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  1. Barrel Racer's Input On This Topic Pls!

    awesome thanks. I will try that. One poster on the other thread was saying (near the bottom of the thread) that because my mare is a barrel horse I may have to just accept that she isn't going to stop correctly. She said I may have to choose between correct stops and running barrels. I don't think that is the case.... I think the better my horse learns to stop, the better she will rate and the more responsive she will be even when she is a little worked up from racing.... what do you think?
  2. Pics!

    its been a really long time since I've put up pics or really said much on the boards (but I've been lurking lol) till recently so I thought I would put up some new pics of my barrel horse and me :) this is Karalina Cool aka kara. She is an 8 yr old QH mare. me, kara, my husband, his old horse (who was put down last yr) and our dog, nelson thanks for looking
  3. http://forums.horsecity.com/index.php?showtopic=47052680 Just wondering what you guys think about this and if anyone experiences the same thing... I got a relpy from one other barrel racer who seemed to understand what I ment... I should have just posted it here originally
  4. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    some people do ride like a passenger... some people have horses that do the work for them. I've ridden horses that I didn't really have to ride... pleasure horses, cow horses and barrel horses. They are usually very well broke and/or very well bred. when I say I'm not hard enough on her I mean I am probably not as consistent as I should be and I may let her get away with little mistakes.... Not PHYSICALLY hard on her. She is super light and does great lateral work. She easily bends and counter bends, leg yeilds, shoulders in and out and haunches in and out, all collected and light soft in the face and ribs. And yes, she (and I) understand collection and being in a frame. She works well off her hindend with her topline up .... not just with her head down. She does perform correct, collected stops. MOST of the time. The trouble I am having is that sometimes (usually when we have been racing) she ignores my cues.... even though I know she knows what I'm asking for because she has proven that she does and is fully capable. I just don't have her brain at that moment. I feel like I haven't been explaining myself well ... or maybe you didn't read all my posts. I wanted to know how other people teach a stop more or less to see if I was missing something... I'm not. Then I guess I was asking how to get her brain so she will stay focused even when she is distracted by getting ready to run barrels or having run barrels earlier. Thanks for your replies though. Lots of good info in them :) BarrelRace1991> Great post.. I agree completely about a barrel horse having to respond when asked like anyother horse... not just run a pattern.. Thats what i'm looking to have my mare do. I think when she gets better off the pattern it will do nothing but improve how she runs on the pattern. Thanks!!
  5. How Do You Sweat A Horses Leg?

    There is a tiny cut on her hock. I'm not putting the dmso on it.. I'm just cleaning is with betadine scrub... its nothing major. The vet diagnosed her. She is on antibiotics and a steroid and bute. I do understand the how serious it is and am treating her aggressively. I put the sweat on for 12 hours over night and cold hosed it again this am. Is is half the size it was yesterday and she is much more comfortable :) I am going to continue to cold hose throughout the day then sweat it with the dmso again over night.
  6. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    Thanks smile! I'm not asking for a stop after a run though... I circle and bring her back to a nice lope then jog to the gate and walk out of the arena after a run. I'm refering to more when I'm just training at home, off the pattern, or warming up, or when I'm riding between runs in the warm up pen at shows. the mare is 8 and is quite broke... I think, like I said in an earlier post, it is more something I need to work on to make her more consistent and always listening. I don't think I'm hard enough on her. She is the kind of horse that you always have to RIDE... you can't just be a passenger or she will just do whatever she wants. Also, thanks cheri. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say :)
  7. How Do You Sweat A Horses Leg?

    Thanks! So here is what I ended up doing: cold hosed for 20 mins applied DMSO gel saran wrap cotton and bandage. My vet said 12 hours max over night then leave it off all day.... and hose as much as possible. I'll let you know how it looks tomorrow.
  8. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    thanks history rider and rod!! Great posts! HISTORYRIDER>>> your first reply gave me an "ah ha!!" moment! Because I think the situation is less about the mare knowing how and when to listen to my cues , and more about me not getting her to listen and pay attention-ALL-THE-TIME. She is not an easy mare to ride and has been testing me and trying to find different ways to evade me since I started her. She wants to think she knows what she is doing and she doesn't need me, ever. lol She is a saucy little thing! But, I love her and she is very athletic. When she is listening she is amazing! She is always challenging me and I think I've learned more from her over the last 5 years than I have from all the other horses I've ever ridden. I'm going to try those things tomorrow!!
  9. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    thats awesome honeysmom! the thing is that my horse WILL stop and knows she should when I ask her but sometimes she just ingnores me! lol Your response gave me another question! some people say ride into the bridle others say stay off the face??? I try to stay off the face but riding into contact makes sense to get that hind end up tooo.... now i'm confused!
  10. How Do You Sweat A Horses Leg?

    One of my mares has cellulitis I've seen a few ways to sweat a horses legs... how do you do it? cold hose... does the leg have to be completely dry before you wrap? dmso/leg paint... can the plastic go right on the skin? wrap plastic first then cotton? or cotton, plastic then another cotton.... wrap. thanks guys!
  11. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    Oh I forgot to add to the first post that I do back up EVERY time I whoa... thanks guys... anyone else?
  12. Which Bridle Do You Use...

    When you are working on the pattern at home do you use your competion bridle or your normal one? Do you just save your competion bridle for when you are running hard or do you use it whenever you are working the barrels/poles?
  13. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    awesome.. thanks! yeah that's what I do too to teach them to whoa... any ideas on how to get her more consistent and so she still listens when she is under the pressure of racing?
  14. Teaching To Whoaaaaa

    Hey guys! How do you all put a good stop on your horses? are there any particular excerises you do to get them stopping hard consistently? My mare knows what whoa means and stops really well most of the time but sometimes she ignores my commands, especially when I've been barrel racing. She also "forgets" how to rate or ingnores me when I ask her to rate sometimes. Any ideas on what I can do to keep her consistent and listening all the time? She is 8 and I've been racing her for 3 years. I ONLY run hard on the pattern at shows, never at home... always working slow and working her brain to keep her quiet.
  15. Standing Martingale Help!

    A standing martingale IS NOT used to put your horse's head where you want it. I agree with audrey-mae, pls don't put it on your horse until you get some instruction in person how to use it.