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    Anything horses (real, stuffed, carosel, unicorn, pegasus), camping, cooking, building, planting and so much more.<br /><br />I breed birds.<br /><br />I just love Dragons. I have a dragon collection from statues to daggers. I love medievil stuff too. I collect swords and daggers like that.
  1. Texas People #3

    Hello all Well this will be my last time EVER coming back here. I did not appreciate the cops being called out on me by you. YOU know who you are. Making up stories and telling them things that you obviously have no clue about and are not true. I mean like where the heck did the dead dog with maggots come from? And I want to see the pics of my nekked kids in their bedroom? How dare you. You don't know me. And this is all I am going to say. So to those of you who are true, I am sorry But good bye.
  2. Texas People #3

    Hey all... JrRodeoMom > LOLOL... trust me I have thought of a lot of things but it would do no good... He still has no remourse and will not appolgize and says it is all my fault and he wants me to act like nothing happened. Where is she going to be going to school at? Sir Robert Sir > believe me darlin it did kill me. And now my heart is dead to him. But have no fear my friend you are still my tidly wink... :) Becaco > I don't ever want him to come back. Unfortuneately he will be though. So depending on how misserable he wants to try and make my life I just might be moving. Don't know where yet but I know I don't want anything to ever do with him again... I do feel sorry for my kids though. Jimmy expecially. He is feeling it and don't want it to happen but with what he did and how he is acting I can't go on like that no more... I have been the Yo - Yo and the one that gets the blame for everything too long and I am putting a stop to it now... So no matter what he will still constantly break my heart... Clyde > yep. Everyone here is a great listener and we all do have great shoulders. But I was SOOO devistated (and I am still hurting and will for a long time) but at the time of the happenning you all would have probably had to call the authorities or the funny farm on me... and I didn't want to sound like a broken record... Dilute > How'd it go with Icee... my thoughts go out to you. Spiff > lets just say this... It was in my hand... Well I am going to go for now but will be back later... Luvs ya all. Jenn
  3. Texas People #3

    HEY ALL!!! Almost couldn't get here again. I would get so far and then poof I couldn't get no further... I swear... QH > hey with me who the he!! knows what is going to happen next. You know the saying everything happens in threes... well I think my number is 5 or 6. Dilute > She is Beautiful... love her nose spot. Clyde > get it over as fast as possible if the answer is yes. I am dealing with this now myself now. except I have 17 years that is being thrown away... 3 months is really nothing... Ok to explain that... for some of you who don't know or don't know everything well... Iwill try to keep it short. As you all know in May I made the attempt to go to NJ. Well that failed. so in June is when I planned to do it again. That is also when hubby came home from WA. I had told him that that was when I was going to go again after Jimmies graduation. He wasn't thrilled with it but I didn't care he always tries to stop me from going to my mom and dads...Not this time. They needed me and I needed to go there and see what I could do for my dad in regards to my mom. Well I left June 5th. I drove. Pitstopped in FL with a friend for a couple of days then drove on up to NJ. 1100 miles to FL + 1100 miles to NJ... yes a very long trip. Well My so called hubby decided that he was taking over the place at home and HE decided the horses didn't need hay, that they can eat the grass (there is no grass or very little of it on my place plus the 2 acres across the street from me) and to only be fed a certain kind of feed and ALL of them only got fed 1 a day. I got a phone call from him and my son that Blaze is sick... all the horses are getting sick because of HIM... (hubby has no clue about horses) so 2 days later Blaze is dead. This is just before I get back home. I am in FL again on pitstop on my way home. So I finally get home on the 23 of June. I didn't really get to see everything up close but everything and everyone was scattered around. The next day when I was more alert (and not so road dizzy from being on the road all day) I saw the devistation... I had walking skeletons for horses. And My birds were dead. Over half of my birds (all my breeding stock) DEAD. He didn't let Jimmy feed them like I asked Jimmy to do. The bird seed was still in the house UNOPENED and tucked away. I wanted to kill him. He says it was ALL my fault. He did nothing wrong. So now here I am trying to save what is left. but 3 days later my Bella died. All the horses were fat and happy when I left. It took him 3 weeks to destroy everything. Poor Blaze, yes granted he was a hard keeper due to his age but he was as active as a 4 year old. He was poisoned. Don't know what he ate but he ended up injesting something and I was not there to save him and hubby did nothing. Bella was the next to go. Poor thing she got hit the owrst along with AJ but she was the next to die after I got home and she died in my lap. Now he is gone again, He left on June 28th out contracting again he is now in Louisiana. I hate his guts and I want nothing to do with im EVER. I can not and will not ever forgive him for what he did. Not even if he says he is sorry cause I know he will not mean it. Heck he wanted to have slaughter come and get all the horses. and didn't want me to have any. And my birds. He wants me to start over. I told him why so you can destroy anything new I get? It still hurts but I am not crying like I was. I can now talk about it without falling to pieces. although I do have a few tears in my eyes right now so sorry for any typeOs. but I am not falling apart now. I did finally sell Glimmer. I didn't have a high price on him but I only got half of what I was asking for him but all I wanted for him was to go to a geed home and he did. He is somewhere outside of Houston. So there ya have it as short as I can be. Sorry if it was long. This is one of the reasons I dissapeared for a while. I didn't want to come here and wine and cry. I don't want ya to feel sorry for me or anything. I am surviving and Iwill go on. It is a struggle now but I will make it. And of course now my big red is broke (the truck) and so that is getting fixed but my catastrophies are not over yet but Oh well... What will be next? I have no clue but I am sure it will be a good one (meaning bad) JrRodeoMom > How the heck are ya?!?!?!?!?!? Long time no chat... Miss ya Well all I an just checking in and all but I gotta go for now but Iwill be back later. Luvs ya all... I do... and to all I missed sorry Jenn
  4. Texas People #3

