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  1. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double - I'm sure Banjo would love to help another young rider. He's always been such a good boy. Take it Sugar has claimed Junior for herself and Banjo's kinda the 3rd wheel now? How will Sugar be by herself if you leave her at home when you go trail riding? That was my only big concern when we sold Rocket is that 1 horse would be left home for the whole weekend if we went camping since we were down to 3 and always take 2 with us. They were all ok with it since we've done the separation pastures plenty to get them less buddy bound, but I still kinda felt bad for the one left home to not have a friend. Connie - I hear ya on the wood. We get most of ours from a local pallet place now. It's the outside slabs anywhere from 3-8 inches thick and 8-18 feet long. They load the slabs on the trailer for a nominal fee and all that really has to be done when we get it home is cut it to fireplace or woodburner length and stack it. We've got a friend who is supposed to come out sometime this month to land a bunch of dead trees the horses picked out that they didn't like. He said he'd do it for just the wood. Took down our round pen so the trees won't land on it. Kinda weird to not see it up after 9+ years. Heading to TX next week for work. Not planning on camping this weekend, but would like to possibly ride somewhere on Saturday. We went to Wolf Creek last Sunday and had a good couple hour ride. They have really cleaned up the trails over there where it's enjoyable to ride again instead of having to duck and dodge tree limbs every couple seconds.
  2. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hopefully the banamine helps. I've heard of wind puffs, but never actually known a horse that had them. Hope you are still able to go camping!! Thinking about meeting some friends to ride at Litchfield on Sunday. They said they are planning on it and my husband is working for his company picnic, so I may trailer over that way. Taking off next Thursday & Friday to use up vacation time. Not sure what I'll end up doing? lol
  3. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Oh the joys of pasture clean up. We did that on Sunday afternoon. I knew there was "a limb" that had fallen that needed to be picked up so took the Ranger out there to clean it up and take the sticks to the burn pile. A couple hours later... we now have a pretty large burn pile in one location and our bonfire area has a large stack of logs. I had forgotten we had a couple downed trees in the back corner that had been cut up and just needed hauled out and sure didn't realize we had that many sticks down around the edges. The pasture is now stick free for now. Had a good time at Wolf Creek. Can't believe how empty it was!! Friday night only 2 other campers and Saturday night it was just 1 other one along with a few day riders each day. The park has been busy cleaning up the trails. LOTS of limbs cut, they appeared to have taken a road grader or something like that through the bad areas and leveled the footing back out that was all pocked up from the horses going through when it was muddy. One of the trails we had to get off and walk on last time was now easy to maneuver without even ducking. They still had some of the limbs across the path in areas that needed to be cleaned up, but definitely an improvement from the last time we were there. The other plus was the lake is finally low enough to be able to get around on some fo the trails that were under water most of the summer.
  4. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Ugh on the cockleburs!! We've been very fortunate in that we don't have any that grow in the drylot and the grass field we mow frequently enough to keep them at bay. I remember giving up with my first horse and just chopping off her tail since we were heading into winter. Her's was so full it was like a ball bat. Have fun at the horse and car shows. Sounds like a full weekend!! Decided we are going to camp at Wolf Creek this weekend. It's one of our friend's birthdays and he decided instead of having a party at his house he's going to join us at the campground. Who knows how many others will follow. The guys were making arrangements last night. I'm really hoping that with the lake being lower now we can get around the beachside trails now. Last time we went a few were still under water.
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Connie - I've been seeing a lot of posts about the ground bees being worse than usual at Shawnee this year. We've only encountered them twice out riding, once at Litchfield a few years ago and last year at Ramsey. Both times we were the lead horses so managed to get away without any stings, but others in the group weren't so lucky. You just kick the horse into high gear and run down the trail to try and get away. At Shawnee we've normally only gone out with 5-10 people. I've heard the larger groups going out are more likely to stir them up. Decided to take Friday off work so we can go camping this weekend and enjoy the cooler temps. Not sure where we are going yet, just know I already have the trailer hooked up and will start working on it probably tonight to start getting ready since it's been almost 2 months since we last camped!!! Trailer is hooked up already cause we had a worry Jewels may have been preggo. I've only owned her 10 months. Her teats have a clearish yellow liquid coming out and she chunked up kinda quickly. Talked to the previous owner last week and he said she had been pastured with the other mares and a yearling stud colt, but he swore the colt couldn't have done anything (ugh idiot). Took her to the vet yesterday and he said no baby (thank the lord!!). Guessing it's the hay that had more clover in it triggered her hormones to make her body fool us. I'm just relieved we don't have to modify our pasture to accommodate a new addition for the winter.
  6. Insurance Question

