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  1. Yuck! Mice! Help!

    try mint mice don`t like the smell it work for me sprinkle it everywhere there are mice
  2. Im Done... Seriously..

    shoot them with rock salt it works good sends them home yapping all the way. have friend that shots them with rock salt.
  3. Birds-What Do You All Do

    here try this Bird-x Rejex-it Migrate - 1 Gallon Each BDX REJ-GAL by Bird-x <P align=left>Rejex-it? Migrate? for Agriculture makes treated cherries, grapes and blueberries unpalatable to birds. It works as a sensory repellent and irritates the mouth and stomach of birds who try to ingest the treated berries, without causing adverse physiological reactions in the birds. Rejex-it? Migrate? for Agriculture works because it affects the behavior while causing no actual harm to the bird. As a result, birds will avoid feeding in places where Migrate? for Agriculture is present, diverting them to other feeding areas. Spray Coverage : Apply as needed, reapplication is necessary, mix with water. Spray Pests : geese and birds (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, gulls & more) Spray Uses : for agricultural use (berries, apples, stone fruits, cereal grains, and sunflowers) and non-agricultural sites including turf, hydroseeding, garbage, food stuffs, waste & trash, and spot repelling 1 Gallon Bottle 1 Each Helps Reduce Crop Damage Product Manual
  4. Keeping Horses In Corrals

    does it make a die earlier than in a pasture my neighbor said it shortens a horses life . i have never hear of anything like that in my life. i know braking them too Young shortens their usefulness .but keep a horse in a shortens their life any on here know
  5. Keeping Horses In Corrals

    thanks to the people that answered my post right . when i wrote this i was tired and did not not use the spell check i usual do. so i miss spelled some words. so i guess you have to be a expert speller to be on this site so i am leaving by
  6. I Am The Bad One

    have neighbors that there messing with my horse i called the police once ,put up sign saying leave my horse alone, and i am harassing them. so iam going to put up 6 feet tall fence with 7 feet deer fence on top of that to keep my horse safe all the way around my place. if some one call the police on my fence when i get it up i`ll tell them way i put it up to protect my horse from the neighbors
  7. Computer Question

    you use this to san for vises its a good program i use and will remove them too
  8. I Hate People

    i have new neighbors ever time she has friend over they think they can mess with my horse . today i put up a sign hope that stop them. am also going to talk to her landlord .i know their landlord.
  9. You Know The Saying

    just a thought i had wasp coming in to my house through the stove exhaust had to put a screen on it.
  10. Throwing Trash On Neighbors Lawn

    when did it become the right thing to throw trash you find on you place on some one else's lawn. i just got done mowing no trash on it .went to till the garden space neighbors were at front on there lawn .did my tilling went out to my lawn there it was a plastic cup thrown on my lawn .. so if you clean out you shrubs and find trash you can throw it on your neighbors lawn.
  11. Throwing Trash On Neighbors Lawn

    the wind wasn't blowing today and the plastic cup looks like it been lying around all winter
  12. i am keeping my horse in a corral so my neighbors can`t get to her and feed ,mess with her. and i also put up a sign in my pasture now they are having me investigated just because i am trying to keep my horse safe from them. they are thinking about turning for horse abuse so when did keeping your horse in a corral become horse abuse..
  13. Keep Your Horse In A Corral It`s Abuse

    i just thought of something if having a horse in a corral is abuse to them than every horse trainer around the world are abusers they keep horses in small pens
  14. Keep Your Horse In A Corral It`s Abuse

    i am puting cameras and lights in my Pasture this summer and i know they are not going to like that at all but so what it`s my pasture
  15. Raises Head When I Put Bridle On

    my horse trainer trains them to put there heads down by gently rubbing between their ears .with out bridling them up it takes time. it works my Arab used to be a bad head thrower now i can bridle her no problem
  16. Alfalfa Hay

    does alfalfa hay settle a horses stomach. some one told my to give a horse with a upset tummy alfalfa to to make the horse fell better . i know some one here will know .if it is true
  17. Neighbors Vent

    i have new neighbors the lady ask what kind of hay i feed i told her grass hay .then she told me i should feed alfalfa,then she looked at my horses feet and she the didn't have shoes on.then she say horses need shoes i told her i don't put shoes on my horse .she told my you cant ride them with out shoes on. last time i look at my bill of sale my name was on it not hers. she never own a horse in her life but her friend has horses that make her a horse expert . told her i was putting up a five foot fence this summer with hot wire on top she told i could not do that.the fence is going to be on my side of the old fence on the property line and it is going up she can yell all she want to about the fence she can not do anything about it. the fence that is there is low so she can pet my horse all the time that what she yelling about that she wont be able to pet my horse with the high fence. the fence in going to be on my property .and it is going up
  18. Neighbors Vent

    now i have to keep my horse in a corral because she is feeding my horses \behind my back .after i told her not to feed her any thing at all. i caught her to this last night. some people have no respect for any body's wishes at all. p.s don't trust people that smile at you and say they wont feed you horse
  19. would you let people feed apples and carrots to your horses not knowing how much they will feed them. or tell them no you don't want them feeding your horses . my horse is a super easy keep get fat on air almost . my main worry is over feeding i have to adjust her hay all the time
  20. Would You Let People Feed Your Horses

    thanks to all the repled i am going to tel lthem no and that i not want anything feed to her.
  21. Is This Poisonous?

    just like one person say ask your county agent and they will came out and look at it for you . and tell you if it is poisonous and what it is
  22. I Have A Butthead For A Horse.....

    i would start with some ground work teaching the horse to disengage the hind end. and the front a lot off control work on the ground first . that's what my trainer says to do. the more you can control the horses feet the more you can control the horse.
  23. have people taking care of a house next door to my. one day they put moldy hay on the shared fence line.that i move out off my horses reach. i put up a nice sign asking them to please not put bad hay near the fence my horse will eat it and get sick. to day they trow some off the moldy hay over the fence. what is with some people now a days. i have bean nice up until now. i call the police on them. but they left before the got here the police told me to call back when there are there. and they will talk to them
  24. Yellow Jackets.... Ouch

    here`s a web sit that sells bee repellent hope this helps you
  25. Our First Trail Ride

    have you tryed turning the horse in a circle to get the horse to go. thats what i have to do with my arabian some times .like when crossing a bridge it takes her mind off of it and then she crosses it no problem .this is what my trainer taught me