    Just when I start to get back here my internet equipment dies... Grrr I could barely get anywhere without having to wait a half hour fot the page to poad. IF it loaded at all... Well just popped in to say I am still here and now that my equipment is fixxed I will be back again.....lol Chat with you all later... Jenn
  5. Texas People #3

    Gees. Did somebody change the working days and weekends around and didn't tell me????? Where the heck is everyone? Or am I lost in time and I am the one who has no idea what day it is? Nope not me I just looked at the calender. It is Wednesday (well technoly - ok I can't spell today - time wise it is Thursday but to me it is still Wed until the sun comes up and THEN it will be thursday)... I know I was gone for a while and you all just chatted up a big ole storm (I know I had a million pages to catch up on...LOL) and so I am trying to get back into the swing of things again inbetween computer downages too... and you all dissapear..... HEY, I know I am not the best looking one around but I aint that ugly... and I did take a shower too.....lol Well things are just a falling apart more for me... This summer is just going to be my year... The year started off good but someone decided to run a freight train in my path and now I got this train wreck to deal with... and then now some other smart arse decides that the commuter train just HAD to run on the same darn track.....Now it is a 2 train 500 rail car pile up... too many deaths (yes I mean that litterally) and one he!! of an injury... (my heart)..... I am just waiting now for some other smart arse to forget to lock the brakes on the little red caboose to come along and be the cherry on top...... My big red truck is broke..... and I can't get it fixed..... [Me Cry] [surrender] [bang Head] .... What part of the memmo did they not get that one wreck is more than I can handle at a time.I am trying to heal and repair the damage..... not for more things to go kaploey on me...... I know I can be a miracle worker SOMEtimes but I am very humble in that department I am NOT all that amazing...(although I have amazed the he!! outta my self one time or two...lol) Sorry, I am just trying to keep myself light and goofy... it keeps me from going insane..... and completely breaking down.... For some of you who do not know what happened I will fill ya ALL in completely here shortly. but just a forwarned warning... it is not purty But right now I am just taking a quick break to pop in and say hi again... I have been busy planning and scheemin and doin a lot of figurin on how to manuver around the wreck and to get it cleaned up And now I can talk about it better now without bustin out cryin.... But I must go for now but just had to stop on in and say hello all and that I did miss you all... and I am on the return.... Chat wuth ya all alter. Hope everyone os ok and well {{{HUGS}}} to all who needs them... O gots plenty to go around.... ♥♥♥ Jenn ♥♥♥
  6. Texas People #3

