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  1. Spanish Walk, Bow, Etc Video With My Mustang

    He's still amazing!!! You have done a wonderful job with him!
  2. A Colt And His Pet Gorilla

    Oh that's cute!! I enjoyed watching it. Good luck with your yearling. Coral/Ribellin
  3. Bullies

    When this happened to my son in the 6th grade, I enrolled him in Karate. For real. He was to use it in Self Defense only!! He kinda earned some respect after that because he was pretty good at it. But I"ve been there, done that. I hate meanies!!
  4. So.....what if you Do shoot it and bury it? Can you do that? That's scary!! I feel so bad for you and the other people involved and their horses. I do not know what is wrong with F & G people...stupid...Keep us informed..i'm following this one..
  5. The Decision Has Been Made

    Dear Shelley, My heart is aching for you and I just sat here and cried. I do believe in Angels and I think the Lord sent quite a few to help you. God bless you all!!! Shelley, you know they will be taken care of and loved and that might help take part of the "worry' off of your heart. Sweetie, we all love you and worry about you and want the best for you that life has to offer. So many of us have never met you but would give anything to do so! I think you are an amazing woman! Please know that you are loved and cherished and your horses will be fine and happy and fed and well taken care of. I can do nothing from Texas except to send you my love and Best wishes and many prayers for your renewed health! May the Lord smile on you every day! Many hugs, Coral And for the HC buddies????? Thanks everyone to helping out......We are a family!
  6. Pics And Vids From The Trip Out West

    Oh, Broo....these are priceless!!! Now very cool you got to go on this trip. Shoot, Nobody ever comes down this way!! I love the pictures! You are so pretty!!! And D2 is a cutie patootie!!!
  7. I Am Going To Be Sad Tonight

    Well, I watched the last show in which they all honored him as well as sthe show. I just sat and cried! How very, very sad. I was glad they showed Mary, his ex-wife and the sons, Mom. He was loved and respected and liked in his own community, not just the boat. I liked him too. Yep, he will be missed. I am anxious to see what does become of Jake and Josh and the boat. I do so hope Jakes straightens up his life. He sure was headed on a downhill slide.
  8. Whats Your Best Trick To Get Meds In Them?

    I made mine a peanut butter sandwich. It's been a while but she got a strange spring virus and was on meds for about 8 days. She hated that powder stuff!!! I mixed one small container of applesauce and peanut butter and gave her a sandwich. She loved the bread! Anything is worth trying once. I've been there ....good luck!
  9. Last American Cowboy

    I was horrified at the ending! I just kept thinking OH Lord, no!!! He has young daughters ......I do so hope he will be ok. According to the link above, the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove into his lane...is that right? Gosh, What a horrible thing to happen!! I DVR it every week ...I do enjoy the show. The Hughes feller is not very nice to his wife at times. But who knows who goes on in a family, right?
  10. Stinky Feet!

    I have used Thrush Buster. It was recommended to me by my farrier. Now I've been lucky not to have had to use it much. Cheyenne only had a slight case of it 2 times. Got it cleared up. I bought a bucket and a brush and was prepared to soak her hooves and clean them with the brush. But my farrier fixed her right up for me. I'm not familiar with lots of products. Glad to say we've been lucky.
  11. In Spite Of It All

    [Huggy] I'm so happy for you Shelley! You deserve to be happy girl!!! Whoo hoo!!
  12. ** Happy Birthday Ribellin **

    Hey everyone!!! Well, I'm 2 days late in seeing my birthday wishes. Thank you all very much! I've been kinda sick. I thought I had "colic" hehe..Tues a.m. about 1 ish. Made my son call 911. Took a wonderful ride to the ER. So much pain in my left side, I couldn't see straight. I had some pain meds in the ambulance and it was wonderful!!! I received wonderful care and had a cat scan done. Turns out I have a kidney stone. Geez Louise, that hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have blood in my little pee sample I gave them. Lovely!! So, I have been on pain meds up till late yesterday evening. I've slept the last few days away!!! But I'm up today and went to see Chey for a bit. I have to go see a urologist the 6th so they can decide what to do about my little intruder. I am on antibiotics and have pain meds if necessary. I am tired but not in so much pain now. I'll be okie dokie in no time. Many hugs to you all!!! And thanks for the birthday wishes. I slept through most of it! Hugs! Coral
  13. I Will Never Leave My Barn.

    I'm with Broo. This is Chey's 4th place and I finally feel like we have found a permanent home. I'm just thrilled!!! I love my barn owner. She's a young lady who is like 26 and has her own horses there. It's a small place. And old looking. And I love it!!! She can go in or out at her leisure. The barn is not a barn but used to be a welding shop. Concrete walls. Doesn't leak from the ceiling. Dirt floors inside. And be totally inside if SHE chooses. Wonderful round bales of hay all the time. My friend even does her hooves for me and I didn't ask her to. She takes off her fly mask from time to time to check on her eyes. She feeds her to my explicit instructions. And she is fed seperately. No fussing over her feed. I'm extremely happy!!! And Chey is sharing an area with only 2 other horses. And they have plenty enough room to romp. I"m blessed!!!
  14. Equine Soccer

    Oh that was too cooll!!!!!! But I had no sound....was there sound??? I love it!
  15. Just Got Back From Meeting Remy!

    Now notice...some of our "ahem" invitations to come out there were "ahhhhh...missing in the mail?"..hehehe....