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  1. Bumping to the top. Not that I have been here for months... but I keep trying. Just in case somebody needs info... email is soicanhelp at Yahoo
  2. Is the board still suffering from being over-controlled? Anybody with an OTTB who is struggling to find long-ago pictures from the OTTB's time on the track, can still post here and expect that I will eventually check this thread and respond with details about their horse and a little about in which direction to turn to acquire Winner's Circle Photos from any OTTB who won a race during his/her career.
  3. One more time... anyone??? (geez, I've not been back to this website for so long... and I need to do better at checking)
  4. (thought I would start a modern thread on this subject, in case I might be able to help interested parties) Hi, In case you have an OTTB, or a QH or even some recent Arabians/Paints who raced, and are interested in eventually finding a winner's circle photo for your horse, I might be able to help. I would need the registered name of your horse and with that I can determine whether or not he/she raced and won. IF indeed your horse won at some point in the past, then there may be a winner's circle photo out there that you would be delighted to have. This would most likely involve taking the free info that I match to your horse, and then seeking the "track photographer" who might still have the ability to make a print for you. If you happen to have some key elements of the pedigree of your horse, but not the registered name, there is a chance that I can take the info that you have and at least narrow down the possibilities. Much of your success rate for the photos will depend on the age of your horse at present. If your off-the-track Thoroughbred is aged 10 or less, AND if s/he ever won a race, it should be very likely that you will be able to purchase a photo (from the track photographer at the track where your horse won) after a short while*. (*meaning: once you give me the registered name/info/year of birth if you know it... AND once I respond with the dates/tracks where your horse won, AND after you contact the track photographer with that info) My e-mail address is and I will attempt to check back with this thread periodically to see if anyone has responded with info here. In order for people to be assisted in this way, this thread NEEDS TO STAY HERE AT Horse City. I'm just trying to help young people with new pleasure horses get a little memento from their horse's past. Is there anything so wrong with doing that for no charge???
  5. Anybody else searching for old Winner's Circle Photos???
  6. Jacinto was quite the good race horse, but he was prior to the range of my record data-base, and I tried to do a search, but I can't figure out the right words to use on Google to eliminate all of the jockeys named "Jacinto", and isolate only the 1962 Thoroughbred. I DID read one interesting note... and that was, a man with a mare in 1973 had planned to breed it to Jacinto, but Jacinto's (dance card) was FULL that year, SO he took his mare elsewhere, and bred it to a new stallion named Bold Reasoning, and the result of THAT mating was Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew! (could have altered history...) That same year, one of Jacinto's daughters was born, and she was later named "Peacefully". Well six years later, 'Peacefully' had a foal by a good stallion/runner named Cougar, and that foal was named Gato Del Sol, and he would go on and win the 1982 Kentucky Derby. And I can't even find a trace of "The Spoils", and clearly he didn't win a race, per your information. I DO think that if you use Google optimally, you will be able to unearth something in the way of Jacinto. I have been trying to do so for you... but I'm struggling.
  7. It has been so long, but I'm still around, on the chance that anyone might need assistance in connecting with old "Winner's Circle Photos" of their OTTB's, OTQH's and possibly the occasional Appy or Paint. Try to get as much info as you can, about the horse (year of birth, and his registered name {name raced under} ). I might be able to assist someone who only has the mare's name. lip tattoo details can be helpful too. (BUT if you have only his registered name, then that's all the info I need to give you a list of tracks and dates at which he raced, and hopefully won...) I shall attempt to check back more often. Be patient...
  8. Passing through again to 'top' this thread - in case anybody needs help with connecting to old winner's circle photos of their former race horses.
  9. Just passing through... in case anybody needs some research on an O.T.T.B. for possible winner's circle photos from race careers.
