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  1. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    Last week
  2. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    Remember me? I was born on March 20th 2009.
  3. Hc Foals

    Here is the latest pic i have of Knight aka Von Percival my friesian sport horse. He is has a couple of rides and is a total pocket pony lol. I really think he resembles the horse in my siggy more and more ahhhh the vision of my dream horse! He is everything i ever wanted! Love my Knight!
  4. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Well thought i would update on the little mare. I need to get some updated pics but i have not done so cause her owner is on this board and i want to surprise her with the finished product lol. I will tell you she has done wonderful in her rehab and she is sound as a bell. Her hooves are one trim from being back to normal I will get some new pictures to share here once her owner picks her up in a couple weeks for sure.
  5. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Thanks for the impute Missy that's kind of the plan. But i was thinking bringing those heels down as far as possible to get that p3 down parallel to the ground as well as bring the toe back but within reason she has to have some support somewhere don't you think? I don't plan to do things super aggressive but since she is actually pretty sound considering i may push it a little further that i normally would in this case. I will post pics after set up trim. I just need to get the time to work on her.
  6. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Well we had her x-ray'd and as i suspected the fronts are way worse than the backs even though her hoof is longer in the backs. I have a plan of attack now to get her comfy but would like to hear from Missy or anyone that would like to comment on it so i can get more impute.
  7. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Consider these the before's and believe it or not i did bring the heels down a bit to make her comfy but she was very scared of pain so i could not do as much as i wanted to really. As soon as i know where all things are inside i will proceed to get her back 100%
  8. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    LR LR heel RR RR Heel
  9. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Left Front LF Heel RF RF Heel
  10. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Ok some more pics Start with front shots: Rear: Rear left Rear right Rear right More coming
  11. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Hi Missy glad you posted I took some heel down last night and the poor girl was shivering while i worked on her. I think it's the fear of pain cause she moves sound i felt horrible and took my time. I know the angle has to be set up again and all that but i am not going to get aggressive till i have the x-rays in hand. Unfortunately due to the vet and our availability we cannot get those till next Saturday now once i have those it will be game on as much as she can handle. She is not on any grass right now she is in a large run no grass those pics where taking by my friend when she picked her up so no worries there. This pony is prone to founder on grass so i am almost 98% positive she is IR for sure. As far as cushings her owner says she has always been dull coated like that in the winter and to me she does not look like it either. She is on no grain at all just last years hay until i can figure out a safe diet that will not make her laminitic again as the last thing we want is for her to be in pain while we work on her getting back to normal. She is not fat but not thin and lacks muscle for sure. My daughters have been taking her on walks to get her exercise in the afternoons and she enjoys that. I have a paddock adjoining the run she is in and once we get things moving in the right direction i plan on giving her turnout at night in there it's pretty bare as there are 2 big horses and 2 mini donks in there so whatever little grass is in there is scalped lol. Edited to add this pony has never really been fat she is just prone to this from grass only. These feet were just trimmed in the pics by a farrier just an FYI so you can only imagine what they looked like before he trimmed her OYYY.
  12. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Here are some hoof pics so you get the idea. X-rays will be taken next week and i will be cleaning these up and taking bottom pics soon Right rear the worst of all 4: Right front:
  13. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    So i have not posted on here in a while been pretty busy but i am helping a friend on this one and thought i would share with you all. I appreciate impute from those who have been down this path as i have. A little info: Ponies name is Angelica she is 17 years and was my friends first horse she had foundered in the past when my friend new little about horses but it was gotten under control then and she was sound and happy. Move forward a few years friend decides to find a new home for the pony where she would be used and sells her to a boarding facility where i used to board my horses once. These folks were told this pony was prone to founder but felt sorry for her and said she wanted to be with the big horses in the pasture and yep you guessed it she foundered again and again this in the span of 2 years. My friend has gotten her back for free from them and is desperate to get her back to normal so i took her on. I am happy to report that the pony is currently not in any pain and not having any laminitic episodes which is great! But her hooves are a mess so she will be staying with me so i can rehab her feet to somewhat normal if i can. I look forward to updating and sharing pics on this little girl and impute is greatly welcomed as well as questions. Meet Angelica!
  14. 2009 Foals

    Well Knight will be formerly 3 in March and going to the trainers got some new video's of him I will be riding him this spring/summer on the trails whoo hoo so excited
  15. Remember Me? 2009

    New videos of Knight. He will be going to the vet on Tuesday to make sure he is ready pysically for training then to the trainers he will go.