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  1. Polygamy

    Here is another voice from the far past.....Found the thread while just lurking, but I don't know if I would be able to keep another wife satisfied physically!! Perhaps if I were using some kind of chemical stimulus, but at 70 yrs young, I am only up to the twice weekly stuff. How many Women are up to regular physical attention?? Weekly? Daily, Hourly?........HMMMMM
  2. Iran Nuclear Deal

    Many Democrats in this country are in need of a lobotomy!! And, as I said before, the conversations about Bibi, and what is going on there, I get from the YOUNG people at our shuel, and they HAVE been going back and forth frequently to study, and to travel the Holy Land.
  3. Iran Nuclear Deal

    Well folks.... I have ben having a lot of water go under my bridge lately, and have not signed on for the lively disussions. Nick; I don't suppose you realize it, but you do come off as rather elitist in your replies, as well as your view points on many issues. I am not scolding, only pointing out the perhaps subtle action. This is NOT Europe, and Europeans DO come off as elitist, and snotty to many of us. I too have traveled outside the U.S. extensively as a child, and have seen the good, bad, and the really ugly Americans. I also feel this agreement is very bad for our country, and for the entire portion of the world where the Religious zealots rule. Barrel Guy; Like you, I am very alarmed at what the POTUS, and his not very esteemed cohorts are doing to my country, as well as what he is doing to our foreign relations with our only real ally in the troubled area of the middle east. Perhaps as Nick suggested, I need to do more research, and read more on both sides of these questions. Equicrzy; It might be not so easy to swallow the pain of disrespect we are getting from the likes of our POTUS, and the ever reaching government, but we do need to look at the other guys story. As for me?....I am just an old, crotchety fool, with a keyboard, and lots of time now, and no money left. To bring up the idea of Israel and the leadership, is quite the subject for another thread, and one that perhaps should be more explored. As a Jew raised in the U.S., and it's territories, as well as in the far east, I fear for the likes of my country at the hands of an arrogant, narcissistic fool, with visions of Saul Alinski in his twisted mind.
  4. Hc Revisited

    WOW! I just talked to my youngest sister, and my Dad just passed. I am in shock! I was just up in Oregon to visit him 10 days ago, and while he was using his "nitro" a lot, he seemed ok. He passed in his sleep with his paid caregivers at his side. I am packing the truck, and heading out for the 15 hour drive in about 20 minutes. Or,,,,as soon as my adult son, and my Grand Daughter get here. See ya in about a week after the services, and the burial at Eagle Point Veterans, Eagle Point , Oregon.
  5. Trail Ride + Feral Horse Pics

    Hey there trail people!! Have not been here for some time, and miss ya'll! The truth be told, I have been going out exploring in my Wrangler more this summer, and found some NICE places to go relax, and ride. I can't wait for the heat to cool, so I can go up to the red rock country again, and then also go to the Southern Sierra Mtns for some fishing!!
  6. Tell Us About Your Purebred!

    My Mare "Siseley", or should i say; " P.C. Special Edition", is our only pure bred animal. She is pure Arabian, and has lots of very famous sires and dams. But our Min-Pin "Snoozy", is pure but not registered. We wound up with her when my MIL passed away, and she is a real terror on the squirrels, and even caught a couple rats out by the chicken coop!! Here is "Siseley" when she was only about 5 yrs old, and now, when she has gone all white with flea bitten. Yeah, she was a beautiful smokey gray when she was young, and even through the dirt and sweat on her in the first pic, you can see the flea bitten. I do kind of like flea bitten anyway, but she sure did look great as a dapple gray. Steve
  7. Hc Revisited

    It is funny that many of us have gone to just lurking. I used to be on here every day, and kind of got into using my Jeep more, and camping in more remote stuff, which kept me away from the computer more. ( Is that a good thing?? Maybe).....I do not, and will not use facebook, or twitter, or most any other of the social media stuff. I do not feel comfortable on them, and when my Wife started using Facebook, with in about 2-3 days, we had so much spam, and requests for "friends", we with drew, ( if that is even possible), and even changed our e-mails, sign in names, even our internet provider, to get rid of the awful stuff we had been receiving!! I miss hearing from the folks in the Dominican Republic, the lady in Bakersfield, and several others on here. But..I have come to look, lurk, and even as you see, post!!
  8. Baffled. In What Context Would This Be Good?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE LIKE BUTTON!!
  9. Packing Ahorse

    I have been off site for a couple months. I am glad to see everyone is still here! I got another Jeep Wrangler, and as the saying goes....J ust E mpty E very P ocket! = JEEP! I have been out to run around the desert, and camping in the old Ghost town of "Bonanza Gulch/Bickel Camp. And....Monday I leave for a week of exploring the "Mojave Road". This runs from Fort Mojave, on the Colorado River, and crosses the East Mojave Wilderness on the trails of the pioneers, and Army outposts from the 1860's to 1930's. It is only 138 miles across, but is in an area with NO springs, or water except a couple of springs at Rock Springs, and at Afton Canyon. Oh yeah, there is a few spots with alkali springs, but drink that and you will probably DIE! So, I'll be back to riding, and exploring on horse back after this trip. We plan on going up to our fav place above the Kern Plateau, and along Salmon Creek, if ANY water is still flowing. The Kern River is now just a trickle, and no grass for the grazing, or water for the stock. So, going to about 8000 ft will at least give us some stock water at Big Meadow, or Cannell Meadow.
  10. Whats Your Morning Temp?

    Yep! 62 and sunny! Should be about 80 today, with some high clouds coming in this evening. Wind from the west south west at about 6 knots.... Time to saddle up!!!!
  11. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    Baked half ham, fresh butternut squash, fresh asparagus, and boiled potatoes with gravy. I would have baked some bisquits, but am too lazy to scratch make the Bisquick. So, had to use some rye bread with real butter, and some orange marmalade.....UMMMMM
  12. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Oh yeah, for the top of the coop you can get a roll of that construction area plastic netting, and it has held up for over 7 yrs now, so should work to keep owls, hawks. and especialy the dam ravens out of the coop. The neighborhood cats also cannot get in...but watch for squirrels, and even rats to steal your eggs!
  13. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Sort of wound p with "Mutts". no particular breed, but have some Americana, and some weird bandy cross.....
  14. Steep Slopes

    Ahaaa....the tune changes!!
  15. Do Your Gain After A Ride?

    I am a big fan of lots of carrots, apples, and a handful of sweet feed, with a lot of water, tiny bit of electrolytes, and even a bit of applesauce. This puts water, and sugars into their system, along with being very comforting for both of us. I also give them this mix just before we travel, as it gets lots of water in, and mine won't drink in the trailer sometimes.