    We had to carry individual coverage on the trailer due to it having a loan on it the past couple years. I just got it paid off. Going to keep it as it's own coverage going forward since unless it's hooked up to the truck away from home (we normally camp a lot) it's not covered unless it has it's own policy. Had a friend camping that had a tree limb come down and damage his trailer during a storm. Since his truck wasn't hooked up and he was away from home, neither his auto or home owners policies would cover it and he had to shell out a couple thousand in repairs. Have too much invested in our trailer to take the risk and since it only costs about $125/yr to have full coverage on it, worth the peace of mind.
  7. Insurance Question

    I've heard progressive is really good. We got a quote from State Farm not too long ago where they could save us some money on the cars & horse trailer, but couldn't even compete with our house & rental house insurance. Just wasn't worth going through all the trouble to switch. I couldn't figure out how to get a quote on the horse trailer online from progressive, so I just put it off. Thinking that we will be trying again now that the trailer is paid off and we have a local agent. We've had Country Companies for the past 10+ years. They have always been amazing with claims assistance (deer ran into the side of my husband's truck and we had a check 2 days later for the repairs), but when our horse trailer was hit back in July, that was the worst experience I have ever had. The claims rep I talked to numerous times and every time it was like starting a whole new claim and every time I told her we were not fixing it since it would cause more damage than good for a couple small dents in the fender I could live with.
  8. Towing

    My husband has a F350 and I have a F250 that we use for hauling our 3 horse aluminum with small LQ (and other farm work of course). We love Ford trucks. My husband works for a Toyota, Buick, GMC, Chevy, Nissan dealership as a technician. He won't own a Chevy/GMC truck after working on them for so many years. If Toyota made a heavier duty truck, we would have probably stayed with Toyota, but when I wanted to upgrade trailers, Ford was the best fit for the type of hauling we do.
  9. Which Is Worse?

    There are variables that would affect how much it would suck to me. When you lose anyone you care for too soon, it's hard. We lost my 2 year old to a fence accident while at the trainer last November. I cried for weeks over the loss and still get misty eyes when I look at her pictures. We had owned her since she was a weanling. I spent many hours on ground work with her, taking her out for walks to get her use to the sights and sounds in preparation for starting her on trail riding this year. She showed so much potential and was the best quality (bloodline wise) horse I had ever bought. I had just started riding her for short periods of time and sent her to the trainer to get more consistent saddle time before taking the winter off. When that call came in she was gone, my heart sank. My youngest horse I have only owned for 10 months. She was purchased right after we lost the other one. I believe we found her for a reason cause I really wasn't looking to move on that fast, but this one does everything I wanted the other one to do. I would not have bought her had my husband not gone along and pretty much said we weren't coming home with an empty trailer after a 4 hour drive to look at her. He saw something I didn't, but I'm very thankful he was the voice of reason cause she's my go to girl most of the time now. Absolutely love her. I would be devastated to lose her. We have 3 older horses we've had for 9+ years. I will be sad but ok when the time comes for 2 of them to go on to greener pastures. The other one I know I will take hard no matter if it's tomorrow or 20 years from now. He's saved my rump more than once, helped built my confidence back up, taken me all over on trails I wouldn't have dreamed I would ever attempt riding and overall just been my partner.
  10. Insurance Question

