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  1. Hc Revisited

    Feeling a might gassy myself. I just popped by on a whim. Glad I did! Howdy y'all!
  2. Riding Boots

    Another vote here for Ariat. I bought mh first pair my second year in college, and haven't bought any other bra since. They last for years, even tbrough the abuse I heap on tbem oa regular basis .
  3. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Sending so much strength to Jack and all the family.
  4. Both Of My Dogs Had Salmonella Poisoning

    Yikes! I think I remember a taste of the wild recall a year or so ago. Thankfully, sorta, my cat has a sensitive stomach anyway, so I am used to buying a bag, trying it for a week, then having to put it up to try another brand. Boobookitty only are a little before I put the bag away. It wasn't until a few months later that I found out about the recall. Curious, i checked the bag, sure enough.....makes me really leery these days of just about anything I feed any of my animals.
  5. Hugs Please.

    (((Hugs))) I am so sorry to hear the news. He is a beautiful boy and what a sweet face. PM sent.
  6. Peeps Who Wear Contacts, If You've Got A Minute.....

    I get my prescription from a great doc at wally world then order drom 1800contacts too. i have an astigmatism so there is no such thing as cheap contacts cor me any more, but i can see without squinting and the contacts rolling around. I have been super happy with 1800contacts
  7. Tricktraining

    Are you trying to have her perform the bow where she kneels down on one bended knee? If so, yes, I have run into that problem before. Thats a complicated set of movements, and not all horses seem to get how to do it without a little help. Hence my guiding hand when Rocky performs the trick. Pus, for many, its just a scary trick to do and they worry about falling. Step by step, what do you do when asking for that trick?
  8. Teaching Children To Fire Guns..

    i am not even going to bother with sloshing through this entire post, because, quite frankly, the condescending tones being thrown around sicken and insult me. I have my own thoughts and opinions on the whole gun thing, but I won't bother to shove them down everybody's throats. I will say that I am quite disappointed in the amount of, can I call it racism? that i am seeing. This whole "You Americans" tone I keep reading. It reminds me of the small minded racism I still see in the south. I don't open discussions with "You white people, you black people, you purple people." Do you know why? Because people are friggin PEOPLE. There are nut jobs in every race. Heck, every family has them. I am not going to assume that just because I saw something on the news about a group of people that all those people must be like that. I have lived in the south a very long time, and I have to put up with a crap ton of generalizations. Frankly, it is insulting. There are a heck of a lot more SANE, RESPONSIBLE and even *gasp* gun owning people out there then those few wackado nut jobs you base your generalizations on.
  9. Tricktraining

    Thanks for the words of advice. I'll definitely make note of them in the future. If I'd known there'd be a critique, I would have chosen a better video. I shot that video last year after a discussion on a training board where folks were discussing a horse getting excited during tricks and a gelding was becoming aroused during a trick training session. As for the smile, that was my fault. It'd been a while since I'd worked with any tricks. I taught Buddy, another of my minis to smile. I'd forgotten that I hadn't taught him to smile yet, so I just rewarded a try of any kind and didn't bother with pushing for a smile, since the goal wasn't to train that day. As for the bow, and his troubles. He has occassional locking stifles, and when he stretches out like he does in the back end, it makes him waddle a bit when he first moves out. That might have been why he had troubles on that last one. I have different "good boys" depending on what they're doing. If I see a try and they're obviously trying to figure out what to do, I have a deep "goooooooooooood" that I give. that's usually the cue saying "You're doing good, keep it up, you'll figure it out" I'll reward try to encourage them to want to do the trick. Then, when they finally get the trick right, I give an excited "good boy!!!!!" and rub up and down and act like they're the smartest horsey in the whole wide world. I end the training there. I find, when I do that, the next day when I work on the trick again, it takes less time for them to figure out how to do it. You should see Penny, my smallest mini try to figure out the bow, she "cheats" and tries to reach her head around to get the treat instead. I can't practice that one too much with her though. She's not yet 2, and I want to avoid overstretching muscles with the bow.
  10. Photo Sharing

    very very cool! I have always wanted to shoot photos of bald eagles out in their element. beautiful!
  11. Tricktraining

    I think this is from last year or so.
  12. Tricktraining

    I think I have a few videos somewhere. When I get home, I will try to remember to post them. I am on my kindle, and haven't mastered copy and paste yet. He tends to get a little "excited" when doing and learning new tricks, so it's a bit embarrassing to show them off. because you can SEE just how excited he is.
  13. That is just freaky scary, and I am so glad he told you.
  14. Making Your Own ''bling'' Tack

    I have got to figure out how to turn this autocorrect off of the kindle. I meant to say glueing not gliding. if you have a Tandy Leather Factory near you, that would be a great place to start. they have . lot of neat conchos and doo dads.
  15. Pets In Things!

    love all the pics! I' 'll have to see if I can dig up any of my own.