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  1. CVM: Would you so kindly give me a definition of this as well? I have googled until my eyes are googled and have not gotten much reading, I'm feeling very hopeless for some cure and a little explanation would sure help! My vet is great, but she admits that this is a bit out of her scope of expertise and thus the referral to an equine specialist. Thank you again for your reply, I always appreciate your answers to people on the boards!!
  2. Thank you, I am going to try an Equine specialist and see what else we can do! I appreciate your help!
  3. I need some help from the experts! My mare has been battling this skin condition on her rear left leg on and off again (mostly on) for nearly a year and a half. I have had a vet look at it several times (more than one vet), she's been on antibotics, been treated with special shampoos, Zymox sprays (we use this daily after cleaning), and many other fungal treatment medications. A few weeks ago we sent scrapings into the state lab for testing and they came back negative for fungal and bacteria, so my vet was out and did a core biopsy last week. Today she called me with the result of Lymphoplasmacytic Dermatitis, but with no cause. I am at such a loss, my poor mare is seemingly ok, but this needs to go away and without a cause, my vet doesn't know what to perscribe to her. My next step is the University of Illinois, but that will be a few thousand dollars, which I just don't have to spare right now. Can anyone please shed any light on this for me? I can post some pics if need be, but this just looks like crusty scabs you would see after turkey mite bites, that's the best description I can think of!
  4. Whitening Tail?

    My son had a white mare, we used #10 color creme developer mixed with conditioner on her tail to get the yellow out of it. I only left it on for a few minutes, and kept if off her body and bone of her tail. I got many compliments on that horse! She was Grand champion last year! I also went to the beauty supply store and got the "old lady" silver/whitening shampoo. It's much cheaper than the horsey brands and works miracles!!
  5. Summertime Roping

    Yes Grouchy, you inspire me! I ended up buying the Canon Rebel, with just the 70-300 f/4-5.6 lens. I have gotten some pretty decent shots with it, but I really want to upgrade lenses now! I'm sure the camera upgrade will come in another year or so, but I still have lots to learn. It was funny, every Saturday after the ropings I would see how many friend requests I had on Facebook from cowboys wanting to see the pictures! I have made lots of new friends with this hobby too! These ropings are held every other Friday in my town, so it's a great place to practice shots! I have done quite a few senior pictures for kids and a few families too, all outdoors of course! I did some engagement shots for a couple, using their roping horses, it was my favorite "shoot" that I've been hired for! On the plus side, he's my horseshoer, so we just traded services! I've got my eye on the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 lens, but would settle for the Tamron too! [smiley Wavey] Thanks Grouchy!!
  6. Summertime Roping

    LOL, I forgot you know Jim and connie!! His daughter is my friend, so I think he knows! [ROTFL] Made for a good picture, 2 handsome cowboys!
  7. Summertime Roping

    Being inspired by Grouchy, I bought a good camera last year. It's become such an addiction, add in a few horses and I'm happy as a clam! I won the online photo contest this past month! Cathy J suggested I post the picture, so here it is!
  8. Had To Try Out New Camera

    Awesome shots! That dog is just beautiful too! I envy the 7D [bat Eyelashes] I'm saving for a 70-200 f/2.8 canon lens! [shocked]
  9. Favorite Trail Saddles And Tack .

    850 is a STEAL!!! Those are nearly 2000 new! I never seem to be in the right place at the right time! Good job, sounds beautiful! The back cinch is 135 alone. The silver concho upgrade is around 140 too. I did the silver stars, can't remember what Tucker calls them, but I love it! My husband kept the standard brass conchos with ties. I'm bringing mine in from the trailer today, hate to say goodbye to summer!
  10. Favorite Trail Saddles And Tack .

    Andi, you'll love love love your Tucker!! I like the fit for my horses, so I ordered a wide tree. A broken in saddle feels as soft as butter! Every saddle has it's use, and for the trails, it's a Tucker! I wanted a GenII, but since I ordered mine, I couldn't swing the extra cash! When my husband started riding his gelding, he was using a roping saddle. His horse had white spots on his withers after the first year! We switched to a Tucker after that, and he no longer has saddle fitting problems! My son wishes they had a youth size for him [Question] Guess he'll have to grow into mine!
  11. Favorite Trail Saddles And Tack .

    For Trail Riding, only my Tuckers! I ride in the Cheyenne Springs, and my husband recently went from a Ranch Hand to a Cheyenne too. I use the wide trail stirrups because I've had so many foot surgeries, but my husband just rides in the "normal" stirrups with a little added width. I prefer a 5 star pad for my mare, but my husband can't keep it on his mutton withered gelding, so he uses a reinsman pad with the waffle/neoprene backing. Bridles are just plain type with a reining bit with roller. My son does some showing and drill team with his horse, so he rides in a roping saddle and wouldn't have it any other way! I also agree with Meekie, back cinch that is kept tight enough that there isn't a gap. We always ride with breast collars too, keeps saddle in place with hill riding.
  12. Another Great Ride On Wildcat Mt.

    Looks like fun! I love Wildcat!!
  13. Trails4me,eeyore,bigheart From Meekie

    I couldn't get you?? I can be found Diane Vyncke Helms Put horsecity in the message, so I know who it is!
  14. Lonesome D, Arkansas, May 2010

    Looks like a nice ride! LOVE the new horse!!!
  15. Truth Time

    I've had my share too, only a couple with an ER visit (thankfully). The older I get the more I realize that I CAN get hurt. I was kicked last fall, broke my wrist and scared me pretty good. I get a bit jumpy when a horse acts like it's gonna kick now, I hate that! I thought I'd share a few pics to cheer you gals and guys up. Getting ready for Drill Team (Bandit) First Practice Happy ***! Sunset in the Country cool down! Hope everyone is better soon!