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  1. Well we had her in a neighbors pony blanket (which she hated) but the vet told us she still has quite a bit of winter to weather and the blanket would keep her hair down so lose it and just bed the heck out of her stall. So thats what we're doing and she's doing great.
  2. Hey all Rain is already a week old tonight! Can't believe it! I have a photo album at: And I'm making an album of a picture a day for Rains first year there (although its off to a rocky start due to the ZERO degree weather here!). Mom and baby are doing fine.. vet came Saturday morning and gave Rowan an antibiotic in her vagina because her discharge was looking a little odd but she's all clear now. Tonight in the barn while we were cleaning, Rain was JUMPING bales of straw, it was hilarious, she's very light on her draftie feet! I took the camera down to mail to a friend who has foals coming but the photo album will let everyone watch Rain grow up.
  3. Hey Shelley vet won't be here til Friday but I'll let yall know. I'm letting mom and baby outside for a half hour today, bringing my camera and it should be fun!
  4. Hey all I have 2 videos on youtube, forgive me on the birth one I kind of panicked, stopped recording and ran over: Then little Rain trying to get up: Rain already has so much personality its a hoot! And PS thanks SO much for the phone calls, soon as Rowan started I had a zillion calls come in, you guys are GREAT and I would never have a pregnant horse without surveillance, no way can you miss a birth with the 'net horsey godmothers keeping watch!! [ 01-30-2007, 09:58 AM: Message edited by: Coppertop ]
  5. Hey all its a GIRL!! Baby "Rain" came FAST. I had just been out there with Rowan and just as soon as I came in the house and checked the cam she was pushing. Perfect delivery, she's been up (with help) learning her legs, tried sucking a bit, and pooped. Thank God for my neighbor, she jumped right in. We're in love!! Pics uploading to flickr: Should be up in a few minutes. Rowan is such a good mom and she has been pleasant to all the humans.
  6. Hey all I just want to post a pic of Rowans waxed teats from just now when I fed her and let you know I'm going to sleep, only had 2 hours last night before school this morning and I KNOW it'll be another long night tonight!! If anything happens PLEASE call and wake me up and don't give up til you get me! Cell: 724-799-1148 Home: 724-449-5883
  7. Ok I restarted the desktop and now it works on both my puters, hope it works now!! Adios, off to school!
  8. Oh no can anyone see but me? I have classes today 9-2, will get home at 2:30 and then I have to DIE since I slept 2 hours last "night" I am walking dead. If she goes in labor PLEASE ring the **** out of my cellphone, it will be on vibrate while I'm in school.
  9. Working fine for me, what do you see instead of the image? If its a red x you need to uninstally unreal media player 5.0 and then visit the and reinstall the control. I had to do that yesterday. We are waxed like crazy.
  10. Yay Kat I'm not the only night owl. I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't put up this cam.. I'd feel so ALONE.. I have people to call when I know shes in labor but I don't want to wake them at 3 something in the morning for a false alarm.
  11. I think she's in labor but don't take my word for it! She's waxed for sure!
  12. Well I'm not sure whats going on, she had a tiny plug of something on one nipple tonight. She's really lovey-dovey tonight. I took some pics of her and they are uploading here, should be up in a sec: We're having cold weather and snow so I put up a heat lamp and laid straw just in case.
  13. LOL thanks, I haven't wrapped a tail since 1994, I don't think she really needs it wrapped yet but I'm curious if it will stay on tonight. It's bright red like all of Rowans gear and I'm actually hoping for a colt I think. I waffle. Belgian waffle.
  14. Okay looks like wefoal updated to version 5 of the software, I downloaded all new stuff on my end and the cam is working for me just fine now. Try re-downloading the streaming media player software from and try that it worked for me. Hope this helps!
  15. Ok I think I added sound to the camera as well so if you have speakers I may be able to tell you its a boy or girl :-)