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  1. Harper's Hollow

    As she looked up, Dusdin could now remember her name, Alyssa. They had trig. or some other math like that together. Even though they hadn't talked much in class he really wasn't uncomfortable talking to her now. If you were part of this town, you would have to be friends sooner or later. Alyssa, Enjoying your first day of summer? That's all he really could come up with. Speaking to people wasn't his problem, it was just the strange pointless small talk that made him twitch. He already had a plan to ask he if she knew about any parties that would be takin gplace tonight, and just maybe-making a new friend along the way...
  2. Harper's Hollow

    Dusdin really didn't have much to do, he had skipped graduation the night before and didn't have a last day of school to go to. For now the streets were quiet. He still cound smell the wet ground from the woods even though he'd taken a shower. Silver eyes scanned the street-the only street in the town. It was nice living in the small town-you knew were everyone was at, no winding back roads or cookie cutter houses to get lost in. Just one road right through the center of town and the woods. nobody ever went in the woods but him. Today his silver eyes spotted Alyssa walking down the road towards him. This was different. But not shocking. She did graduate last night and had no school like him. As she walked closer he smiled a soft, "Hey."
  3. Life On The Road

    I think we're waiting for Mike to continue speaking with the Guy...?
  4. High School.

    My eyes flickered around from string looking underwear to lacy night gowns and then to her soft face which made me smile when she spoke. I couldn't help but to start laughing, it was the type of laugh that was almost foreign to my body-real and amazing. In all my years of skipping class and coming here and in all my years of being a male, I've never knew this place was here or even thought about going in it. It was....funny. [[that's suckish]]
  5. Harper's Hollow

    Dusdin grined from under his hair as silver eyes scaned over the ground like he was please. The woods surounded him with its green masive trees, the dirt under his mud covered shoes was moist and covered with small grasses and the sound of a dirty metal shovel sliding across the soil echoed through the woods. Dusdin had but here for a while digging, now he was finnished and covering the hole again. Nobody knew what just happened here but him and those woods, and nobody else ever goes into the woods. Dusdin started walking away with the sholvel in hand from what he just done. Out of the woods it was bright and open. Shimmering silver eyes squinting to ajust to the light, as he kept on walking through the gate of his house and to the shed where he left the sholvel. Inside the house he pulled off his clothes and took a shower to clean off all the dirt from the woods that clung to him. He dressed again in new clothes, a white v-neck t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. His coal black hair just fell into a shaggy mess upon his head. With a soft sigh that echoed through the empty house, like in the woods, he left again to go into town. [Dun, da, donnnnne]
  6. High School.

    I looked around seeing if there was any group of people to blend in with. Only old people and of course we couldn't blend with them. The whole mall was practically a ghost town with zombies wondering around mindlessly and US. I slid myself out of my seat after she did and kept low. There wasn't anywhere to run to, it was either in the direction of Schin or a Naughty Panties store. I guess there was no other choice but to lace my fingers with hers and make a swift way to the panty shop almost ninja like she said. Trying to be sneeking was not a talent of mine, when i was here by myself I always let myself get caught, it was usless to run, but now I was protecting her. That part of me that wanted her to be safe forever took over.
  7. Harper's Hollow

    Save me a spot. Stats... Full Name: Dusdin Cobain Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: He's one of those teenagers who grew up to fast for their age. When hanging out with friends he's the parental figure always timid and keeping check on everything. This timid side is mysterious, quiet, and mature. Then there's that partualy insane teenager side of him. He's been known to be the one passing out at parties because he drank to much, or doing dangerous stunts like walking into the woods by himself. No one is quiet sure who he is, or anything about his personal life. Looks: Looks match his personality. Dark hair that hangs in silver eyes, and chisled features like high cheek bones give him that mature look. Sometimes his square jaw shows that 5 o'clock wiskers. His body is lean, skinny, and tall showing his teenager side of him. Pic: (School is lame, no pictures) Other: Nothing I can think of.
  8. High School.