    Hey all!!! I know it has been a while and Iam sorry. Things are slowly (and I mean very slowly) getting back to where I can face the days again. I still hurt from the nightmare but I am not crying any more. I had my breakdown. but I must and i will recover and go on. I breezed through the past few pages so forgive me if I don't remember everything. Loved everyones pics. but the last one I saw is I got to say CC > That girl of yours is going to be a heart stopper. better have the shot gun ready now...lol She is a very purty girl. Busted > even when I am down in the mud and below it even you can still make me laugh... Yep, you sure do lead a dull boring life...LOLOL Sir Robert Sir > what the heck are we going to do with you? between you two boys I don't know who is worse Busted or Robert??? I am sorry for being away for so long. things have really not been the best for me here. I do miss you all and I do think of all of you often... again I am sorry for not being here often... Well it is late and I must go but I will be back more now... now that I am getting things back on trackagain here... But probably not as often as I was I have to go and find a job now so that is going to take some of my time...grrr Chat with you all again. Jenn
  7. Texas People #3

    Dilute don't ya just love those one bang boomers that come outta no where and like scare the holy begeebies outta ya? I had that happen about 2 months ago... except the one that did it to us was almost out my back door. I was on the puter and my little one was getting something outta the fridge then it boomed and I ended up on the floor and my little one ended up IN the fridge. Then all was quiet again. Yep it scared me outta my chair but it was more funny about Raymond getting scared from it that he ended up IN the fridge. Of course he couldn't go to far in cause well stuff was in the fridge but he backed up with BIG EYES. Loke he got shot in the arse with a dart or something. Anyways, Hi all. Hope all is well with this just loverly gloomy weather. Me, well I just exist, barely but I exist. Take care and will chat again later. Jenn
  8. Texas People #3

    Hey all. I know flame me now. It has been a while I know. Sorry for that. How has everyobe been doing? I hope all is well. Things have not been goodfor me here at all. I have been living a nightmare and so well I have been just loosing myself in the virtual world to where I really don't have to deal with anyone. Not really wanting to talk to anyone about what has happened to me. I have been on FB a bit and I really didn't post exactly what happened there either but my opinion about a certain sex gender has been known. I am so hurt and devistated that sometimes I feel like I'm in a bad horror movie and they forgot to kill me off. It still hurts too much to really go into it right now so I am not going to try at the moment. And I don't want to seem like a *** story right now either. I have missed all of you. Again I hope all of you are doing well. Will chat again soon. Jenn
  9. Texas People #3

    Hey all!!! Doing a quick check in. This trip was a bust. Grrrrr Never made it to NJ. Couldn't get a rental car so I took my neighbors car her Cadillac. It's a good running car and good on gas to. Well almost got all the way across FL to hit the 95 going N and the belt broke. Aaaggggg I eneded up on the side of the freeway for over 24 hours. NOT FUN. So I was finally able to get a hold of a friend here in FL and He got me some help and got me to a Pep Boys and got the vehivle fixed there. So by the time all this got done It was allready LATED Wed so I decided to hang with my friend for a day and just go home and hope it stays together till I get home. So this is not a good thing. Didn't get to see my dad (or my mother) I just hope I can try this again in the summer time with the kids. Hope everyone is doing as baest as they can. Loved all the pics except Sir Robert Sir > that was NOT the last pic I wanted to see just as I was taking a bite of pizza. No warning or nuttin...you big tidly wink. Well will pop back in when I get home. So everyone have a good night and hope to chat real soon again from the comfort of my own home. Sleeping in the car sucked. Jenn
  10. Texas People #3

    Don't ask. I have NO clue
  11. Texas People #3

    Ok. I will be hitting the road soon. everyone take care. It's been fun. I guess. I hope. If not I am sorry. See ya around I guess. Good bye Jenn
  12. Texas People #3

    hey all!!! Just checking in. I am testing out this laptop that I am taking with me for on the road. Laptop is ok but the stupid internet card thingy is SOOOOO SLOW!!! So I will try to check in wehile I am out there somewhere but It only took me an hour to get to HC and then to here. This so going to s*ck. I will be leaving tomorrow night about midnightish. Oh and there is no rental car. From now on all rental car companies can bite my arse! I am seriously considering seuing each and every one of them. it's just a thought. They pissed me off so badf it's NOT funny. Will tell later when I an on regular puter. This laptop stuff bites too. Anyways, you all take care, be good (if not good then be good at it) be safe. I will try to check in when I can. I will check in though as I am leaving. Wuvs ya all my buds. Jenn east bound and down, loaded up and truckin. I gonna do what they say can't be done...I got a long way to go and a short time to get there. I'm east bound now watch your quarterpaint go........
  13. Texas People #3

