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  1. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    to Jack and to Jack and his family
  2. How about: Camp Boggy Creek, they are in Fl. A very good cause I donate to every year also another I give to: Childrens Miracle Network Both can be googled. I dont give to many do to most of the money going to executives but I like these two. Camp Boggy Creek's Dr.'s & nurses are all voulanters. Good luck finding one.
  3. Your Cat Name

    Count Hissy Pants....and it fits me too !!!!!
  4. Soooo How'd Your April Fools Start?

    We have poop !!!!!!
  5. Soooo How'd Your April Fools Start?

    to a VERY expensive show horse colicking......FOR REAL....he is still at the equine hospital. he is a friends horse that is staying at my house
  6. Say "hi" To New Member

    HAY !!!!!
  7. How Far Will You Trailer By Yourself?

    I have gone 1000 miles with my horses...by myself. I carry 2 spare tires; a tire changing wedge & a breaker bar as well as emergency triangels. Good luck on your trips !!!!!
  8. Need Help Finding Kitten

    Horsecrazybvh, Kittens not cats...LOL
  9. Need Help Finding Kitten

    Pink Tractor, they are in York....Do you go to The Buck to compeat ??
  10. Need Help Finding Kitten

    BurgendyBlankets, Neutered is the general term for altering of cats & dogs...male & female...ask your vet But thank you. The shelters by me will call me on ANY calico cat they get in ( I have been there quite a few times on calls for the surrendered calico)....when I get there its a full grown cat...I want a kitten. I have missed out on 2 that were kittens, got the call & didn't get there soon enough(they won't hold them for me to drive the 40 min. to get there). I don't want someone elses idiot cat. My "Puddin" was an idiot, but she was MY idiot !!!! I worked at an animal shelter for 11 years (a town run DOG POUND) I want a kitten with no history.
  11. Need Help Finding Kitten

    Yes they are also called Poly...people refer to them as Hemingway due to the fact that Earnest Hemingway was a big fan & supporter of them. They are all over Key West & the Hemingway House has them. I have tried CL ads all over Fl. & some in Pa. as I have family in Pa. that will be coming to visit me soon. The few I have found at shelters had holds on them & were waiting to be neutered befor being taken home.
  12. Need Help Finding Kitten

    Ok, so if I'm not allowed to do this please let me know. I am looking for a Calico Hemingway kitten. I lost my cat "Pudden" about 5 weeks ago & am looking for another. If anyone in Fl. knows of any, PLEASE...PLEASE let me know. Thanks everyone !!!!!!
  13. How Often Can My Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

    I have some free range Key West chickens, my girls find the eggs & eat them all day long...I call this POPULATION CONTROL !!!!!! At any given time I have about 30-40 chickens running loose in the yard so I don't mind them finding & eating the eggs. I do have my layers that are in large dog kennels with dog houses that I collect the eggs every day for us house dwellers.
  14. Just 1 Thing.....

    my dogs, when I come home from anywhere......even if I go out the mailbox they act as if I've been away for weeks & go crazy when they see me
  15. What Are You Bringing Camping?

    I will bring a Jack to pull out the Nail I brought in my tire...HA...pritty creative I am...