    My eyes flickered from her face, something that was involuntary almost instinctive to look up and around the area. It was a good thing that I did look up because our principal, Mr.Schlin, was standing at a pizza stand no more than a few feet from us ordering his lunch. Quickly I froze and my eyes shot back down to her. I was mostly worried about her getting in trouble, I, on the other hand, was always getting in trouble and sitting in his office so he'd recognize me. This is all my fault i told her to skip, it was all my idea, and now she's going to get in trouble and hate me. Shhhh... I said quietly as I made a quick glance up to the pizza stand to see where he was at. Schin. Twelve o'clock. We got to get out of here. i don't want you to get in trouble. My hand grasped around hers, waiting for her to make the next move.
  9. Life On The Road

    Kyler, still in that small state of shock, shook his head several time to get his sences back. Being the youngest and most native he was nearly shaking with excitment as his glowing smile crept across his features. Now the hallway in which Mike was leading him down seemed longer than it's ever been and Kyler was practically skipping down it as thoughts of being actually famous flooded his head. He no longer head the heavy piano weighing down on his shoulder, he had set it down after he head the news. Now he just stood slightly behind Mike wearing a read pair of skinny jeans and a black striped hoddie with that big smile across his face. His listened intently to Mike and the sort of scary man speak to eachother. This all seemed to real-to amazing- to be true.
  10. Life On The Road

    A smile still sat upon the pale features of Kyler as he started to unplug his keyboard and put it away. He was slightly tired from playing like always and this felt like any old day where they play at the coffee house. A soft sigh broke through his lips, ?We?re never going to go anywhere is this world playing for old people and caffine freaks.? A laughed fallowed his joking words as he slung his keyboard case over his shoulder. The weight of it was almost more than his causing his thin frame to lean slightly as he carried it towards the door Mike came left out of. Before Kyler would make it all the way there, Mike was standing in the door way again panting and yelling something. When Kaden repeted Mikes last word Kyler turned to look at him with wide silver eyes. ?Famous?? He repeted once more with his head turned slightly to the side.
  11. Life On The Road

    Name:Kyler Banks Age:16 (if it's chill that he dropped out) gender:Male Personality: Being the younest of the band members he does tend to act the youngest. Always laughing and cracking jokes like he's still in middle school. When it comes to what he loves-his music-he's nothing but committed. He's sweet and loyal to his fellow band members but often treats them as brothers and sisters. There is this mysterious side of him, one that not many know. He doesn't talk about his feelings, or anything personal all covered up by his joking nature. Who knows this not talked about sensitive side might be reveled the right something-or the wrong something-happens. Looks:Not picture, sadly. He has one of those smiles that just makes you smile back or even crack a laugh as it lights up the room. Being lanky and skinny adds to his height of 6 feet, but he is sometimes overly confindent within his own skin. Sometimes when he walked around with no shirt on you can catch the outline of abbs on his pale skin. His face has a round chiseled look to it, also being pale. Silver almost mystical eyes are his most prominent feature, and his coal black, shaggy hair is always randomly styled ontop his head and always changing color. Fill pink lips hold two silver balls-resembling that snake bite look. Two tattoos stain his body one: a small cross over his left collor bone, two:a eiagth note on his left wrist-both done by him. other:He's closest to Jaeger because of their similar personalitys (it's that's chill?) history: Not much is knows about his history, but music has always been part of his life. He self taught himself how to play paino when he was younger, as he grew older he exsplored other instraments like guitar and bass. He tried to sing but wasn't very good at it. In middle school he became best friends with Jaeger and somehow ended up in a band together. With piano being the first intrament he learned he chose to play it in the band. By the time he was in 10th grade he droped out to be in the band as they try to record a record. Position: Paino.
  12. Life On The Road

    Madcow you loser. I wanted bass. So i'll ask to reserve piano, please I wanted drums too, but i'm chill with piano. haha, i can play all three ^^
  13. High School.

    I searched her eyes for the reassurance that she wasn't lieing. That wouldn't surprise me, i was used to people lieing to me, but what did surprise me was that she was honest. She had that sincere look in those deep brown eyes that made me smile, just softly. The feeling of warmth coming close to my pale features made me look down and my eyes traced the patterns on the cup i held tight in my hands. Thanks. I looked up as my voice softly trailed away and our eyes met once more. But you- I took a sip of my drink. You're truly amazing. If she searched for what i did within my eyes, she knew I was telling her the truth. Showing her the true J.E. and what i really felt.
  14. The Curse Of Minds

    Me? Come back? Well I'm here, what do you need?