancer. Second, I know all the best places in town even some of your friends here don't," he said, his hand that was once over his chest now giving a quick jaunt at the other locals in the booth, "and third, well, the rest you ain't finding out til' we goes out." A satisfied smirk fell on his face, hoping the sense of mystery and curiosity would seal the deal.
  16. Oh Nostalgia

    A satisfied smile, genuine and lopsided sat on his lips, shaking her small, soft hands. Although be bad seen her hesitation, it didn't set him back, rather, it pushed him to secure a date with her. There was nothing Roman liked more than a small pursuit for the things he wanted. When she released his hand, he dared to look at her warm brown eyes, finding himself drawn to her. Placing his hand over his heart in a gentle gesture, he held her steady gaze as he spoke. "I know flattery may not get me much, Miss Colette, but you are quite beautiful and I'd really like to take you out," Roman stated in his most sincere manner. He could feel his heart flutter under his hand, faster than before. This fleeting moment left him in silent suspense, holding the most calm front as he waited for her answer.
  17. Oh Nostalgia

    Chuckling at Henry's cocky response, Roman stood and hitched his sagging slacks up, giving Henry a wink, believing he nearly had this one in the bag. With the tourist it was usually easier to get a girl to say yes; with all the right charms and moves, they were usually head over heels in minutes. Though this girl seemed to have spunk and that's what made him so stuck on her. He wasn't going to go down without a fight. Sticking the toothpick back in his mouth, he ran a hand through his hair, making sure he was looking just right. Roman was a sucker for asking girls out, but going past one date was always unlikely. Roman always found girls he liked, being it sweet, feisty, shy or smart, but there was never anything deeper, nothing that kept his attention. But this broad, he could see it in her smile, the way she laughed – he knew she was it. Reaching the table, he pulled the toothpick out of his mouth and put it in his pocket. He recognized some of the locals with her, guys who worked at the lumberyard and girls from around town. He didn't bother saying hello to any of them, they weren't his way to this girl. He went straight to her, going down on one knee at the end of the booth, facing her close enough to get her attention. "Hi, I'm Roman Donovan. What's you name, miss?" Roman piped, extending an open hand for a shake, not playing any smirks, just a soft, genuine smile. Sometimes, he played them strong, with a goofy pick up line or cheesy compliment. This time, though, he went in with manners, his best behavior for the best of girls – he wasn't planning on messing this up for a laugh or two from Henry.
  18. Oh Nostalgia

    [Alright, I'll just wait then. And thanks! You're writing just fine, no worries!] His green eyes slowly moving across the dance floor, Roman saw mostly familiar faces of other local youth. There were a few here and there, tourists, who were a fresh sight. The quick dips, spins and jerks of the Lindy Hop were distracting and the high spirits of the dancers elevated the diner. One thick, bubble of a laugh led Roman's eyes to a pretty little thing that had just finished a dip with a local boy the crowd. Her infectious smile, those full red lips, and sweet bouncy blonde hair ? there was something about her that just couldn't shake. His eyes followed her all the way back to her seat, watching as she easily conversed with much exuberance. He was nearly transfixed by her, missing what words had come out of Henry's mouth. His head snapped over to Henry, somewhat lost until he deduced what he had most likely asked. Roman played with the toothpick in his mouth again, stealing another look over at her. He pushed off Henry's question, a quirky smile crossing his face along with a cheap bet. He nudged Henry again with his elbow as he spun on the stool, facing out towards the booths, the other elbow back behind on the counter. "Betcha five cents I get that girl to go on a date wit' me," Roman posed, his hand with the toothpick gesturing over to the girl in the black dress and red lips. This was a game played between the two, a way they could both get a kick out of something made for a one man job. He looked from the girl to Henry, the most mischievous look on Roman's face, ready to show off his best set of charms.
  19. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman let out a laugh in a puff, amused by Henry's snappy retort. They had a swell relationship, the two of them, always joking in good humor. Their equally vibrant personalities fit together well and they managed to stay friends all through the years. All their adventures and times together at the lumberyard, Roman wouldn't trade them for nothing. He knew one best friend was better than a couple close ones. Picking a toothpick from his pocket, he rolled it between his fingers, a natural soothing habit he had. He never went without one in his pocket, finding a need for it in any situation. A smart smile hung on his lips as he roamed back around to the front of the house, leaning against the porch. Sticking the toothpick between his teeth, he nonchalantly fiddled with it, waiting out the few moments before Henry appeared. He picked up a steady gait beside him, his eyes easily fluttering between the road, the sky and then over to Henry as he spoke again. Another guffaw piped from his mouth, yet again amused. He could never get bored of Henry's sharp humor. "Always handing off the blame," he joked, patting Henry's upper back in a friendly manner, grinning back. Placing his hands back in his pockets, Roman rolled the toothpick around between his lips as they made their way to the diner, making the short ten minute walk pass quickly. The sun was still high enough to light the town, a soft pink still rolling through the sparingly clouded sky. Only a half hour later would it be gone behind the horizon. Once they reached the diner, he led the way over to the diner counter, squeezing them two seats in the middle. It was packed in their, the high pitched giggles of girls and boisterous voices of young men. Roman always believe the counter was the best seat in the house for any young men looking to scope it out. The central view was about as good as it got. "Nice night to dine out, eh?" he stated with a smirk as he elbowed Henry. Roman swiveled in his seat a moment, his green eyes scanning the booths smoothly. It was as packed at it had ever been and there was no lack of potential. [Also, would you like me to make a girl character to even the gender? Or just wait to see if someone else will?]
  20. Oh Nostalgia

