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  1. Who Here Has Had A Biopsy?

    My husband had a thyroid biopsy, I was in the room when they took the sample. It involved swabbing his neck, inserting a needle into the thyroid and removing fluid. Took less than 10 minutes, start to finish. Hubby said he didn't have any discomfort. Prayers and jingles for a good outcome for you!
  2. Prayers Needed

    [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  3. Jalape?o Hands

    Whatever you do...Do Not...pick your nose. Hope it goes away soon [Huggy]
  4. My Brother Died Thursday Evening

    I am so very sorry for your and your family's loss. [Angel] [Huggy]
  5. Just Got A Phone Call No One Wants To Get

    I'm so sorry for your loss! [Angel] [Huggy]
  6. My Brother Had A Stroke This Morning...

    [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy]
  7. Mom's In The Hospital

    I'm so sorry for your loss. May your beloved mother rest in peace. [Angel] [Huggy]
  8. New Additions

    Oh my, they are beautiful!
  9. I'm Almost Ready... I'm Home, Update #36

    I'm glad things went well and you are home safe and sound. Gentle hugs [Huggy] , hope the pain is manageable from here on out. [Huggy]
  10. I'm Almost Ready... I'm Home, Update #36

    bumping up Hope you are doing well and home soon! [Angel] [Huggy]
  11. How Quickly We Get Caught Up In Our Lives

    *like* [Huggy]
  12. I'm Almost Ready... I'm Home, Update #36

    [smiley Wavey] Just adding more well wishes and good thoughts! [Huggy] [Angel]
  13. ** Happy Birthday Extra Hannah **

    [Huggy] Happy Birthday!
  14. I'm So Mad Right Now

    Two months without a ciggy is fabulous, good for you! [Yay] It could be the remnants of nicotine moving out of your system affecting your moods. Don't give in, you can do it! Do you have a Wii game you can do, like boxing or tennis? Punch the snot out of a pillow? [Huggy]
  15. I'm Almost Ready... I'm Home, Update #36

    Good luck with everything! [Angel] [Huggy]