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  1. Pa People

    Anyone near Hazleton pa wanna get together n ride?
  2. Im in pa ill keep an eye out I have Arabs n so do most of my friends
  3. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    Thank you smilie! !!!
  4. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    What's his name? :) hes a hunk
  5. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    Ozland hes gorgeous! Drooling
  6. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    Thx Skippysperson I have 3 Arabs and luv my arabs . I'd love to see your horses pic sometime! :) From the arab lover in Pennsylvania !
  7. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    Hi Skippysperson! Thx for ur input ! I do some endurance and just trail ride him right now
  8. Need Help My Horse Coughs

    Hi I could be heaves especially if worse when dry or Dusty out. U mentioned discharge. Is it a white mucus discharge? Thats also common. U have done good things by keeping her out 27/7 and soaking the hay . The dust and dryness will make it worse .
  9. Hello Im New Here

    Merens pony are lovely! They look like a refined pony freisian . They are highly influenced with the Arabian .
  10. Ever Try To Research Your New Horse? Who Is Unregistered? :(

    I couldn't find ur page in fb
  11. Young Horse

    I posted one of her for her look back I n posts
  12. Starting A Young Horse Correctly

    Again that is sad but not the normal . Its a shame they don't have better horsemanship skills.
  13. Starting A Young Horse Correctly

    Yes my main disagreement is u think all handling a horse at a young age is bad . Its not ! Its your choice what you like . Absolutely . But I don't believe proper handling and respect from early on is bad . It is very productive. I must say u keep telling of people spoiling the horse. thats not proper handling and respect . That what is trying to be said
  14. Starting A Young Horse Correctly

    yes I might take a chance if I saw him and took pity on him but its definitely more of task to deal with. If I'm looking for something specific I'd look for a responsible breeder . But yes I see what ur saying. I just wouldn't specifically look for that at all.
  15. Starting A Young Horse Correctly

    Don't get me wrong! !!!! I like ya ok ! I apologize dumb was harsh but she created the horse that has no respect. If handled correctly it would not be that way was my point. I am true to my word and honest. I hear what u are saying ok . I can imagine u couldn't get to touch his feet . I can imagine he was in confinement and didn't have muscle . Please I ment not to hurt ur feelings but to make a point . I have said said we don't need to agree on everything. U particularly chose a horse who u couldn't even touch his feet at 4 yrs old . my point is u couldn't touch his feet and worming were not existent. And he was in confinement and lost muscle. Just me personally no judgment on u its not what I would search specifically for and seek out . I have said do what works for u . But I don't think ill be convinced its superior. My driving reins are light weight and I have never jerked on my horses mouth but hence he never freaked out or bolted or jumped or spooked. He was very desensitized before he was ever ground driven. Peace