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  1. How To Politely Say "no" To A Date

    Yeah, I'm usually pretty straightforward about declining a date. What you said wasn't mean at all.
  2. Baby Nyx Pictures. 1 Month Old

    They're both gorgeous!
  3. Baby Coblet Worked Excessively Hard This Week.....

    I just love your boy, his looks and personality are great. You've done such a great job with him. :)
  4. So It's Been 3 Weeks.

  5. After Spaying Issue... Help

    The only thing I can think of is to give her lots of cuddles and just make sure she's comfortable. I know our cats didn't like the cones much either. Hopefully someone else has some good advice for you. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way though for a fast and complete recovery for your girly!
  6. Horse Pictures!

    You have a gorgeous herd! I absolutely love Pheonix's shade of palomino. Does it change at all throughout the year? Your pups are mighty cute too. Thanks for sharing. [:
  7. Your Cat Name

    Madam Kissy VonScooper. These are cracking me up.
  8. Trouble With The Sil

    When it comes to money, it doesn't matter if its family or a complete stranger. Some people are just greedy and don't care who they're hurting. My family has had thousands of dollars stolen from us, by my dad's own brother.... Long story. Hopefully your SIL did actually turn everything over to the lawyer and isn't just trying to hush the rest of the family up. Prayers for a good outcome coming your way.
  9. What Do You Do On Your Cell Phone?

    I hardly ever talk on the phone too. I'm pretty sure my parents are the only ones on my call log. Lol. I do like to text though. I also check facebook on my phone and take pictures. My phone is also my alarm clock. But that's about it. I tried downloading apps, but it uses up too much memory so I deleted them all.
  10. Just Want To Say Thanks Hc :)

    She's so pretty! Glad to see everything's working out for you. [:
  11. Meet Timber. (With Pictures)

    Haha, of course!
  12. Meet Timber. (With Pictures)

    Haha, yeah. This Timber is pretty tall too. Probably around 16-16.1 hh. And of course he has the heaviest saddle in the tack room. >.<
  13. Away. She was terrified of him. Lol.
  14. She reminds me of an old broodmare we once had. Stout and stocky. Our mare had enough get up and go to clear one of our pature gates when introduced to our neighbor's donkey though... Haha. How did your ride go?
  15. Meet Timber. (With Pictures)

    Thanks guys. He's a good boy. [: