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  1. Feeding Oats?

    Should I try to keep her on a grass mixture? I always fed sweet feed because my mare never had issues with it, in the past I have gotten strategy but its gets so expensive. What's your suggestion on how much for oats & alfalfa? She doesn't get very hot but maybe I'm just use to her energy lol.
  2. Feeding Oats?

    So I am asking for any & all opinions here. I am moving my mare to a new barn & they feed oats.. Never done this before so kinda curious if anyone else does? She would get 2 flakes of alfalfa 2x a day as well as wherever I want in oats. I have in the past had her on just sweet feed she isn't too hard of a keeper. I ride her about 3 times a week & show a few times a month, she is a 9 year old pleasure/all around mare. I considered mixing in another feed as well maybe? Idn any thoughts or opinions welcome thank you!
  3. Critique Yearling Aqha Colt

    Thank you guys!! The farrier is coming out this week he is in need of a trim. & yes pictures on my own are difficult but I make them work lol. I will clip & clean him up & post more this month.
  4. Critique Yearling Aqha Colt

    Yeah.. Do me a favor & don't post on my topic. Also, he is a Horse. Not a pony. If you're going to be rude to me please for heavens sake be correct. Rude people I tell you what. Anyways! Since it's such a BIG deal he has some dirt on him I will take more pictures when I can control the weather.. This just happened to be some I had from yesterday. Maybe I will give him a bath next week. Thanks anyways jeesh.
  5. Okay here is Tyson he is a year old qh/apha I am open to all opinions! What do you think he will excell in? I already know what I think but I would like some more imput :) he is out of No Color Four You & Duns of Impact
  6. Advice/tips On My Pleasure/all Around Mare

    Thank you so much for the replys! I am taking all of the advice & bringing her back down to a twisted snaffle until I feel her getting right. It's been a long time since I have had her in a snaffle, I should have been smarter to realize this but glad you guys brought it to my attention. I am going to work on long trotting & bringing her back up pushing her through the bridle. Toni try's VERY hard to please there isn't much she throws a fit about she's been like that since she was 2. Hopefully my next video will show some improvement thanks again guys!
  7. Okay well it's that riding time again! This is my mare Toni, I am needing a little help with her I appreciate any & all advice from you guys. This is our second ride this spring so she is pretty out of shape. I have never sent her off to get finished so this is pretty much just me trying to get her going a little better. I know she needs to drive off her hind end more (hence the counter cantering) She is still my baby so please dont be too harsh also- I am riding her in a correction bit.
  8. Finally Found The Right Stud :)

    This being my first baby of my own I didn't realize how big he was until I started looking around haha he is such a good boy here are a few pictures from today. I would love everyones thoughts!!
  9. Well I can't seem to find much on these two hopefully someone kind enough will take a look & let me know what they see. I rescued this mare & foal, going to pick them up this week I would love some info on them. They were headed to the slaughter truck & my heart couldn't let me see them go. I have the papers the AQHA mares name is CRR Poco Latte reg #4250337 the APHA foals father is Chief Mcbear reg #713,205 I can post pictures but they are in pretty bad shape
  10. Finally Found The Right Stud :)

    Well thought I would put up the pictures of our Jr baby, his name is Tyson we call him ty for short he is 3 months old now. & boy do we love him & the way he moves :)
  11. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You Today and Everyday!!

  12. Finally Found The Right Stud :)

    thanks guys!! I am so very excited to see what foal they throw together, I think it's a good pair for sure :) Oh by the way I am sending the contract in tomorrow!
  13. Finally Found The Right Stud :)

    lol I had no idea, thats funny well he is a pretty boy!
  14. Finally Found The Right Stud :)

    Well after some hard searching I found a match for toni, let me know what you guys think! & now the lucky boy..