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  1. Thanks for the idea. I can rub her ears and put a finger inside and rub without any difficulty. The head shaking gets started after about 10 minutes of work (liberty included). I will look at the headshaking syndrome article. Although I have no evidence to back me up, I'm beginning to think it is a case of being barn sour. She was getting a good deal of work over the winter and early spring, but the heat the last month has caused me to really cut back on riding. If the weather cools a bit, I will try a longer ride (2+ hours) and see if she quits.
  2. My mare starts work on lounge line wearing a break away halter without complaint. After several minutes, she violently shakes her head every couple of steps. Under saddle she does the same thing whether riding with a bit (snaffle) or hackamore. Any thoughts as to why? She is a healthy 10 year old.