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  1. Are Hdr Bridles Soft?

    They changed their bridles in the last year or so, and the new ones are VERY nice for the price. They don't compare to $250 bridles, but I don't think there's anything else under $100 that comes close.
  2. War Horse Movie

    You might need more than one box of Kleenex ;) AMAZING movie. Some of it is hard to watch. Really hard to watch. I think it hits us horse people a little harder than most. Really captured the horse/human bond (and horse/horse friendship as well). Amazing movie - did I mention that? Oh, and "Joey" is one gorgeous piece of horseflesh. All 7 of him or however many it was. At least one is particular is stunning, and I'd breed a mare to him in a heartbeat!
  3. I'm a bit stumped with these side tail lights on my new-to-me old Trail-Et. The tail/brake/turn signal lights at the bottom are standard size, as are all the running lights. I thought perhaps these were something that somebody added after market, but I'm seeing the same style on pictures of other Trail-Ets. This is what I've got (minus the red tape they were covered in when I bought it): There is a ledge around the entire perimeter of the casing, so I'm thinking once upon a time a lens snapped over the whole thing. It measures 5" high and 1 3/8" wide. I'm not convinced that the random bulb inside is original to design. The outside of the casing is stamped "ARROW 070" and "DOT P2 85" but google searches on either of those numbers aren't helping me. Does anybody know either what this light or lens is, or where to get a replacement? Thanks!
  4. Best Full Seats Under $200

    For $200, if it were me, I'd be looking for Pikeur or Eurostar on Ebay (or FITS, but that'll REALLY give you trainer a heart attack!) In the store, check out Romfh International or Lexington.
  5. Nook Vs. Kindle

    I LOVE my Nook. I'm a die-hard book fan like you, loved holding books, etc. I LOVE my Nook. It's amazing how an e-reader actually made reading more convenient :-P I like the one handed reading and page turning, I like that I can make text bigger when I get tired. I like that I can get a new book to read no matter where I am. For me, I spend a lot of time reading outdoors, on the beach or at horse shows, so I wouldn't trade my original Nook for a Nook Color/tablet/etc if it was handed to me. I love the non-glare of the E-ink in bright sunshine (there are several readers that have this). I will also say that when I had an issue with my Nook about a month after I got it, B&N was fabulous, hassle free, and quick about replacing it. Have had the replacement for almost two years with no issue.
  6. Anybody Know This Type Of Alternative Shoe?

    Found it! It's EquiFLEX not tech. If anybody else is interested:
  7. Akin to the Epona, only different. I want to say the name was along the lines of "Equitec Steel" or close to that. It's a clear acrylic sort of material that can be glued or nailed on, and has an optional bridge for frog support. I lost my link to the website. Does anybody know what I'm talking about that can either refresh my memory on the name or provide a link to the company's website? Thanks!
  8. Post Your Driving Horse/pony Pics!

    lol yes, Banana is the Haflinger at 13.3. Henry IS 37" to the last hair on his mane (as minis are measured), and just under 10 hands measured the traditional way. So there is at least a 4 hand height difference between him and the paint ;)
  9. Wat Breed Horse Do U Have?

    I have a Haflinger, a sorrel and white Paint, and two minis (one black appy, and one gray).
  10. Anyone Ebay Skilled?

    Fingers crossed for you! As others have said, ebay has really changed its policies to favor the buyer now. When you open that resolution case usually Paypal yanks money from the seller and then lets the questions go back and forth. It tends to sit in holding until things are decided one way or the other. If it's all fine it'll be released back to the seller. If not, you get it back right away. It's not the huge ordeal it used to be, and as a buyer now you're really quite safe in that regard. Good luck!
  11. Help! - He Needs A Name!

    Meet the latest addition! So, here's what we have so far. He came with the call name Edward. It just doesn't fit him. (Yes, that's as in Twilight, but if we're going with that theme, he seems much more of a Jasper to me...but we're not tied to Twilight, even though it's in his registered name). Anyhow...Edward just seems too stuffy for him. He's two, and playful, yet bottom of the pecking order and VERY cautious. He's a black frosted appy in color. His pair is Henry, aka HenWee or "The Wee". Names tied to that are good. Pee has been ruled out, even though we like Pee and Wee Cam watched Secretariat several times this weekend and dubbed him "Little Red"...which would be great...if he was red! So, we keep coming up with things to call him, but haven't hit on something JUST RIGHT yet, so I thought I'd put it out to the board for ideas! A few more pics of newbie and Wee, because two mini ponies really are better than one :)
  12. What Saddle Brand Is This?

    I blew the picture up a few times...from what I can tell it's a blue quilted saddle pad with wear leathers, and then just a brown saddle. I'm not seeing anything blue ON the saddle? As to the saddle, I couldn't guess without seeing more.
  13. Leather Saddle Stains On Fits Breeches

    It does sound like your saddle was never sealed after oiling, so I'd do that or you'll continue to have the problem. As far as the breeches go - do this at your own risk as it's NOT recommended. However, I managed to spill red gatorade all of one my pairs of FITS. I soaked them in shout, even the deerskin. Left it overnight. Then wash the LT Laundry and Rinse. They came out like new and butter soft. I was afraid the SHOUT would kill the deerskin, but it didn't, so that'd be what I would try. HOWEVER, if it is darkening oil that's leached out of your saddle, there's every chance you've just oiled your breeches darker and that it won't work. It might be worth a try though!
  14. Post Your Driving Horse/pony Pics!

    Howdy y'all! Jumping in here since I just bought myself a new driving horse and I couldn't be more excited! For various reasons I've been out of the regular driving scene for a couple of years, and can't wait to get back at it. We'll hopefully do some ADS stuff in the immediate future, and maybe move back into the CDE world in a couple of years. Meet Sir Winterhill O'Henry, a 37" mini! Henry has officially been dubbed HenWee (aka, The Wee), and he's just so darn entertaining. He's my first foray into the world of minis, and I'm just so amused. He gets along with the big guys great, and bosses everybody but my mare around. He was supposedly trained to drive at three. He's 7 now and hasn't since then, so I'm starting from scratch. He's clearly done something before since harnessing was no big deal, and he's just fine with all the pieces and the blinkers. Still have some tweaks to make on the harness fit, but I'm LOVING his harness and isn't he just adorable? And for scale, some pasture pics. Obie the paint is 14.1, and The Banana is 13.3. He's so tiny! Aaaaand....a sneak peak at the future pair. This is the even newer 2 year old addition, still awaiting a barn name. He arrive two days ago: