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    Horses of course, but I love all animals. I enjoy photographing animals and am working hard on improving my photography stills. I also have an interest in mathematics, as I am a math undergrad at the University of Waterloo.
  1. Turning Fat To Muscles

    She got shod after I noticed the wear and tear her hoofs where getting. She is just stiff all over. I think it was just that she was not in shape. Because I notice more energy every time I take her out now.
  2. Turning Fat To Muscles

    If I did this would it have to be permanent, or until I got her weight under control. I have own her 6 years and have have her on pasture 24/7 or in the day and in the barn at night.
  3. Turning Fat To Muscles

    My dad is a cow person. And I am have a hard time convince him that something need to change. I have convince my uncle though. She is not badly over weight but have a some gutter along her back. Very shallow. She has a layer of fat on her rids. You can feel them but it is not easy to feel them or count them among the fat. I started out taking her on long walking with light trotting trail ride once a week, but she was sore for a couple days. So as mentioned on my other post, I cut back to 45 min to and hour 5 days a week. So should I continue with this then slowly increase the time but change it to every other day?[\b]
  4. Turning Fat To Muscles

    Well I just see it as it is easy to muscle her up when she has a little fat on her, then when she is underweight. I am trying to figure out what diet is right for her but it is hard when I have always been trying to get weight on her and this year something happen and she is holding weight with next to nothing.
  5. A Veiw Of New Brunswick

    You are so right. I have gone for 5 hour rides and still no got anywhere. I have three directions of nice trail that just go and go. I had some nice wood roads to ride and was every upset when they put in unsafe bridges. HorsingRound I love the view you get. It is beautiful. Compared to trees and more trees. Mia'sMom She is a Standardbred. I get her out on this trails, ask her to trot and she flies. If she wants to canter and I hold her back she with pace, and wow it is so nicer then her trot. Red River Fields, wood roads, and the railroad. As well as lots of places on my own land. The beavers dam my favorite trail that lead to a lake on my land. spragueme I get this easy trails, as well as some fun trails where you always have to be ducking and pushing branches. My only horse related hospital trip was when I do a tree through my ear. Grouchy Grizzly she is a good trail horse. What you ask she with do as long as it is natural. Thus she with work her way though tall grass, water holes, and climb ditches and ledge. But I have troble riding her across a bridge.
  6. A Veiw Of New Brunswick

    And back home Happy to be done working Done. Hope you enjoyed. Love to hear comments.
  7. A Veiw Of New Brunswick

    I did not drag her across, I put a lead rope around her neck and lead her across. She rode across it perfectly on the way back. And some of the smaller trails home More coming
  8. A Veiw Of New Brunswick

    My first time carrying my camera and the trail. With a DSLR it is had to take picture on horseback because one hand needs to be on the reins. Trails in my area are not as amazing as some of the ones I have seen on this form but I would like to share a small part of New Brunswick. I live in Debec, NB which is and old railroad town. We have a school (which is closing in a couple years), fire department, post office, general store, and animal shelter. Our railroads have been turned into public trails. While onto the pictures. Getting Lacey ready to go for a ride. The trail The beavers are damming the culverts. Another dam more coming
  9. Turning Fat To Muscles

    meekie Thanks. She means the world to me. And in the past 6 years we have gone miles together. I wish I lived closer to you all because it would be fun to hit a group trail ride, and to get a chance to work cattle.
  10. Turning Fat To Muscles

    I had a post "Weight Control For My Mare" on Horse Health Form. I have been working on some of there suggestions, but I was wondering if I could find some advice here. I have a 16 year old, Standardbred mare. She is out on the pasture in the morning and the evening, and in her paddock in the afternoon and at night with a flake of hay(Timothy Hay). She gets one quarter of a lb of Fat and Fiber just as a treat. I am in the process on trying to get Min-A-Vite Lite, to add to her diet instead of Fat and Fiber. As suggested on my other post, I am working her 5 days a week, approximately 45 mins. At a walk and trot. Any other suggestions for taking some weight off and putting some muscle in its place.
  11. Cute Photograph

    It is amazing how fast chicken grow. My ducks should be hatching soon.
  12. Editing Pictures

    GIMP, is a free program for both mac and pc. I have seen some great results from it.
  13. Cute Photograph

    Egg scale. This is a Jiffy Way. Let me google it for you I like this one and trust this site, as it is where my chicks come from.
  14. Cute Photograph

    I must have been to slow taking this picture, since my egg hatched.
  15. Weight Control For My Mare

    Min-A-Vite Lite looks good I will see if it is available (or the winning touch products). I do not even know if there is grass hay in my area. Google it and it looks like second cut, but second cut is high in fat. Dad said it is most likely the calf hay that one of the local dairy farms use, but I do not know, it is not call grass hay.