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  1. $700 Billion Bailout Just Failed In The House!

    WOW I didn't see that in either artical that I read that I linked to. I see Economist Brian Wesbury as a reference, but not that. Is that a ad or something on his site? Cause I am not trying to promote Religion this is not about religion I could care less what your religion is. This is about America and what will help the economy. Yes he believes in God, but that doesn't have to be your view to see that this plan makes sense. Why does it always have to turn to religion or partision ship. Eitherway take it as you see, I was trying to be helpful as an american. [surrender]
  2. $700 Billion Bailout Just Failed In The House!

    I agree I am so glad this did not pass. I am all for capitalism not socialism. I am attaching a link please go read and educate yourself. Don't rely on the media and fear to educate you. There are other options that are available that are better for americans. This stuff is coming from top economic advisors.
  3. Alec Is Home!

    So glad he is home!!! He is very pretty, I really like him!! Although Ellie and Hank are by far my favorites!! I just love Hank, I might come steal him from you. [ROTFL] So if he comes up missing don't look down my way, he won't be there. Ellie is lookin real good!! I think that is the best I have ever seen her.
  4. Cat Experts! Food Question Please

    I feed Evo for both Socks and the Dogs. It is the closest thing to raw you can get in a dry food form. I get complaments on Socks everytime I take him to the vet, they always ask what I am feeding him. It is by far the best food I have ever feed and I have done tons of research since you know how one of my dogs is. He also only gets feed twice a day only 1/4 cup. He is a bit more active than Misty is so Misty could actually do to go on a diet and get a bit less for a while till he drops weight.
  5. Please Read *before* Buying Renegade - Update

    Hey Jumpin. Have you done anything else in the boots? I am really interested in how you think they do on trail type stuff. Especially mud and if they stay on well. Was just checkin for some updates.
  6. Finally found you :-)

  7. Lol! Cute Video Of Man Singing Puppies To Sleep!

    That is to cute!! I can't hear what he was sigin at work, but them puppies sure liked it. I love how they all set down and were watching him at the very beginin in unison.
  8. Having A Mental Block Of Some Kind,..

    I hate it when you get a book that you just can't get into. I am a avid reader as well, and I had a couple from high school that I just could not get into, but luckly we had cliff notes for them. Since this is a parenting book, my guess would be there are no Cliff notes for it. You got some good suggestions though. I am of no help as to what to do without cliff notes. The book on tape thing sounded worth lookin into. [Huggy]
  9. Midget & Midget

    [ROTFL] [ROTFL] Bella and midget look like they are going to be a great team together. Just her size!!
  10. Hey Girl! Have a great day!

  11. Yeah, I finally had time to play around with it today. Lots of stuff to learn. LOL

  12. I Am Just Loving Some Of The New Features!

    Cool, Thanks Spots!! Yeah, I finally had time to mess around with it today. hee,hee playin with the smilies,oooh color :-)
  13. Hey! I was wondering when you would get here!

    I have to wait for someone to post to add them to my friends list. :)

  14. Please Read *before* Buying Renegade - Update

    Very good info. Thanks for posting this.
  15. Hi sweetie!Just had to leave a comment for ya!

    Got your request and added ya to my list!

    Love ya chickie!