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  1. May I speak freely? I have recently been betrayed by my husband and my..."best" friend. They planned it. I had no idea my husband was thinking like this. SHE claimed to love me just five days before all heck broke Your sister will be a homewreaker right along with him in this. He is probably a cheating man and has done this before. Sorry that is the patteren I see in the support groups. I'm sorry but your sister should NOT get involved with this guy. Just my lurker two cents.
  2. Fagan

    So sorry to hear this. I was a faithful follower of Fagan growing up on here... RIP Fagan. :mecry:
  3. Grease pens can be bought at a Feed/Farm suppy store....Orschelens carries them. One year I flled out a index card and laminated it.....punched a hole in and tied it to the underside of my horses manes.
  4. New Hyundai Genesis Camera Avoidance

    When I was 14 we were on a day trip down the interstate in Colorado and my Dad was driving the speed limit . He got pulled over by a state trooper for impeding traffic...on a sunday afternoon. The speed limit at the time was 70mph on I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs. A few years ago I was back there {Denver} for a visit and was at a tire shop. A cop pulled in and I asked him about all the people screaming by in a 45 mph zone. He said that most folks there drove at least 10 over all the time and as long as traffic moved smoothly they did NOT cite for speeding as there were too many doing it. They just made sure that the flow kept moving. Prevailing speed is right. Do I speed? If you call 3 to 5 mph over the limit speeding then yes I do.....I do not like being surrounded by other cars...they make me nervous. Arkansas does not have safety inspections and the locals drive some real gems out there and I'd rather be away from them. Also, I am not a young person...pushing 60 here soon but I do have a lot more experience driving than some. Did it for a living back in the day.
  5. Boots Off Inside Or Outside?

    Mud/laundry room. Bathroom right there too. :)
  6. Hey Ozland And Other Arkansans

    I work in Mountain Home Ar. we drove home yesterday on a ice rut covered with 10 inches snowy road. A major inlet for Mt. Home... it was awful. Our top speed was 25 for 13 of 15 miles. Missouri has the equipment to take care of the roads and are always out before the storms. Arkansas had problems with their trucks once they decided to go out. After it had already started. I know the guys work hard at it but I think the higher ups should be more on the ball. Especially when they know it's coming.
  7. Zombies

    No embalming for cremation either.
  8. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    Most everyone who lives in the Ozarks knows they are here..why they keep the denial up is beyond me! There were two [might be the same one} caught on game cameras last year in BRANSON! Hard to deny when ya got proof!
  9. Harmful Everyday Products

    I use vinegar around my home all the time...have for a very long time. The school I work at uses hydrogen peroxide cleaner. It is diluted depending on what it's used for. It kills 99.99% of everything....bleach does not. Bleach burns.....2ho does not This is NOT the same kind you buy at the drugstore for .99 edited to add link
  10. Facebook And Personal Life Posts

    I was like Oz for a long time..... I stayed away from Fb. Until my two nieces who are in their early 20's and have awful mothers begged me to get on so they could "talk" to me about problems. All of it is by private messages. I post very little and I do not put anything personal on my wall. I DO vent once in awhile when I'm frustrated but it's usually about stupid drivers or stupid crap people do. No names are ever given nor is it ever directed to someone in particular. [altho there are times I wish I could name the idiot ] I have some friends who post nothing but political stuff...or church stuff...or what they have for dinner every night... I post a lot of horse stuff and funny memes. What I don't want to see I block or unfriend. I don't friend everyone either...I think I have about 90 right now.....what gets me is people who have 8283482794 friends and don't even know a 1/4 of them..... I only accept people I actually know and sometimes not even then.
  11. Text Vs Calling

    My phone hardly ever rings. I find texting easier for some brief and to the point communication with hubby while at work. Quick questions to friends that sort of thing. My bestie does not text at all. So when we talk.... it's on the phone. I work nights and cannot stop and talk on the phone so we have to wait for weekends. If someone texts me I can stop at my convenience and reply for a couple of seconds and keep doing my job. I guess it all depends what easiest for each individual and what works best for them.
  12. That Talk Thread

    "Swimming upstream in a river of estrogen...."
  13. That Talk Thread

    I don't think your wrong to choose who drives your truck...even your wife for safety reasons. We have some friends that the hubby is THE worst driver...he's to busy gawking at the countryside to be a safe driver. He commented once that I should let him use my truck.... I laughed out load and said..."yeah right!" I think he was offended but whatever...he got over it.
  14. That Talk Thread

    In addition to the three horses we have... also an aussie shepard and rat Hubby and I just had our 15th anniversary last weekend. He has three kids from a prior marriage, all in their 30's. Two girls and a boy. *I* have none of my own per say. No grandkids yet but we are hoping soon! LOL We both work for a school dist. and have a small farm. Hubby has a band too and they play out once in awhile....nothing too serious but it's a lot of fun. They play a good variety of rock, blues and some folk and country. I'll have to figure out the pic thing...again...been a long time!