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  1. OTTB

    Same with me! I'm working with a QH but always love to ride the off the track horses at my barn. They have so much energy and always seem to try to please you.
  2. OTTB

    Thanks. My 2 favorite were Capitol H and Autumn Due. L.D. Crowe needs some R&R-said in his description- and I don't know how long they mean. Capitol H is adorable and looks a little more built than the rest so I wouldn't have to worry about the weight so much. Thanks for your input!
  3. Yay! Leg Yields!

    Thanks! I was planning to get some input from my current instructor because she is also looking into buying an OTTB. Good luck with your horse!
  4. Yay! Leg Yields!

    Congrats! I know how frustrating things like that can be. Do you have any advice about starting an OTTB for jumpers/eventing?
  5. OTTB

    Sorry I made that really unclear. I meant ridden some off the track horses. I've been riding for almost 7 years and just love throughbreds. The ones I ride are mostly older and have been trained a bit. I just don't know where to start.
  6. Bits for my horse

    Thanks for your help. How do you think she would be in a Dr. Bristol bit? Are those less harsh than my slow twist?
  7. Bits for my horse

    Thank you so much for your help. Do you have any advice for starting an of the track horse to do jumpers/ eventing? I put up another bulletin where I put some horses up that I was considering. I'd really appreciate it.
  8. OTTB

    Here are some horses I was looking at. Don't hesitate to comment on them. autumn due Dire Pfeynt L.D. Crowe Morning Lover Capitol H Most of them have the typical off the track look.
  9. Bits for my horse

    She can get a little fiesty at times. She has a really strong forehand and is naturall downhill because of her being a quarter horse. She keeps her head low so I was also debating a gag. I've never taken her XC but am going to school in April. When I took her on trail she was strong and ADDish. I only had my slow twist though.
  10. OTTB

    I am interested in purchasing an OTTB. I've ridden some but I was wondering where to start. I would be interested in competing in jumpers or eventing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Bits for my horse

    I have a 5 year old quarter horse mare who I am planning to event with this summer/fall. For lessons and schooling I use a loose ring slow twist which she goes really nice in but I'm not allowed to use it for dressage. I was thinking about using a 3 ring elevator for XC and my slow twist for stadium. I tried her in a full cheek and she was OK but there must be something better. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate the advice.