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  1. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    Ooh that sounds horribly painful! I've been keeping my eye out for an used Surge (used by my father for his Jerseys) when I came across this one. Is there another brand I should check out? I have started a savings account for my goats, I figure about 8 grand would be good to start with 4 goats and all the equipment?
  2. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    Hey Epona, could I ask your opinion on this? It kind of looks like something that wouldn't last more than a few seasons.
  3. A Good Horse, Gone Bad.

    I have a question - couldn't see if it was answered already... Shouldn't Abby be disciplined for asserting her place over Sam while Equi was around?
  4. Gop Leadership Direction

    What do you mean, any substance? All you need to do is look at the government's actions. Sure, I'll quit posting, guess my attempt to liven up these boards by bringing up points that need debating was pointless. My apologies for not having information from your preferred sources to back up my comments.
  5. Gop Leadership Direction Granted, most of my information is from self-interpretation and from reading blogs, opinions, and articles from questionable sources, but I find it really difficult to believe that everything is just hunky dory and citizens still have freedom of speech and security. It is up to all of us to seek out information from all types of sources and not just debunk it because Snopes said so. My rationale for Obama's impeachment was because of all of the executive orders that Obama has done, sidestepping Congress and Senate, to allow for policy that actually harms the economy. Extracirricular activities pales in comparison, and I bet that was brought up for Clinton because he was making policies that corporations didn't like. However, I searched for executive orders and it turns out that Roosevelt had done more than 3000 while Obama has 194 under his belt. I looked at the types of executive orders and compared them, and I really don't think Obama has your best interest in mind. Roosevelt - Clinton - Obama - I suppose I have no real rationale for Obama's impeachment, just going by what he has done so far, which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
  6. Gop Leadership Direction

    With the recent amnesty granted to millions of illegal immigrants, Obama isn't going anywhere. They will gleefully vote for him. His plan to microchip (mark of the beast, anyone?) all the Americans under Obamacare by 2017 will happen. The citizens of Mexico are protesting their corrupt government peacefully, with infilitrators hired by government causing issues, because of a group of missing students that brought the corruption to light. There are thousands of them sitting in the square in front of the government building. I don't see American citizens doing this. More foreclosed homes are empty than homeless people? Walmart's major source of income is food stamps? A citizen born in the good ol' USA owes $48 700 from the minute they came into existence. A peacful protest is quickly smothered and people watch the Kardishans on tv. Y'all need to call for an impeachment, like yesterday.
  7. Worth Breeding?!

    The thing is that there are people out there willing to put down money for a double dapple. If they all stopped doing that, then there wouldn't be a market lucrative enough to make the risks worth it. The buyers are scum.
  8. Mcdonalds Is Still Cheap,

    It is cheaper compared to other places, in quality and price. I eat McDonalds about once a year, and I remember why I haven't eaten it for a year. Same as KFC *shudder*. I guess you get what you pay for.
  9. Maybe The Last One?

    That looks like so much fun and cold! I only rode in the mountains once in my lifetime, at Willmore Wilderness Park. I'm not too far from your area, actually! I always drool over your Ya Ha Tinda pictures.
  10. Maybe The Last One?

    I'd be more than happy to come over and help you get your extra horses ridden! I haven't ridden since my horse died in 2009, and need to get my confidence back. Unfortunately, winter is here and my bones can't take the cold. Do you ride much during the winter?
  11. Sire Of The Last Foal I Raised

    When I was a kid, I wanted my dad to breed our Skipa Star QH mare to High Sign Nugget. He took her to the neighbours' stud instead. The stud was scheduled to be gelded the following week for good reasons. Ah, the perks of backyard breeding. I still like that bloodline. Is your foal showing now?
  12. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    Thank you for the tips! I'm being smart and waiting on getting goats after I have the pens set up and equipment ready, but I'd like to know what to look out for. The ad I found had no pictures, but here is another one that I'm interested in...
  13. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    One gallon of milk per day is plenty! Would I get about half of that if I left their kid on them? Or is it better to milk the doe out myself and bottle feed the kids? I'm in trouble. I just found two saanen does, ready to kid, for sale on Kijiji.
  14. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    Oh man, you had to post your page! Now I'm leaning towards nigerian dwarves instead... how much milk do they produce? How's the little munchkin?
  15. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    Thanks so much, Epona! That pile of babies is to die for!