    Things that affect insurance rates: gas vs diesel, what liter motor it is, V6 vs V8, how it's listed (daily driver versus recreational), how many miles you drive it (local versus commuter), who's listed as the primary driver, accident history. If all of that is pretty much the same, then they have something out of whack with your rates. I have a 2002 5.4 gas F250 and my husband has a 2001 7.3 diesel F350. Both are recreational only vehicles as we have a work car we use for commuting. Even though they are paid off we still carry full coverage. We were paying almost the exact same for insurance on both trucks until his truck slipped out of park while turned off and hit a tree at our house. Now his is $150 more a year.
  11. Shawnee In Illinois

    Last time we went down, they were in the middle of redoing some of the trails (we didn't go last year due to scheduling conflicts) and that caused some confusion, but we never got too lost. They are supposed to be pretty well marked now and we've always been able to follow their maps pretty easily. We normally go out with people that have been going down there for years too.
  12. Shawnee In Illinois

    The campsites on the west side are all on pretty level ground, but they aren't tucked in the trees like the north/east side. The north/east side camping spots vary where some are pretty level, some you can level out pretty easy with a board or two and a few that require little more work if you want to be level. I looked through my photo albums and don't have any pictures of camp. Here's a diagram of the campground though We normally have our group in campsites 29-32 and then the others sometimes camp down at 34-36 but a few times they have been on the other side of the creek in 10-12. 20-26 (I think) are all kinda on a downhill slant. One of those sites a friend of ours tried one year that we had a lot of rain and someone had to pull their truck & trailer out with another truck. 1-5 (I think) are on an uphill slant and require getting backed up the hill to get level. We've never camped on that side, so I'm not entirely sure on the campsite numbers, just going off memory of watching some of those big rigs getting manuevered and seeing one of the trailers with a stack of about 6 blocks under the jack of their trailer to get it high enough to be level. They had a really big trailer though, so I think that may have been some of the issue?
  13. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sounds like you made the right decision that was in his best interest. Never easy. Last of our hay fields are baled, just have to pick it all up out of the field now and call it a year. I feel like we are surrounded by hay right now and if you go to uncles house he really is where he has round bales in his yard all around his house on 3 sides (his 12 horses eat more than our 4). I'm trying to help his granddaughter get some of their horses listed for sale so they can thin down the herd some. Need to help get good photos and figure out which registration papers go with which horses.
  14. Shawnee In Illinois

    We have always gone to Bay Creek Ranch due to going the same week every year (week before Columbus Day) with the same group of friends and wanting to ride with them. Some of the campsites are on hills (dislike), but we've always gotten one right up by the lodge & showers that is on flatter ground. They are out in the sun during the day, but in October that's not really too bad. We normally highline instead of paying the extra for a couple pens (another downfall is that pens cost more). Plenty of attractions to go and see in various directions though.
  15. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double - how are you doing? I was in total shock to read your update on FB last week. Actually still in shock, as I imagine you are. Hopefully having Buddy there is keeping you busy working with him. We are baling our final hay fields tonight. I'm so happy to be done for the season this early. Still have some time to enjoy riding on weekends now. Our barn is full of squares all the way to where you cannot walk in the door on the grass side plus I put another 100 in the carport as a safety supply. Nothing like short little 5'3" me trying to get bales stacked up 7 high (I did get it accomplished though). Got inventive with backing the car trailer in so I could stand on it. We have a little room for more alfalfa (field we are baling tonight) but what we get should fill that side up too. Feels much better than last year where we weren't sure we would have enough. Rode Jewels and then Indigo for a couple hours Monday. She was kinda off with a little attitude that got corrected after making her work a little harder than usual. Indigo was was super laid back and just went where I asked with no arguements. I even played with him a little on the barrels that he normally doesn't care for and he actually seemed to enjoy that for a while. Think he's tired of getting left at home? lol