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  1. I Rode My Horse In The Parade :)

    Good for YOU!
  2. Bittless Versus Bit

    Thanks for the information on all accounts.
  3. Want Some Educating On Bits.

    I have been riding my horses in Cook's Bitless Bridles. Something to think about -- my horses love them on trails and in the arena. Would check into the results of using bitless bridles if possible for your events. http://www.bitlessbridle.com/
  4. I'm Finally In Corpus Christi!

    Welcome to Texas -- good luck on finding horses. I would look at horse rescues in your area. I'm in Gonzales and just 2.5 hrs from CC -- great place to live. You all have to check out Port Aransas (Port A).
  5. What Size Truck?

    I love my Chevy Silverado HD2500 series truck -- works great for my 3300 lb - 2 slat bumper pull horse trailer. With the 1500 series truck I could only get the truck up to 50-60 mph had to take my time going down the road. So I bought a Chevy Silverado HD2500 series and love the fact I can put with ease at 60-65 mph or more. With two horses going down the road I would prefer to advise you to get a 3/4 ton truck. If you go to any type of rodeos / trail rides here in Texas there are more Dodge Rams and Chevy trucks than any other types. Don't really see any Fords pulling horse trailers, etc. You may want to go to a few rodeos in your area take a look around and ask ppl what works for them. That is what I did and glad for the advise I received. Good luck and send pics of your new/used truck with horses. :-}
  6. Just Saying Hi

    Welcome back -- glad all is going well for you.
  7. Help Me Grow A Backbone Regarding Trainer

    This person has taken over control of YOUR horse and she is getting all the rewards while you get very little. Time to grow a pair and move this horse away from her control and into your control. Its all about what is best for you and your best friend. The pros of staying at this location just don't add up anymore. Time to find greener pastures -- good luck and keep us posted on your new home. Hopefully very SOON! Remember get everything in writing from now on...HTTY
  8. Winter On The Grande

    Love your horses and stories --- hope you are all staying warm.
  9. We Have Finally Found The House!

    Love the house and land -- looks like plenty of space for you. Love the wrap around porch...
  10. Please Help I Got A New Horse And She Looks Pregnant

    Hope all goes will for this mare -- happy she has you as her forever friend.
  11. Whats Your Morning Temp?

    Crazy weather they are having up north -- snow snow snow is all I see on tv. When all that snow melts they will be dealing with flooding. Just glad I live in Texas with just 2 hrs from the gulf of mexico and don't have to worry about any snow in this area.
  12. Before And After

    Love the gray -- glad it all turn out great for you.
  13. Are Horse People Crazy, Or What?!

    wow pretty crazy to have something that big near windows to go through --- be to afraid to have my horses inside for any reason.
  14. Grey Horse Melanoma

    Thanks for the information -- just bought myself a really nice gray mare. Will keep an eye on her rump area -- thanks again for the information.
  15. Keep An Eye On Your Horses!

    How sad --- hope its not true.