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  1. Halloween Costume

    penguin! if you're my friend on facebook, you should be able to see it
  2. I Hate Fall?

    [shocked] Oh my god I'm so sorry. [Huggy]
  3. 2010 Sucks

    thanks guys. I don't know why this is happening. it's really frustrating @ RA - yeah I don't remember what happened but it was from racing
  4. 2010 Sucks

    Four pets I loved have died. Bella was murdered, coyotes got Turbo, Bill was put down and now Bull put down. For those who don't remember him, we got him last year from the racetrack. He was put down because the arthritis in his ankle was getting so bad he just laid down all the time. The vet is surprised he made it this long. He was five RIP Canabull
  5. Hey Ya'll

    thanks..I think I will frame it. I was thinking she is a cherry bay
  6. Hey Ya'll

    I haven't been on in a super long time. UPDATE: Bill had to be put down 10 days ago and it's the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. He had kidney failure. There is a memorial for him at the ranch. On a better note, Baylee is quite the beauty. I have had her for almost 2 years now. I've been breaking her. she was born broke, I put a kid's saddle on her and cinched it up and she didn't care. she's only about 13 hands, so hopefully she will grow. Pictures: last picture I have with bill My bootiful baby: when I got her I like her legs
  7. Best Underappreciated Movies

    I LOVE HOT ROD. thats my kryptonite. no joke.
  8. Got My New Horse!

    she's so cute!she and baylee look a lot alike. except yours is probably older haha
  9. Brand New Mule Pictures!

    that is the cutest thing ever!! I am still in love with Dakota. she/he's gorgeous!haha mr. logie is looking mighty handsome
  10. Concerts

    haha i would but that would cost money i dont have
  11. Concerts

    Modest Mouse are in Bozeman next Thursday and I really really really want to go. I've liked them forever. and I have the next Friday off so it would work out perfectly but my brother doesn't drive and the other one doesn't have a license. But I am determined to go
  12. If Horses Went To High School

    thats hilarious!
  13. Pictures!

    Aw I love Kasey mare. she is the cutest thing. I lovelove the second to last. she looks like a goober haha.
  14. Im Scared

    I guess I spoke too soon. Today went really well. we got my schedule changed so i have science instead of french and I only got lost once. It was better than I thought.