    Hey all just doing a quick check in. CC > No she is not in a wheelchair. She is juts homeless cause her hubby died while building the house and I am trying to finish it for her. We have been through a lot together. She is like a sis to me. Who was in a wheelchair>> Hmmm ok don't get this brain working like that... it's painful...lol I thought about flying. But I am NOT a flyer. I like my feet firmly on the ground thank you. LOL and yes I know my hubby works and inspects those airplanes but not ALL of them. I never was a great flyer. I am what ya call a white knuckle flyer. Death grip on the seat. You name it. And actually it would be cheaper to drive. If I was to book a flight right now for the week it would cost me alone $800 Rental car for week about $200 (economy) + gas aprox $300 to $400 Although I had plans to go there in the summer with the kids and still do but this is not a vaca trip. Dad needs some help with my mom and so I need to go check out the situation better and see what can be done. The layiout of the land there has changed so much I don't know where what is or where to look without actually being there. I can't do it over the phone at this distance. Will be there maybe 2- 3 days only. Give him a break and to hopefully point him in the right direction to go. I am hoping. It has been weighing heavy on my mind. Yea I could wait until summer like I plan but if something was to happen now I don't think I could forgive myself for not going. Make sense? I hope so. As for the kids with my neighbor. They get along great. She has no problems with them. And they mind her. (better than they mind me sometimes) Oh and Raymond is 4...LOL He does good for her. he minds. Thanks for the concern. I do appreciate that. Things are just going along here. Still trying to get things done. got the horses all taken care of even for when I am gone. I will deffinately miss them thats for sure. Yea i will miss my kids too.....LOL Well just poping in so it's off to go feed the horses so better get a move on. Will chat with ya all later. jenn
  14. Texas People #3

    Hey all!! Checking in. Well I did some hard thinking last night and because of all this rain we had here all week and nothing was able to get done (cause it was all outside stuuff that needed to be done) I am delaying my trip for a few days. So I can get what was supposed to be done before I left done. I'm allready delayed so it wont hurt for just a few more days. Grrr Besides I don't want to be on the road all stressed out and end up in the swamps somewhere with the gators. Although they do taste like chicken. Sir Robert Sir > you sure do have a memory poss problem....lololol You know I will be coming (hopefully) back up there to Missouri this summer sometime. I have mentioned it a few times to you. So yea ya better watch out cause I will be comming for you...LOLOL Becaco those pics are beautiful. Busted > {{{{{HUGS}}}}} CC > my neighbor who has been living with me will be here with the kids. I thought about meeting some but probably for the way back. I am going to push myself to go straight thrrough on the way there but on the way back I can take my time and see the sights. It's been a long time since I have been there. I know a lot of things have changed. Well anyways gotta go for now but will check back in again later. Jenn
  15. Texas People #3

    Sir Robert Sir > did you have the hiccups??? LOL you posted that last one twice.. Well can someone please turn the faucet off NOW. Thank you. in 2 days here straight on my property we have had over 6 inches. Now that is a lot for me in my yard. Normally I am lucky to have that on 6 months total. And so of course for the past few days I have not been able to get a darn thing done so this unfortuneately puts a delay in my hitting the road. I was supposed to be hitting it tomorrow but NOOOOO!!! Stupid rain.. So Monday morning EARLY, I have to get a frinds hay and deliver that to her then I still have to find me a round bale then go get the rental car and then get things loaded up then make one more stop to get me a temporary laptop and make sure I have everything for that so I can get online and ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . and Oh he11 I know there is more but THEN I finally get to hit the road. I am going to be so dead before I can hit it so thank goodness for no doz and those 5 hr energy drinks. i am deffinately gonna need them. I am deffinately not going to be able to stop now because of the delay. GRRR Oh happy happy joy joy Love the pics Robert. How I do miss the nice green fields of Missouri. Still hoping to get up there this summer. I know grandma wants the kids this summer so I will probably be bringing them up ther sometime. Well anyway another round of storms is starting to roll on in so I had better get outta hear before I get almost blown up again.. (for those who hasn't read it on FB yet) Will check back in later Jenn