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  1. Nightwalkers

    (Ya she was) Selene tryed to remember how long he said he was curse but he never said. "I can get your memeories back if I had this book" Her voice fading off "but I can't"He voice low and disappionting. Why would he even remeber her maybe because she was a big part of him or something.
  2. ~**The Outsiders**~

    I have no muse so I'm not going to post but just BUMP!
  3. Nightwalkers

    Selene was suprised when he said that he wanted to know about his past. She looked up at him and cocked her head "Why?" She said. Most vampries wouldn't want to because they were asamie. He still had a part of him that didn't change but she just had to find it. ---------------- Marcus rolled his blue eyes at he act. Sighing softly "You never let me have any fun, just because I'm not dull blooded like you"He said his blue eyes turning back to normal and them falling down to Brandy
  4. Hope stood there noy knowing what to do. She just wanted to leave. She jumped when she heard Ashley yell down to her. She looked at the coat rack and all her things were there. Putting on everything that Ashley said to do. She just stood by the door waiting for Ashley to come.
  5. Hope just stood there her small bag hung over her right sholder and Blairs black camera around her small neck which had many necklaces tryed to it too. She watched as Rylee talk to her and as Ashley corrected her. Rylee made her feel worse but didn't show it. She watched Rylee pass her and go into the kicthen and Ashley get up. She just stayed quiet biting her lip hard tring not to cry anagin to talk.
  6. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Peter nodded his head yes after what she sad. He looked at it for a moment longer and then grabbed his hoodie. Dusting off the grass from it?s red surface and the slipping it over his head. Pulling the hood down off of his head and then fixing his naturally black hair. He looked at her with his dark brown eyes Well, You know more about me than any other person He said. He was going to tell her why he went to snapping and not what he did before but he was getting tired of telling her things. He had spoken more words now than he ever did in the last three years. ?Tell something about you? He said trying not to sound demanding but as a question.
  7. Nightwalkers

    Selene sighed softly, it was just almost a long breath as he spoke. "Only if I could go back and get that book" She said to herself. She walk talking about the book that talked about cursed vampires. Somewhere in there might have something about him remebering but she couldn't go back. She looked down and tried to remeber what she had read in that book but not much she didn't finsih it yet. She looked back up at him "Do you want to remeber?" She asked with sad eyes ------- Marcus chuckled as she flinched back. He was now enjoying this some more. Licking off the blood that had run onto his finger and then looking at her. "Oh how about my friend Hilary?" He said looking at Hilary
  8. ~**The Outsiders**~

    (NO! Don'y drop out the last page or two have been just me and Madcow blabing on, You person just need to talk to somebody or go back to the school. PLEASE DON'y GO THO!)
  9. Nightwalkers

    Selene closed her eyes and shook her head. He was pretending her remebered someing but didn't. She looked back up at him with said blue eyes "You don't remember do you?" She said softly almost as soft as her eyes. -----------------------
  10. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Peter didn't look at her not seeing how happy she was about him giving up the bands. He looked at his arms. He never looked at them often because he always wore his hoddie. He ran his fingers over the scares on his arms. These brought back bad momeries but he pushed them away. He looked up at her with dark eyes "This is what I did before those" he said looking at the bands then his arms
  11. Hope stood in the hallway looking at the wonderful beautiful pictures. Why hadn't he shown anybody these? She said. She walked down the stairs and seen Ashley and Rylee sitting in the living room. She clicked the button over the take pictures and clicked a quick picture of them. You could just feel the love between them. She looked at it and smiled. She hung the camrea over her neck and grabbed her bag from the rack. Walking into the kichten and picked up the pile of drawing on the counter and put them into her bag. Walking back into the living room "I'm ready" She said looking at Ashley and Rylee
  12. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Peter looked down and chuckled at her witty comment. He thought it was stupid how she turned a serious moment into a funny one. He thought about what he should do, leave or stay. He wanted to pulled up his sleeve and snap the rubber band until he felt better, but he was trying to lay off the snapping for her. He took off his hoodie and he was wereing a white shirt with some kind of disighn on it. He looked over his arm witch had scares on it for verious reasons. He took off the five bands on each wrist and handed them to her. Here He said telling her that he was going to try to stop.
  13. Nightwalkers

    She was kind of sad that he didn't remeber a thing but she didn't understand why his memory was lost. She looked down and listened to him carefully. Trying to think of who Marcus was , to him. He is my ex, Before the old you and he was trying to kill us because you took me from me She said soflty. She looked up at him But that was before She said. -------------- He was about to say something but Hilary cut him off. Turning to her and sighing softly "Oh, Where are my manners?" He said looking at her. He was angry that she gave herself away "This id Hilary, and who are you" He turned and looked at Brandy "But who cares about manners? When there is a delicious girl like you walking about" He said running a long nail over her warm neck. Presing a bit harder he cut it slight
  14. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Peter just stared at her with almost black eyes. He really didn't know what to tell her and she didn't seem to know what to tell him. He pulled his sleave down and just played with the edge of his sleave not having anything else to play with. He nodded at her soft words. Why were they being so nice to eachother? And why was he listening to her? He really didn't know it just happened. After she was done speaking he thought about it and sighed softly again just so frusterated about everything. Pain is my life, I am pain He said softl. He actully had a big head ach but couldn't do anything about it
  15. Nightwalkers

    Selene looked at him surprised that he really wanted to talk about it. She leaned again a chair and thought about it Okay before your curse was lifted, we were in a tomb that you stayed in a child and we were talk about our life and how we got blooded She said hoping he mgiht remember that. She swallowed deeply "Before that we were at me place tring to steal blood from Marcu and he tried to kill us" She said softly