    Worn, working hands pressed the white buttons through each corresponding hole, closing the front of the clean blue button-down. The soft cotton sleeves were rolled just past elbow in messy folds, casual yet presentable. Tucking the tails into his tan slacks, Roman held his wallet between his lips as he walked from his room to the front foyer of his family's modest farmhouse. Once his clothing was situated, he stuffed his wallet in his right front pocket and ran his hand through his hair one last time, checking the small mirror on the wall. "Ma, Pa, I'm going to the diner," he called down through the parlor, seeing the light flicker of the candle his mother always lit as she knit in the reflection of the mirror. Roman's hands fumbled around with his collar, stitching his eyebrows together in a perplexed face, trying to match his mother's gentle tweaking of his clothing. He could never achieve the perfection she had always bestowed upon his attire when she dressed him. "Don't stay out too late," she cooed back, a sting of parental authority in her sweet voice. He always knew she tried to be stern, but could never follow through with any sort of punishment. A crooked smirk found it's way across his lips as he turned towards the parlor. "A'ight ma, see ya," he called before heading out the front door and down the hazy gravel driveway. It was just before sunset and it was setting up to be a thick, warm pink evening, giving the late summer trees a celestial glow. His shoes crunched the rocks beneath his feet as he moved quickly towards town, hands in his pockets. It was a short five minute walk to Henry's house. The lack of Henry's presence on the porch indicated he was running late. Later than even Roman had been running. He went straight to Henry's bathroom window on the first floor, knowing he'd be lucky finding him there. Leaning up against the side of the house, he pounded his fist on the closed window. "Hen, Hen, c'mon man we gotta go," he called through the glass, having no patience to call on his friend through the front door. "Ya know girls don't wait on slowpokes like you," he kid, smirking as he taunted his friend. The girls in town always managed to meet at the diner around eight on Friday nights and Roman and Henry had picked up on it, making it part of their rounds to stop by, coincidentally. Tonight Roman knew it wasn't just any Friday night, the sunset was proving to make it better than most, and he wanted to make a jump on it. [Hope you don't mind, I just thought it would work well!]
  21. Oh Nostalgia

    Roman Donovan 21 Male Resident Physical Roman has dark messy brown hair and deep green eyes to match. His muscular frame stands a straight six foot, lean from the lumber labor. He occasionally sports a five o'clock shadow. Roman has lived in Seabrook his entire life, growing up a country boy. Educated through high school, he works at a lumberyard and helps his father run their small farm. An only child, his younger sister was killed in a farming accident, leaving him alone with his mother and father.
  22. Back Again...

    Anyone interested in starting a new rp? I haven't been around here in a while, but I'd like to try to get back into something. Anyone willing?
  23. Back Again...

    Haha, alright, I'll get right on it! :]
  24. Back Again...

    What do you think of like the 1940's? We could add some plot twists with WWII starting and stuff... I'm thinking The Notebook-esque? And I agree with the age group.
  25. Back Again...

    Haha, what a coincidence! Okay, so like something modern day or older? And what age ranges? Any preferences?