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  1. Trimming Books

    Tons of great info at
  2. Boggles The Mind....

    Check the album. I added 2 update photos from last night. I trimmed 8, so didn't have time to get more. NOTE: the vet wrap on the off hoof is from a case of scratches they're treating on her ;)
  3. Boggles The Mind....

    Here's the whole album. It's public. Need to get updated pics
  4. Help Please Hole In Hoof Wall

    Yup, once upon a time, it was an abscess that blew out thru the coronary band. Just keep to your four-week trim cycle, keeping the toe rolled. Once it hits the ground, it may go "splat," but just bevel it and go on your merry way
  5. Oppinions On This Tool

    Glad to hear the tool is working for you. We do what works for us and have sound horses, without shoes. That's all that matters.
  6. Boggles The Mind....

    I put the pictures back in. HC is funky about some links.
  7. Boggles The Mind....

    Obviously not. That's the only way heels get that high. This poor mare was walking on stilts. No wonder she was grumpy for lessons. Wee bit, by wee bit I'll get those heels down.
  8. Boggles The Mind....

    No, this mare was shod every six weeks (the "standard" for shod world). This is pure laziness, plain & simple.
  9. Boggles The Mind....

    Whoever the farrier is, he/she needs to hang up their rasp. Where on God's green earth is this ever acceptable? This is sheer laziness! 21-Year Old Welsh-X mare. Been shod like this for years!! Before/With Shoes Before trim/post shoe removal Lateral/before trim After sole: After-lateral The good thing is, I'm slowly putting this farrier out of business. I now have 4 of his clients--2 more to go. Ladies & Gentlemen: If your horse's hooves look like this, it's time for a serious change. Do your research. Learn what hooves should look like--how they should function. STOP settling for counterfeit that is causing your horse pain. Off my soapbox..... Sigh.
  10. How's This For A Club Foot

    Thanks. Note: I'm not posting these pictures/case studies to toot my own horn. I want others to be able to learn should they be confronted with these anomalies and do their own work successfully, by learning from my mistakes.
  11. How's This For A Club Foot

    UPDATE: Well, again, it's not pretty but it's healthy.... NO THRUSH. He's comfortable and not been a second sore since I took over his trimming. Right front is no longer under-run/crushed. Happy horse, happier owner. I'm sorry I didn't get a straight-on shot, but the massive double split is now a single, small crack. The growth is extremely slow on this hoof, but it is going away.
  12. Ever Have A Horse's Hoof Rehab Make You Cry?

    I go back on the 11th for another trim session. The one a month ago, it was too dark, cold & wet for me to get pics. I trimmed and raced back to my warm car.
  13. I wish I had the photos to show you but you've all seen enough under-run/crushed heels to imagine it along with me. Starting trimming a very plump paint mare 18 months ago. Poor mare couldn't handle any surface other than soft grass. Constant stone bruises from soft soles and the worst impacted heels & bars I've ever seen. Very obvious toe flare. Gave my usual spiel: get her to lose 100 pounds, Keratex, get her moving more/exposed to different surfaces as tolerable, boots, have me out more often, etc. etc. And while they're the sweetest folks, they just wouldn't cooperate with me. Yes, some progress was made, but those toes would always get away and take the heels right along with them. In a bit of frustration, I had to tell them "If you don't start listening to what I'm asking of you as we partner together for Dusty's benefit, she will always be lame and unrideable. If you ever hope to get her on the trail again, you've got to cooperate." Apparently that sunk in because they've finally kept me on a firm 4-week trim cycle, got the mare moving, put her on Remission and it happened----the mare has improved DRAMATICALLY. While I've been, little by little, coaxing those heels back with the side edge of the grinder, asking those tubules to stand up straight and get her landing properly, within the last 3 months, I've seen progress and the mare holding her trim. The trim I did 2 weeks ago saw victory and I had to sit on the ground and cry...happy tears. I was thinking this mare's feet would never improve to where I knew they could if all parties were on the same sheet of music. I don't know what it was that finally got through to them, but I thank God it did. If this keeps up, I think she'll finally be truly sound by February. Will try to get some pics next go 'round. :)
  14. Hoof Hardener

    UPDATE: You can now do the lower eventing levels in Hoof boots.! It was verified by two Technical Delegates. My trim client riding her Holsteiner, Pisgah, just took third at Beginner Novice at Pine Top last Saturday, rocking the course in Easy Boot Epics!
  15. If You Have A Spare 4:42 Minutes...

    Also consider Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes. Love the design!