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    Anything Horses<br /><br />I love watching rodeos<br /><br />Im big in showing<br /><br />And I would love to live in Wyoming or Montana during the summer!<br /><br />I love shopping and getting all dressed up and girly, but I love spending the day at the barn in my tank top, jeans, boots, and ball cap, even better!
  1. Hey guys, I just need some of your opinions. I have a real tough decision ahead of me and I would like to just see what some of you would do if in this it goes. Soooo, stay at home this summer, free living and horse board, get to stay with both my horses and show all summer, stay with my friends and family, have a good relaxing summer at my parents new place, show 4-h my last year? OR Take a summer internship with a reputable QH trainer that could very likely turn into me being hired on permanently, get free living but no pay, and possibility of only having maybe one of my horses with me otherwise both or one of them would be back at home 8 hours away? Sooo picture yourself in this situation. One side is a **** of an opportunity, the other would be like spending my last summer as a "kid".....I don't knowwwwwww... HELLLLLLLLP!
  2. When Is It Too Late To Breed?

    Technically you can breed whenever you want. The more popular months are typically Feb-May which would give you a Jan-April baby. Some people do breed later but most big time show people don't because they want to start showing them, that's why they like their babies born in Feb/March so they can wean them early summer and start getting them fit.(Halter) I personally prefer a March/April baby. If they come early in the year you have to blanket them and if they come during the summer you have to sweat for them. They don't really sweat about the first couple months so you have to constantly be sponging them down when it's real hot. Babies really don't put up with the heat well, I'd rather have to blanket one then have it go through that heat at a young age. Just a personal opinion.
  3. Sydney Pictures! :)

    Aww :) Thanks!
  4. Sydney Pictures! :)

    They're Laredo's :) Thanks!!
  5. Sydney Pictures! :)

    Just a few pictures from our ride the other day. We have State Fair coming up and possibly a regional show or two if we can fit them in before Sydney and I leave for COLLEGE!! So needless to say, we're busy busy busy! Enjoy:)
  6. Someone Pinch Me.

    Thanks guys! Less than two months roomieeeeee! :)
  7. Addictions

    Horses, obvi. Jason Aldean Anything pink or zebra print Online shopping...this one's getting real bad.
  8. Someone Pinch Me.

    Hey everyone:) First I just wanted to start off with a little tribute to my beloved Joey and Dreamer. These links are to the topics I wrote for them when they were each put down. I haven't read these in a while, it seems so long since they left us, but reading through these makes the memories flood back to me, they were very difficult for me to read. Rest in Peace Joey Rest in Peace Dreamer You know how at some point in your life get that once in a lifetime horse? Well Joey and Dreamer were both that. For some reason Joey and I's ride was cut extremely too short. He's my guardian angel now though and I feel that he made some arrangements to take care of me because just a few months after Joey passed Sydney came into my life, whom many of you know. Little did I know she would affect my life as dramatically as Joey did. Dreamer seems to be watching out for me too, I've been blessed with yet another once in a lifetime horse. Everybody, meet Bling :) (Gunsmokin Cowgirl) She is a 2 year old palomino QH, it was one of those love at first sight things, I couldn't be any more happy with her! (Syd's the other horse in the pictures) :) I really couldn't have custom made any two horses, I love em soo much! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. Yea, it hasn't all been fun, from the links I posted about Joey and Dreamer you can tell we've been through some you know what, but I still can't believe though how blessed I am. :) Thanks for reading. -Cally
  9. Belly Button Piercing? :)

    I got mine done at the end of March. I knew I always wanted to get it. Im pretty good with pain and needles don't bother me at all. Mine did hurt, like a sting or a tight pinch but that only lasted a second or two. As soon as he was done piercing it the pain quit and mine hasn't hurt since. I would play with it a lot, move it up and down and keep it loose. I was told to clean it like 4 times a day, yea mine got cleaned once a day when I showered. I used Dial Body wash, worked GREAT! Anything Dial or Suave is good to use on piercings. That's the only time it ever gets cleaned and the only thing it's ever been cleaned with. I slept on my stomach the 2nd night I had it and I rode a couple hours after I got it. (Just be careful when taking off the saddle! ;) I still have very very little discharge every so often, but nothing that's not normal. So far it's healing tremendously, but everyone is different and everyone's body's have different ways of healing. I was not very nervous to get mine, I think because I had it in my head for so long that I wanted it that it just didn't bother me. It's one of those things that if you are 100 percent sure that you want it then stop thinking about it and get it! I don't regret it at all and I think even someone with the worse pain tolerance would say that it's worth it. 2 seconds of pain for a fun worth it :) Good Luck!
  10. Such Is Life. :)

    Went on my college visit today where I met Faith, (-Chasing-Dreams-) And we decided to become ROOMIES! :)
  11. Looking For A Standing Appaloosa Stud In Illinois

    Yes, I know Magnum's owners. They're in North Dakota now, but they kept him standing at Allen QH's. He's a good boy, very gentle and has a good personality. He throws a lot of champagnes as well. If you still looking, I also know of an AWESOME App stallion just south of Moline Il. He sired my gelding (who unfortunetely had to be put down at 6) But I was 13 at the time and he was 3 and we went trail riding EVERYWHERE, roped cattle, and my trainer roped some bulls off of him, we showed every weekend...BEST minded horse I've ever owned, I did EVERYTHING with him. Let me know if you want more info. Oh and where exactly are you from? Sounds like you live very very close to me.
  12. Pretty Wild

    Haha, I saw that too. Hunny, try moving from the west coast to the east coast and then having your dad go off to war. Not THAT'S something to have a tantrum about, but did I? Nope, it's called life.
  13. It Never Ends, Does It?

    Yea, tell me about it. It's that crazy time of year for sure! My wisdom teeth were starting to come in sideways too. I had my taken out last sucks, but it's bearable. They cracked each tooth into four peices and pulled each piece out that way. My recovery time was actually kind of long and I got really bruised and swollen. After two weeks I drove up to visit my brother and that was about the time it was healed, I still had my stitches in though and my jaw was a little sore still. The first week was the worse, but it defiently took about 2 weeks for it to go down, mine anyways, everyone's different. Good luck with everything!
  14. Pretty Wild

    I watched a couple episodes. I don't know what you guy's think is so odd about it. My mom is totally cool with me walking in the front door in the morning, after sneaking out that night. It's like so the norm. Ha. No but really, I kinda want to smack the girls in the face, and then smack the mom harder. It's amazing how easy it is to get on tv these days... But, I'll give it credit. It gives me a laugh, and makes me feel better about myself.
  15. Need Some Opinions. (hair)

    Thanks everyone! I have an appointment tommorow night, just to get a trim, and Im going to talk to my stylist about different ideas. Your input is defiently helping!!! Faith-Thanks so much, future classmate! :)