  10. HI there, I did make it back... The bad news is that My First Beduino was 0-for-15 on the track, and thus he does not have a winner's circle photo of his own to find. The better news is that there are TWO chances to find pictures of him in action. Each winner's circle photo has an 'action' photo, and a still photo, which is where they have the owners stand together with the horse. Because My First Beduino finished a close 2nd a couple of times, you MIGHT find him clearly visible in the winner's circle photos of two other horses: The best chance for a good action photo of your horse lunging toward the wire, and falling a neck short, is this race linked here: 2/28/2003 in the 1st at Los Alamitos. The winning horse was "Leeper", and THAT is whose "Winner's Circle Photo" you would try to purchase. Your horse lost by a neck, so he should definitely be in the 'action' shot, IDEALLY ON THE OUTSIDE, nearer to the camera person! (so you can see his full body, unobscured) The other race, is March 16, 2003, in the 9th race at Los Alamitos (California), where the winner was "Del Dancer" (but I am GUESSING that in that case, Del Dancer was outside, and thus obscuring your horse a good deal) So IF you are game to spend about $20-ish (??), then contact Los Alamitos Race Course, California, and ask for the track photographer, and find out IF you can order the winner's circle photo for "Leeper", from February 28, 2003 in the first race that day. Hope this helps. your horse had 0 wins 2 seconds 0 thirds 2 fourths in his race career, the last race of which was May 15, 2004. PS - look online for "Winner's Circle Photos" so that you will know EXACTLY what I am suggesting that you buy, while hoping to have a good picture of YOUR horse in action. (to anybody else, I still intend to show up here now and again)
  11. Just bumping this thread... because I thought to come here and check.
  12. As always, I try to get to this website whenever I think about it... So don't be afraid to post your queries, and maybe I can find the secrets toward getting you pointed in the right direction to purchase a winner's circle photo from your OTTB's racing career.
  13. Hi there, I am left making guesses as to the pinpointed accuracy of your horse. For there are Thoroughbreds named "Reality" born in both 1992 and 2003. Those were both born here in the USA while there are several others who were born elsewhere on the globe. I can't even measure your confidence/certainty about "Reality" having been the OTTB's actual racing name. (maybe YOU are exactly certain of that factor, but it definitely isn't unheard-of that someone believed they had the official name given by The Jockey Club, when what they had was a nickname by which the horse was known after his racing career was over) The 2003 version of Reality (by Lure - Timely Impression, by Olden Times) managed to win one race, narrowly, from 4 career starts. That on June 23, 2007 in the 14th race at River Downs, Ohio. The 1992 version or Reality (by Real Value - Birdsall, by Hasty Road), also won once, on May 17, 1995 at Louisiana Downs. I'm hoping you do indeed have the newer version, just so that the hunt for a "Winner's Circle photo" will be a little bit easier for you. Contact River Downs (near Cincinnati Ohio), and ask for contact information for the track photographer there, particularly the person who held that position in 2007. HOPEfully you can get a photo via that means, if the 2003 version of Reality is indeed your horse. Is the pedigree I listed that which sounds familiar to you???
  14. Hi Irish Sovereign, With the listed dates and tracks of her wins, you could use that information to contact the individual tracks listed and then contact the "track photographer" at those places, hoping to eventually spend perhaps $20 or $25 for a "Winner's Circle photo" from that horse/race. It will look something like this: (no doubt races run during warmer months may look more festive than was northern Kentucky in early January there) (with an action photo, of the horse actually winning the race, and then a celebratory photo in the "Winner's Circle" with owners, friends and various stray humans.) You have chances at two different tracks, for connecting with a "track photographer" who might be able to get you one of those old photos. There is a CHANCE that the present-day track photographer was NOT the person doing that job back in 2003 and 2004, so UNLESS the present-day photographer OR the track itself can connect you with the former track photographer, then the picture you want may not be available.
  15. Hi there, 3 career wins: Sept. 20, 2003 in the 1st race at Charles Town, WV (won by 16 3/4 lengths) August 3, 2004 in the 10th race at Philadelphia Park, PA August 24, 2004 in the 3rd race at Philadelphia Park, PA 3 wins, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, from 35 career starts. Earned $40,117. She was really poor during the final year of her racing career beginning after switching to a new trainer.